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Cadmium in the environment : a toxicological and epidemiological appraisal. / 1971
Cadmium in the environment III : a toxicological and epidemiological appraisal / 1975
Cadmium in the Environment, II. 1973
Cadmium in Water. A Bibliography. 1973
Calculated Contribution of Surface Microlayer PCB to Contamination of Lake Michigan Lake Trout. 1982
Carbon monoxide / 1977
Carboxyhemoglobin Formation Due to Carbon Monoxide Exposure in Rats. 1994
Carcinogenic Effects of Acrylamide in Sencar and A/J Mice. 1984
Carcinogenic Properties of Oil Shale Products and the Possibilities of Prophylaxis of Cancer. 1972
Carcinogenicity of Benzo(a)pyrene in Rainbow Trout Resulting from Embryo Microinjection. 1988
Carcinogenicity of Black Rock Harbor Sediment to the Eastern Oyster and Trophic Transfer of Black Rock Harbor Carcinogens from the Blue Mussel to the Winter Flounder. 1991
Carcinogenicity of Dichloroacetic Acid in the Male B6C3F1 Mouse. 1991
Carcinoma of the Exocrine Pancreas in Medaka. 1991
Cardiopathic Effect of 1,2,3-Trichloropropane after Subacute and Subchronic Exposure in Rats. 1991
Case Against Mercury. 1972
Causes and Effects of Stratospheric Ozone Reduction: An Update. 1982
Causeways in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea / 1988
Central Florida Phosphate Industry Areawide Impact Assessment Program. Volume V: Water. 1978
Changes in the Free Amino Acid Pool during Environmental Stress in the Gill Tissue of the Oyster, 'Crassostrea virginica'. 1981
Changes in the Physiological Performance and Energy Metabolism of an Estuarine Mysid 'Mysidopsis bahia' Exposed in the Laboratory through a Complete Life Cycle to the Defoliant DEF. 1991
Characteristics of nonpoint source urban runoff and its effects on stream ecosystems / 1980
Chemical and Biological Status of Lakes and Streams in the Upper Midwest: Assessment of Acidic Deposition Effects. 1987
Chemical and biological studies related to the water quality of St. Louis Bay of Lake Superior 1984
Chemical and biological survey of Liberty Bay, Washington / 1976
Chemical carcinogens in bivalve mollusks from Oregon estuaries / 1979
Chemical contaminants in edible, non-salmonid fish and crabs from Commencement Bay, Washington / 1982
Chemical contamination of harbor seal pups in Puget Sound 1991
Chemical Evaluation and Toxicological Testing of Concentrated Disinfected Waters. 1987
Chemical Flux in an Acid-Stressed Stream. 1983
Chemical Induction of Tumors in Oysters by a Mixture of Aromatic and Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Amines and Metals. 1992
Chemical Residues in Dolphins from the U.S. Atlantic Coast Including Atlantic Bottlenose Obtained during the 1987/88 Mass Mortality. 1991
Chemical Responses by Marine Organisms to Stress. Phase I. 1967
Chemical Responses by Marine Organisms to Stress. Stress in Hard Clams from a Polluted Estuary. 1971
Chemically Induced Histopathology in Aquatic Invertebrates (Chapter 14). 1993
Chesapeake Bay Ambient Toxicity Assessment Workshop Report. 1990
Chesapeake Bay Baseline Data Acquisition, Appendix IX. Wetlands Alteration. 1978
Chesapeake Bay Baseline Data Acquisition, Toxics in the Chesapeake Bay. 1978
Chlorinated benzenes : ambient water quality criteria / 1978
Chlorinated ethanes : ambient water quality criteria / 1978
Chlorinated hydrocarbons in the Lake Ontario ecosystem (IFYGL) / 1975
Chlorinated phenols : ambient water quality criteria / 1978
Chlorine and air pollution : an annotated bibliography / 1971
Chlorine and hydrogen chloride / 1976
Chloroalkyl ethers : ambient water quality criteria / 1978
Chloroform Inhibition of 1,2-Dimethylhydrazine-Induced Gastrointestinal Tract Tumors in the Fisher 344 Rat. 1989
Chloromethane : health advisory. 1989
Chromium : ambient water quality criteria / 1978
Chronic Effect of Copper on the Bluntnose Minnow, 'Pimephales notatus' (Rafinesque). 1978
Chronic Effects of 2,2'-Dichlorobiphenyl on Reproduction, Mortality, Growth, and Respiration of 'Daphnia pulicaria'. 1988
Chronic Effects of Cadmium and Zinc Mixtures on Flagfish (Jordanella floridae). 1978
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