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Chesapeake Bay Sediment Trace Elements. 1983
Chlorination of aquatic humic substances / 1981
Chlorofluoromethanes: Their Thermal Stability in Passing through Cigarettes. 1978
Chromatographic Perspective of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. 1985
Chromatography/Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and its applications 1990
Classification of Binary Mass Spectra of Toxic Compounds with an Inductive Expert System and Comparison with SIMCA Class Modeling (Journal Version). 1988
CO/CO2 NDIR analyzer replacement / 1990
Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. 1984
Cold Trapping of Volatile Organic Compounds on Fused Silica Capillary Columns. 1983
Collaborative study of method 10 - reference method for determination of carbon monoxide emissions from stationary sources - report of testing / 1975
Collaborative study of reference method for the continuous measurement of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere (non-dispersive infrared spectrometry) 1972
Collaborative testing of NIOSH atomic absorption method 1979
Collection and analysis of purgeable organics emitted from wastewater treatment plants / 1980
Collection and interpretation of Level 1 IR and LRMS data / 1981
Collection and Interpretation of Level 1 IR and LRMS Data. 1980
Collection efficiencies of stack sampling sytsems for vanadium emissions in flue gases / 1976
Collection Efficiency Evaluation of Mercury-Trapping Media for the SASS Train Impinger System. 1984
Collisional Activation Mass Spectra of M(1-.) Ions of Azo Dyes Containing 2-Naphthol. 1989
Combustion products from the incineration of plastics / 1973
Combustion Products from the Incineration of Plastics. 1973
Combustion research on characterization of particulate organic matter from flames / 1978
Comparative analysis of dioxins and furans by electron impact, high resolution mass spectrometry and by electron capture, negative ionization, and low resolution mass spectrometry / 1990
Comparative Analysis of Dioxins and Furans in Ambient Air by High Resolution and Electron Capture Mass Spectrometry. 1992
Comparative Yields of Mutagens from Cigarette Smokers' Urine Obtained by Using Solid-Phase Extraction Techniques. 1989
Comparison between Zeeman and Continuum Background Correction for Graphite Furnace AAS on Environmental Samples. 1987
Comparison of a Cryogenic Preconcentration Technique and Direct Injection for the Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Low PPB (Parts-per-Billion) (NMOL/MOL) Gas Standards of Toxic Organic Compounds. 1988
Comparison of AAS and ICP analyses of waste extracts / 1984
Comparison of ambient air sampling techniques for volatile organic compounds / 1985
Comparison of Gas Chromatography/Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometric Gram-Schmidt Reconstructions from Different Interferometers. 1984
Comparison of Grob closed-loop-stripping analysis (clsa) to other trace organic methods / 1981
Comparison of measurement techniques for quantifying selected organic emissions from kerosene space heaters. : project summary / 1990
Comparison of Measurements of Atmospheric Ammonia by Filter Packs, Transition-Flow Reactors, Simple and Annular Denuders and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. 1990
Comparison of Methods for the Analysis of Hydrocarbons in Marine Sediments. 1981
Comparison of SIMCA Pattern Recognition and Library Search Identification of Hazardous Compounds from Mass Spectra. 1990
Comparison of UV Fluorescence and Gas Chromatographic Analyses of Hydrocarbons in Sediments from the Vicinity of the Argo Merchant Wreck Site. 1981
Compendium of ERT air sampling procedures. 1992
Compendium of methods for the determination of toxic organic compounds in ambient air. 1999
Compendium of methods for the determination of toxic organic compounds in ambient air. 1999
Complete introduction to modern NMR spectroscopy 1998
Compliance monitoring of purgeable organics with mass spectrometry / 1984
Components identified in energy-related wastes and effluents {microform} / 1982
Compound Forms of Fossil Fuel Fly Ash Emissions. 1980
Comprehensive abatement performance pilot study / 1995
Comprehensive progress report for Fourier transform NMR of metals of environmental significance / 1979
Comprehensive Scheme for Multimedia Environmental Assessment of Emerging Energy Technologies. 1981
Computer Control and Acquisition System for Atomic Absorption Data. 1981
Computer Interface for a Perkin-Elmer 5000 Atomic Absorption Instrument. 1982
Computer program for reducing mass spectral data from GC/MS systems / 1979
Computer Survey of GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) Data Acquired in EPA's (Environmental Protection Agency) Priority Pollutant Screening Analysis: System and Results. 1983
Computer-Assisted Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometric Analysis. 1977
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