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Letter from BASF Corporation to USEPA regarding 8(E) Submission of Data on Triphenylphosphine with Attachment. 1977
Letter from Dow Corning Corporation to USEPA Submitting Substantial Risk Information on Trimethoxysilane with Cover Letter dated 06/12/80. 1980
Letter from Glycol Chemical Incorporated to USEPA regarding Summary of Toxicological Data on Three Related Halogenated Dimethylhydantoin Derivatives. 1981
Letter from Nalco Chemical Company to USEPA Submitting Preliminary Results from a Toxicological Study on 2-Hydroxyethylacrylate. 1980
Letter from Tenneco Chemical Company to USEPA Regarding Information on Para-Tertiaryl Butyl Benzoic Acid. (Sanitized). 1980
Measurement of the Exposure of Workers to Pesticides. 1962
Method of Determining Allergenic Properties of Chemical Substances (K Metodike Opredeleniya Allergennykh Svoistv Khimicheskikh Veshchestv). 1972
Modeling the Accumulation of Three Waterborne Chlorinated Ethanes in Fathead Minnows ('Pimephales promelas'): A Physiologically Based Approach. 1994
Mouse Skin Tumor Initiation-Promotion and Complete Carcinogenesis Bioassays: Mechanisms and Biological Activities of Emission Samples. 1983
Mouse Skin Tumorigenicity Studies of Indoor Coal and Wood Combustion Emissions from Homes of Residents in Xuan Wei, China with High Lung Cancer Mortality. 1990
Mutagenic and Carcinogenic Potency of Extracts of Diesel and Related Environmental Emissions: Two-Stage Carcinogenesis in Skin Tumor Sensitive Mice (Sencar). 1982
Naphthalene : drinking water health advisory. 1990
Nickel. 1975
O-Chlorotoluene : drinking water health advisory. 1989
On Pathology Caused by Wood (Sur la Pathologie Due au Bois). 1968
Organophosphate Pesticides: The Residue Intoxication Problem. 1974
p-Chlorotoluene: Drinking Water Health Advisory. 1989
Percutaneous Absorption of Parathion and Paraoxon. IV. Decontamination of Human Skin from Parathion. 1961
Pesticide Assessment Guidelines, Subdivision F, Hazard Evaluation: Human and Domestic Animals. Dermal Sensitization. Addendum 4 on Data Reporting. 1988
Pesticide spray penetration and thermal comfort of protective apparel for pesticide applicators / 1990
Phenyl Glycidyl Ether (1,2-Epoxy-3-Phenoxypropane) Technical Bulletin by Shell Chemical Corp. with Cover Letter. 1983
Predicting Branchial and Cutaneous Uptake of 2,2',5,5'-Tetrachlorobiphenyl in Fathead Minnows ('Pimephales promelas') and Japanese Medaka ('Oryzias latipes'): Rate Limiting Factors. 1993
Proceedings of the Workshop on the Acceptability and Interpretation of Dermal Development Toxicity Studies. 1990
Protection of Individuals Who Mix or Apply Pesticides in the Field. 1972
Protection of Workers from Exposure to Pesticides. 1972
Protection of Workers from Pesticide Exposure. 1971
Quantitative Evaluation of the Effects of Human Carcinogens and Related Chemicals of Human Foreskin Fibroblasts. 1990
Rate of Skin Absorption of Parathion and Paraoxon. 1965
Recommended guideline for acute dermal toxicity test 1981
Results of Range Finding Toxicological Tests on Dibutyl Tin Dilaurate with Cover Letter. 1983
Results of Range Finding Toxicological Tests on Three Samples of 4-Tert. Octyl Phenol. 1983
Review of dermal absorption. 1984
Review of Recent Evidence of Toxic Effects of Hexachlorophene. 1972
Review of the Toxicity of Hexachlorophene, Including its Neurotoxicity. 1973
Reviews of the environmental effects of pollutants : XII. hexachlorocyclopentadiene / 1978
Safe Use of Pesticides by Mosquito Control Workers. 1972
Safety of Chemical smog suppresors / 1977
Safety of Malathion Dusting Powder for Louse Control. 1960
Second Five-Year Review Report for Fairfield Coal Gasification Plant Site, City of Fairfield, Jefferson County, Iowa. 2002
Studies on Fate of Parathion in Rabbits, Using Radioactive Isotope Techniques. 1952
Studies on the Percutaneous Absorption of Parathion and Paraoxon, III. Rate of Absorption of Parathion. 1961
Studies on the Percutaneous Absorption of Parathion and Paraoxon. I. Hydrolysis and Metabolism Within the Skin. 1961
Studies on the Percutaneous Absorption of Parathion and Paraoxon. II. Distribution of 32P-Labelled Parathion within the Skin. 1961
Studies on the Percutaneous Absorption of Parathion and Paraoxon. V. Rate of Absorption of Paraoxon. 1961
Summary of the EPA workshop on carcinogenesis bioassay via the dermal route : April 28-29, 1987, Washington, D.C. / 1987
Summary of the Second EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Workshop on Carcinogenesis Bioassay via the Dermal Route. 1988
Supplemental Information: Trimethoxysilane: Acute Percutaneous Toxicity and Skin Irritancy Studies in the Rabbit (Final Report) with Attachments and Cover Letter dated 01/10/92. 1992
Temperature Dependency of Skin Permeation of Waterborne Organic Compounds. 1988
Total Human Exposure: Basic Concepts, EPA Field Studies, and Future Research Needs. 1990
Toxic Effects of the Herbicide Paraquat. 1974
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