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Bibliography on flame spectroscopy : analytical applications 1800-1966 / 1967
Binding of Chloroform to the Cysteine of Hemoglobin. 1984
Bioassay Directed Characterization of the Acute Aquatic Toxicity of a Creosote Leachate. 1990
Bioassay-Directed Fractionation of Organic Contaminants in an Estuarine Sediment Using the New Mutagenic Bioassay, Mutatox (Trade Name). 1993
Biochemical fluorescence concepts / 1975
Broad scan anlysis of human adipose tissue : volume V: trace elements / 1986
Brominated Compounds Found in Waste-Treatment Effluents and Their Capacity to Bioaccumulate. 1978
Cadmium Bioaccumulation Assays. Their Relationship to Various Ionic Equilibria in Lake Superior Water. 1979
Capability of GC/FT-IR to Identify Toxic Substances in Environmental Sample Extracts. 1982
Capillary Column GC-MS Determination of 77 Purgeable Organic Compounds in Two Simulated Liquid Wastes. 1988
Capillary GC/FT-IR. 1983
Carbon dioxide laser system to measure gaseous pollutants 1977
Carbon dioxide laser system to measure gaseous pollutants / 1977
Catalytic Hydrodechlorination of Polychlorinated Pesticides and Related Substances: An Executive Summary. 1977
Certification of Clinical and Environmental Trace Organic RM's. 1980
Characterization and Identification of Spilled Residual Fuel Oils by Gas Chromatography and Infrared Spectrophotometry. 1971
Characterization of air emissions from the simulated open combustion of fiberglass materials / 1993
Characterization of Air Particulate Material for Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds. 1983
Characterization of carbide lime to identify sulfite oxidation inhibitors / 1978
Characterization of condensible and semivolatile organic materials from Boise woodstove samples / 1992
Characterization of Emissions from Conversion Varnishes. 1996
Characterization of Heavy Residual Fuel Oils and Asphalts by Infrared Spectrophotometry Using Statistical Discriminant Function Analysis. 1974
Characterization of HRGC/MS unidentified peaks from the analysis of human adipose : volume I : technical report / 1987
Characterization of HRGC/MS unidentified peaks from the analysis of human adipose : volume II : appendices / 1987
Characterization of Metal Binding Sites in Fulvic Acids by Lanthanide Ion Probe Spectroscopy. 1989
Characterization of municipal waste combustion ash, ash extracts, and leachates. Coalition on resource recovery and the environment. / 1990
Characterization of Oil Slicks on Surface Waters. 1970
Characterization of Organics in Tannery Effluents by Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry. 1980
Characterization of particulate emissions from non-ferrous smelters. / 1989
Characterization of the Chesapeake Bay a systematic analysis of toxic trace elements / 1982
Characterization of the International Humic Substances Society standard and reference fulvic and humic acids by solution state carbon-13 (13C) and hydrogen-1 (1H) nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry 1989
Characterizaton of solid residues from fluidized-bed combustion units / 1978
Characterizing Material Sources and Sinks: Current Approaches (Part 2. Chemical and Physical Characterization). 1993
Chemical Analyses for Water Quality. Training Manual. 1973
Chemical analysis of particle size fractions from glass melting furnaces / 1981
Chemical analysis of samples of crude petroleum for cadmium content : task 15 : final report / 1980
Chemical analysis of stationary source particulate pollutants by micro-Raman spectroscopy : interim report / 1978
Chemical analysis of waste crankcase oil combustion samples {MICROFICHE} 1983
Chemical and Physical Characterization of Automotive Exhaust Particulate Matter in the Atmosphere (Year Ending June 30, 1972). 1973
Chemical applications of Raman spectroscopy 1981
Chemical Characterization and Disposition Studies with 1,2,7,8-Tetrabromodibenzofuran in the Rat. 1994
Chemical characterization of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon degradation products from sampling artifacts / 1987
Chemical composition of exhaust particles from gas turbine engines / 1979
Chemical flame inhibition using molecular beam mass spectrometry : an examination of the partial equilibration hypothesis and radical recombination in 1/20 atm methane flames / 1977
Chemical Identification of the Odor Components in Diesel Engine Exhaust. 1970
Chemical mechanisms of toxic solute interactions with soil constituents 1993
Chemical reactions of aquatic humic materials with selected oxidants / 1983
Chemical Species in Engine Exhaust and Their Contributions to Exhaust Odor. 1970
Chemical, biological, and industrial applications of infrared spectroscopy 1985
Chemiluminescent reactive hydrocarbon analyzer for mobile sources / 1975
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