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  1 'Giardia muris': Ultrastructural Analysis of 'In vitro' Excystation. 1986
  2 'Giardia' Methods Workshop. 1985
  3 'Giardia' Prevalence in Commercially Trapped Mammals. 1980
  4 A key to the marine dinoflagellate genera of the west coast of Florida, 1967
  5 Ammonia Effects on Microinvertebrates and Fish in Outdoor Experimental Streams. 1987
  6 Antiparasitic Activity of Blue-Green Algae Extract. 1966
  7 Antony van Leeuwenhoek and his "Little animals" being some account of the father of protozoology and bacteriology and his multifarious discoveries in these disciplines. 1960
  8 Artificial Microbial Ecosystem for Determining Effects and Fate of Toxicants in a Salt-Marsh Environment. 1977
  9 Bioassay Protocol for Lethal and Sub-Lethal Effects of Fungal Pathogens on 'Chrysoperla carnea' (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae). 1991
  10 Biochemistry and physiology of protozoa 1979
  11 Biochemistry and physiology of protozoa. 1951
  12 Biological models of freshwater communities / 1973
  13 Biological models of freshwater communities. 1973
  14 Biological Models of Freshwater Communities. 1973
  15 Biological Problems in Water Pollution, Third Seminar, August 31-17, 1962 1965
  16 Biological Problems in Water Pollution. 1957
  17 Catalog of type specimens in the International Protozoan Type Collection 1994
  18 Comparison of 'Giardia microti' and 'Spironucleus muris' Cysts in the Vole: An Immunocytochemical, Light, and Electron Microscopic Study (Journal Version). 1988
  19 Contaminants associated with direct and indirect reuse of municipal wastewater / 1978
  20 Correlation and foraminifera of the Monmouth Group (Upper Cretaceous) Long Island, New York, 1965
  21 Cross Transmission of 'Giardia'. 1982
  22 Detection of Giardia Cysts in Drinking Water: State-of-the-Art. 1981
  23 Determination of Giardia cyst viability / 1979
  24 Determination of the Use of Solid Particle Samplers for 'Giardia' Cysts in Natural Waters. 1983
  25 Development of a Selective Algaecide to Control Nuisance Algal Growth. 1973
  26 Dinoflagellates 1970
  27 Diseases, Parasites, and Toxic Responses of Commercial Penaeid Shrimps of the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Coasts of North America. 1977
  28 Distribution and systematics of Foraminifera in the Indian River, Florida 1982
  29 Distribution of Protozoa in Subsurface Sediments of a Pristine Groundwater Study Site in Oklahoma (Journal Version). 1987
  30 Distribution of recent benthic Foraminifera in the Gulf of Mexico 1981
  31 Distribution of recent benthic foraminifera off the North American Pacific coast from Oregon to Alaska 1985
  32 Drinking Water and Health. Part I, Chapters 1-5. A Report of the Safe Drinking Water Committee. 1977
  33 Drinking Water Criteria Document for Cryptosporidium. 1993
  34 Ecosystematic Study of the South River, Virginia. 1972
  35 Effect of Protozoan Predation on Relative Abundance of Fast- and Slow-Growing Bacteria. 1989
  36 Effects of Aniline and Three Derivatives on Laboratory Microecosystems. 1987
  37 Effects of Heated Waste Waters on Some Microorganisms. 1972
  38 Effects of Heated Waste Waters Upon Microbial Communities. 1971
  39 Effects of Microbial Pesticides on Non-Target Beneficial Arthropods. 1986
  40 Effects of protozoa on the fate of particulate carbon, 1973
  41 Effects of Protozoa on the Fate of Particulate Carbon. 1973
  42 Electron-microscopic structure of protozoa, 1963
  43 Environmental requirements of selected estuarine ciliated protozoa / 1975
  44 EPA Regulation of Biological Pesticides 1978
  45 Explanation for the Decline of Bacteria Introduced into Lake Water. 1990
  46 Factors Promoting 'In vitro' Excystation of 'Giardia muris' Cysts. 1984
  47 Form, morphogenesis, and host-ciliate relationship of Lagenophrys callinectes (Ciliateca: Peritrichida) 1972
  48 Freshwater Sediment Toxicity Bioassessment: Rationale for Species Selection and Test Design. 1989
  49 Functional biology of free-living protozoa 1984
  50 Giardia lamblia: Stimulation of Growth by Human Intestinal Mucus and Epithelial Cells in Serumfree Medium (Journal Version). 1987
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