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  1 Acute Toxicity of Lead Particulates on Pulmonary Alveolar Macrophages: Ultrastructural and Microanalytical Studies. 1983
  2 Alterations in Bacterial Defense Mechanisms of the Lung Induced by Inhalation of Cadmium. 1977
  3 Alterations in Macrophage Functions by Environmental Chemicals (Journal Version). 1984
  4 Binding of 1-Nitro(14C) Pyrene to DNA and Protein in Cultured Lung Macrophages and Respiratory Tissues. 1983
  5 Bioavailability of 1-Nitropyrene from Model Coal Fly Ash and Its Uptake by Alveolar Macrophages. 1986
  6 Chemiluminescence of Phagocytic Cells Caused by N-Formylmethionyl Peptides. 1978
  7 Comparison of the Pulmonary Defenses against Streptococcal Infection in Rats and Mice Following 03 Exposure: Differences in Disease Susceptability and Neutrophil Recruitment. 1993
  8 Constitutive and Stimulated MCP-1, GROalpha, beta, and gamma Expression in Human Airway Epithelium and Bronchoalveolar Macrophages. 1994
  9 Cytokine (Tumor Necrosis Factor, IL-6, and IL-8) Production by Respiratory Syncytial Virus-Infected Human Alveolar Macrophages. 1991
  10 Cytotoxity to Alveolar Macrophages of Metal Oxides Adsorbed on Fly Ash. 1977
  11 Dietary Influences on Disease Resistance Factors in Channel Catfish. 1989
  12 Effect of industrial particulate samples on alveolar macrophages / 1981
  13 Effect of industrial particulate samples on alveolar macrophages {microform} / 1981
  14 Effect of Pentamidine on Cytokine (IL-1Beta, TNFalpha, IL-6) Production by Human Alveolar Macrophages In vitro. 1993
  15 Effects of Inhaled Hexachlorobenzene Aerosols on Rat Pulmonary Host Defenses. 1989
  16 Effects of Metals on Pulmonary Defense Mechanisms Against Infectious Disease. 1977
  17 Effects of ozone exposure on lipid metabolism in human alveolar macrophages. microfiche / 1991
  18 Effects of Phosgene Exposure on Lung Arachidonic Acid Metabolism. 1991
  19 Enhanced Binding of Autologous Red Cells to the Macrophage Plasma Membrane as a Sensitive Indicator of Pollutant Damage. 1977
  20 Epithelial Injury and Interstitial Fibrosis in the Proximal Alveolar Regions of Rats Chronically Exposed to a Simulated Pattern of Urban Ambient Ozone. 1992
  21 Evaluation of Trace-Element Interactions Using Cultured Alveolar Macrophages. 1977
  22 Factors That Influence the Suppression of Pulmonary Antibacterial Defenses in Mice Exposed to Ozone. 1993
  23 Glucocorticoid Effects on Natural and Humoral Immunity in Mallards. 1993
  24 Growth Inhibition of 'Cryptococcus neoformans' by Human Alveolar Macrophages (Journal Version). 1987
  25 Human Alveolar and Peritoneal Macrophages Mediate Fungistasis Independently of L-Arginine Oxidation to Nitrite or Nitrate. 1990
  26 Immunobiology of the macrophage 1976
  27 Immunologic tolerance and macrophage function : proceedings of the 7th annual Mid-west Autumn Immunology Conference, Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.A., November 5-7, 1978 1979
  28 Increase in Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme in Rat Lungs Following Inhalation of Phosgene. 1989
  29 Increased Pulmonary Disease Mediated through Altered Bacterial Defenses. 1977
  30 Isolation of a Soluble Cadmium-Binding Protein from Pulmonary Macrophages. 1978
  31 Lung Injury Caused by Ambient Levels of Ozone. 1988
  32 Macrophage 1992
  33 Macrophage Aggregates as Indicators of Environmental Stress. (Chapter 15). 1994
  34 Macrophage Damage in Relation to the Pathogenesis of Lung Diseases. 1980
  35 Macrophage in neoplasia 1976
  36 Macrophage; a review of ultrastructure and function 1973
  37 Macrophages and cancer 1988
  38 Macrophages and cellular immunity. 1972
  39 Macrophages and lymphocytes, nature, functions, and interaction 1979
  40 Metabolism of 1-Nitropyrene by Cultured Rabbit Alveolar Macrophages and Respiratory Tract Tissues. 1986
  41 Modulation of eicosanoid production by human alveolar macrophases exposed to silica 'in vitro'. {microfiche} 1991
  42 Modulation of Human Alveolar Macrophage Properties by Ozone Exposure In vitro. 1991
  43 Mononuclear phagocytes : characteristics, physiology, and function / 1985
  44 Ozone Effect on Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infectivity and Cytokine Production by Human Alveolar Macrophages. 1993
  45 Ozone Health Effects and Emerging Issues in Relation to Standards Setting. 1989
  46 Ozone-induced inflammatory response in pulmonary cells {microform} / 1992
  47 Peroxides and macrophages in the toxicity of fine particulate matter in rats 2003
  48 Poly(1):poly(C)-Enhanced Alveolar and Peritoneal Macrophage Phagocytosis: Quantification by a New Method Utilizing Fluoroescent Beads. 1987
  49 Pulmonary Effects Due to Subchronic Exposure to Oil Fog. 1990
  50 Pulmonary macrophage and epithelial cells proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Hanford Biology Symposium at Richland, Washington, September 27-29, 1976 / 1977
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