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1983 review of the literature on pulp and paper effluent management. 1984
1985 review of the literature on pulp and paper effluent management 1986
1986 review of the literature on pulp and paper effluent management 1987
1987 review of the literature on pulp and paper effluent management. 1988
1988-1989 review of the literature on pulp and paper effluent management. 1990
6th Water and Air Conference : {papers presented}. 1970
Analysis of organic compounds in two kraft mill wastewaters / 1975
Aquatic biology and the pulp and paper industry; report no. 2. 1971
Characterization of dispersed residual solids in biologically treated pulp and paper mill effluents. 1978
Chlorinated organics in bleach plant effluents of pulp and paper mills. 1980
Color characterization before and after lime treatment / 1974
Color removal and sludge disposal process for kraft mill effluents, 1974
Consolidation behavior of high ash pulp and papermill sludges. 1972
Disposal practices for selected industrial solid wastes : final report 1980
Dye-dispersion study on Lake Champlain near Crown Point, New York 1975
Effect of temperature on treatment plant performance and related temperature studies. 1978
Effects of pulp and paper mill effluents on growth and production of fish in experimental stream channels terminal progress report funded by Office of Water Research and Technology, U.S. Dept. of Interior, for period from July 1969 through October 1975 / 1975
Effects of pulp and paper wastes with particular attention to fish and bioassay procedures for assessment of harmful effects / 1973
Environmental pollution control pulp and paper industry. 1976
Estimate of costs for water pollution control measures in the pulp and paper industry 1977
Experience with indicator organism tests in determining the bacteriological quality of pulp and papermill effluents and their receiving waters. 1971
Experience with the analysis of EPA's organic priority pollutants and compounds characteristic of pulp mill effluents. 1981
Factors contributing to cost differences between publicly-owned and industrial wastewater treatment facilities 1979
Factors to be considered in the choice to participate in publicly-owned treatment systems 1979
Full scale operational experience with filter presses for sludge dewatering in the North American pulp and paper industry. 1977
Further studies of sediment oxygen demand measurement and its variability. 1979
Groundwater monitoring system guidelines for land sited waste disposal facilities 1980
Guidelines for contracting sampling and analyses for priority pollutants in pulp and paper industry effluents 1980
Interfacial velocity effects on the measurement of sediment oxygen demand. 1978
Investigation of factors affecting BOD measurement and experience with the 1-day BOD test. 1978
Investigation of the extent of residual biosolids deposition in quiescent receiving waters. 1978
Investigation of the separability and reuse potential of the ash component of high ash content papermill sludges. 1976
Kraft effluent color characterization before and after stoichiometric lime treatment / 1973
Kraft pulping effluent treatment and reuse : state of the art / 1973
Laboratory investigation of heat treatment for pulp and paper mill sludge conditioning 1977
Laboratory investigation of the potential for applying V-presses to the dewatering of sludges with diminished fiber content and increased biological solids content. 1979
Laboratory studies of a magnesium based coagulation process for reduction of color from neutral sulfite effluents. 1977
Long range disposal alternatives for pulp and paper sludges : proceedings of the symposium {held} October 13-14, 1982, Bangor, Maine 1982
Methods for pulp and paper mill sludge utilization and disposal / 1973
Nature and environmental behavior of manufacturing-derived solid wastes of pulp and paper origin. 1979
NCASI special report. 0
Pilot plant investigation of rotating biological surface treatment of pulp and paper wastes. 1974
Pollution control and chemical recovery in the pulp and paper industry 1973
Pulp and paper manufacture : energy conservation and pollution prevention / 1977
Pulp and papermill effluent nitrogen and phosphorus requirements for biological treatment and residuals after treatment. 1977
Response of selected paper industry sludges to alternate solid waste toxic extraction procedures. 1978
Review of conventional earthen basin lining practices for the containment of paper industry wastewaters. 1980
Review of current and emerging solid waste land disposal regulation. 1977
Review of the literature on pulp and paper effluent management. 0
Review of the operational experience with belt filter presses for sludge dewatering in the North American pulp and paper industry. 1978
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