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Effect of Diflubenzuron on an Estuarine Crustacean. 1979
Effect of hydrogen sulfide on fish and invertebrates. Part I, Acute and chronic toxicity studies / 1976
Effect of Intraspecific Density on Life History Traits and Population Growth Rate of 'Neanthes arenaceodentata' (Polychaeta: Nereidae) in the Laboratory. 1987
Effect of sublethal metal pollutants on the fiddler crab Uca pugilator / 1977
Effects of a Contaminated Sediment on Life History Traits and Population Growth Rate of 'Neanthes Arenaceodentata' (Polychaeta: Nereidae) in the Laboratory. 1991
Effects of Copper, Nickel and Zinc on the Life Cycle of the Caddisfly 'Clistoronia magnifica' (Limnephilidae). 1984
Effects of Fenvalerate on Larval Development of 'Palaemonetes pugio' (Holthuis) and on Larval Metabolism during Osmotic Stress. 1984
Effects of Fenvalerate on the Early Life Stages of Topsmelt ('Atherinops affinis'). 1992
Effects of glean, a sulfonylurea herbicide on the reporductive biology and fruit set in cherry trees / 1992
Effects of Kepone (Trade Name) on the Sheepshead Minnow in an Entire Life-Cycle Toxicity Test. 1982
Effects of pH, Phenol, and Sodium Chloride on the Bioenergetics of Laboratory Populations of 'Chironomus attenuatus'. 1972
Effects of the phytosterol stigmastanol on early life-stages and life-cycles of fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) and Ceriodaphnia dubia. 1999
Effects of thermal discharge on aquatic insects in the Tennessee Valley / 1978
Effects of Waste Oil on the Survival and Reproduction of the American Flagfish, 'Jordanella floridae'. 1980
Endrin and Malathion Toxicity to Flagfish (Jordanella floridae). 1977
Endrin: Effects on the Entire Life Cycle of a Saltwater Fish 'Cyprinodon variegatus'. 1977
Engineering assessment of vermicomposting municipal wastewater sludges / 1981
Environmental biology state-of-the-art seminar / 1981
Environmental life cycle assessment / 2016
Environmental requirements and pollution tolerance of common freshwater chironoidae / 1977
Environmental requirements and pollution tolerance of trichoptera / 1978
Estuary Studies (161.3). Training Manual. 1972
Evaluation of a 'Daphnia magna' Renewal Life-Cycle Test Method with silver and endosulfan. 1981
Evaluation of Tests with Early Life Stages of Fish for Predicting Long-Term Toxicity. 1977
Evaluation of the Fathead Minnow Seven-Day Subchronic Test for Estimating Chronic Toxicity. 1989
Factors Influencing Year-Class Strength of Percids: A Summary and a Model of Temperature Effects. 1977
Field Testing and Adaptation of a Methodology to Measure 'In-Stream' Values in the Tongue River, Northern Great Plains (NGP) Region. 1978
Fostering Industry-Initiated Environmental Protection Efforts. 1997
Freshwater planarians (Turbellaria) of North America. 1972
Global invader : the European green crab / 2001
Global invader : the European green crab / 2001
Goussia girellae N. Sp. (Apicomplexa: Eimeriorina) in the Opaleye, 'Girella nigricans' (Journal Version). 1988
Growth Inhibition and Morphological Effects Several Chemicals in 'Arabidopsis thaliana (L.)'Heynh. 1986
Guide to the identification of larval and early juvenile pricklebacks (Perciformes: Zoarcoidei: Stichaeidae) in the northeastern Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea / 2013
Guidelines for conducting early life stage toxicity tests with Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes) / 1991
Guidelines for culturing the Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes) / 1991
Habitat Requirements for Chesapeake Bay Living Resources. Chesapeake Bay Program Agreement Commitment Report. 1988
Hazard Evaluation Division Standard Evaluation Procedure - Fish Life-Cycle Toxicity Tests. 1986
Hazard Evaluation Division standard evaluation procedure : Daphnia Magna life-cycle (21 day renewal) : chronic toxicity test / 1986
Hazard Evaluation Division standard evaluation procedure : fish early life-stage test / 1986
Hydroponic Method for Culturing Populations of Arabidopsis. 1981
In the Footsteps of Robert Marshall: Proposed Research of White Spruce Growth and Movement at the Tree Limit, Central Brooks Range, Alaska. 1991
Influence of an insect growth regulator on larval development of a marine crustacean / 1988
Influence of Constant and Fluctuating Salinity on Responses of 'Mysidopsis bahia' Exposed to Cadmium in a Life-Cycle Test. 1991
Integrated Approach to a Study of Contaminants and Toxicity in Monroe Harbor (River Raisin), Michigan, a Great Lakes Area of Concern: Summary Report. 1987
Integration of Pollution Prevention Tools. 1997
Intensive studies of stream fish populations in Maine / 1990
Interlaboratory comparison of continuous flow, early life stage testing with fathead minnows 1983
Interlaboratory Comparison of the Early Life-Stage Toxicity Test Using Sheepshead Minnows ('Cyprinodon variegatus'). 1993
Interrelationships between Energy Metabolism, Growth Dynamics, and Reproduction during the Life Cycle of 'Mysidopsis bahia' as Influenced by Sublethal Endrin Exposure. 1982
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