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Comparison of Ozone and Chlorine Toxicity to the Developmental Stages of Striped Bass, 'Morone saxatilis'. 1981
Comparison of Seasonal Patterns of Photosynthate Production and Use in Branches of Red Spruce Saplings at Two Elevations. 1991
Comparison of Several Physiological Monitoring Techniques as Applied to the Blue Mussel, 'Mytilus edulis' Along a Gradient of Pollutant Stress in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. 1982
Compensatory Tracking in Humans with Elevated Carboxyhemoglobin. 1990
Comprehensive Cardiac Exercise Stress Processor for Environmental Health Effects Studies. 1980
Comprehensive human physiology : from cellular mechanisms to integration / 1996
Computerized System for the Evaluation of Aquatic Habitats Based on Environmental Requirements and Pollution Tolerance Associations of Resident Organisms. 1986
Concentration and Accumulation of Metallic Ions by the Bacterium 'Zoogloea'. 1968
Concepts in Plant Metabolomics [electronic resource] / 2007
Concurrent Measurement of Intertidal Environmental Variables and Embryo Survival for the California Grunion, 'Leuresthes tenuis', and Atlantic Silverside, 'Menidia menidia' (Pisces: Atherinidae). 1983
Conference on the risk assessment paradigm after ten years : policy and practice then, now, and in the future (biographies and papers) / 1993
Connexins A Guide / [electronic resource] : 2009
Contemporary studies on fish feeding : the proceedings of GUTSHOP '84 : papers from the fourth workshop on fish food habits held at the Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, California, U.S.A., December 2-6, 1984 / 1986
Continuous flow kinetic model to predict the effects of temperature on the toxicity of waste to algae 1974
Continuous Noninvasive Monitoring of Left Ventricular Function during Exercise by Thoracic Impedance Cardiography Automated Derivation of Systolic Time Intervals. 1982
Contributions to sensory physiology. 1965
Control of Alkaline Phosphatase Activity in C3H10T1/2 Cells: Role of Retinoic Acid and Cell Density. 1991
Control of sex in fishes / 1974
Control of the plant environment : proceedings of the University of Nottingham Fourth Easter School in Agricultural Science, 1957. / 1957
Control processes in fish physiology 1983
Controlled Clinical Evaluations of Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite and Chlorate in Man. 1982
Coordinated Activity in the Brain Measurements and Relevance to Brain Function and Behavior / [electronic resource] : 2009
Correlation of Effects of Inhaled Versus Intratracheally Injected Metals on Susceptibility to Respiratory Infection in Mice. 1981
Correlations Between Canopy Reflectance and Leaf Temperature in Irrigated and Droughted Soybeans. 1989
Cortico-Subcortical Dynamics in Parkinson's Disease [electronic resource] / 2009
Corticosterone Hypersecretion in Preweanling Rats Exposed Neonatally to Trimethyltin. 1992
CRC handbook of physiology in aging 1981
Critical factors controlling vegetation growth on completed sanitary landfills / 1981
Critical Issues in Intra- and Interspecies Dosimetry of Ozone. 1989
Critical Thermal Maximum of Juvenile Spot, Leiostomus Xanthurus, Lacepede. 1971
Crop and Forest Losses Due to Current and Projected Emissions from Coal-Fired Power Plants in the Ohio River Basin. 1982
Current advances in andrology : proceedings of the VIth International Congress of Andrology, Salzburg (Austria), May 25-29, 1997 / 1997
Current Ornithology Volume 17 [electronic resource] / 2010
Cyclic AMP and cell function. 1971
Cytochrome P-450 and active oxygen 1990
Cytochrome P450 : structure, mechanism, and biochemistry / 2005
Cytochrome P450 structure, mechanism, and biochemistry / 1995
Cytokines and adhesion molecules in lung inflammation 1996
Cytoskeletal regulation of membrane function : Society of General Physiologists 50th annual symposium, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, 5-7 September 1996 / 1997
Data Sources Available for Modeling Environmental Exposures in Older Adults. Report for APM 70 (2010); Provide Program Offices and the Exposure Science Community with Human Exposure Activity Pattern and Exposure Factor Data for Older Adults. 2011
DDT Concentrations in Blood, Brain, and CSF of Rats After DDT-Induced Convulsions. 1970
Deciphering Growth [electronic resource] / 2005
Decompression-decompression sickness 1984
Degreaser System Pollution Prevention Evaluation. 1990
Dehydrogenation: A Previously Unreported Pathway of Lindane Metabolism in Mammals. 1975
Dermal absorption and toxicity assessment 1998
Desert Plants Biology and Biotechnology / [electronic resource] : 2010
Design and Measurement Considerations for Exercise Protocols in Human Air Pollution Inhalation Studies. 1985
Design of a simple plant exposure chamber / 1963
Detailed Research Plan: Cardiovascular Effects of Noise. 1981
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