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  1 A study of ferroalloy furnace product flexibility / 1975
  2 A study using a three dimensional photochemical smog formation model under conditions of complex flow : application of the Urban Airshed Model to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area / 1991
  3 A study using a three dimensional photochemical smog formation model under conditions of complex flow : application of the Urban Airshed Model to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area / 1991
  4 A survey of foreign noise effects research / 1978
  5 Acid rain. 2000
  6 Acidic deposition in Japan 1992
  7 Advance of phycology in Japan 1975
  8 Advances in liquid chromatography 35 years of column liquid chromatography in Japan / 1996
  9 Air Pollution by Dust of the Tokyo-Yokohama Industrial Area (18th Report) (Baijin ni Yoru Keihin Kogo Chitai no Taiki Osen (Dai-18-ho)). 1970
  10 Air Pollution by Open Electric Ferro-Alloy Furnace (Report No. 4) (Gokintetsu yo Kaiho Kei Denkiro no Taiki Osen ni Tsuite (Dai 4 Ho)). 1972
  11 Air Purification. 1976
  12 Air Purification. Volume 8, Number 2, June 1970. 1976
  13 Air Purification. Volume 8, Number 4, October 1970. 1975
  14 Analysis of Air Pollution in Osaka (Osaka in Okeru taiki Osen Jokyo no ichi-Kosatsu). 1974
  15 Analysis of Particulate Air Pollutants: The Measurement of Mn and Br in Microscopic Atmospheric Particles by the Activation Method, and the Measurement of Microscopic Dust Particle Diameters by the Diffusion Method. 1970
  16 Analytical Data on Particulate Atmospheric Pollutants. 1970
  17 Anthony Bourdain, no reservations. Asia special [videorecording] / 2006
  18 Application for Certification for Model Year 2000 Light-Duty Truck, Land Rover. 1999
  19 Application for Certification for Model Year 2000 Light-Duty Truck, Land Rover. 1999
  20 Application of a Three-Dimensional Photochemical Smog Formation Model to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. 1987
  21 Application of incentive regulations to the electricity supply industry 1996
  22 Arsenic Poisoning due to Morinaga M. F. Dried Milk. 2. Arsenic Content Inside the Body of the Infants Affected with Arsenic Poisoning (Morinaga Dorai Miruku M. F. ni Yoru Kiso Chudoku ni Tsuite. 2. Hiso Chudoku Nyuji no Tainai ni Okeru Kysoryo ni Tsuite). 1974
  23 Arsenic Poisoning Due to Moringa M. F. Dried Milk (Morinaga Dorai Miruku M.F. ni Yoru Hiso Chudoku ni Tsuite). 1955
  24 Assessment of the effects of pollution on fisheries and aquaculture in Japan 1976
  25 Atmospheric science research related to acid deposition in Japan 1987
  26 Automobile type approval handbook for Japanese certification. 1997
  27 Automobiles and the future : competition, cooperation, and change / 1983
  28 Biological control and improvement of salmon and advanced concept of the technology for aquaculture proceedings of the 23rd Japan-U.S.A Joint Meeting on Aquaculture in Mie, Japan, November 17-18, 1994 followed by its Satellite Symposium in Niigata November 21, 1994 / 1996
  29 Biological Effects of Nitrogen Oxides - A Summary of Animal Exposure Experiments - (Chisso Sankabutsu no Seitai Eikyo - Dobutsu Bakuro Jikken -). 1973
  30 Bulletin of National Research Institute of Aquaculture Supplement. 1994
  31 Business and the Environment. Volume 1. International Trends in Business and the Environment. 1991
  32 Cadmium in the environment III : a toxicological and epidemiological appraisal / 1975
  33 Cadmium in the Environment, II. 1973
  34 Cancer treatment and survival site-specific registries in Japan / 1995
  35 Catalytic Reduction of Sulfur Dioxide by Carbon Monoxide. (Part I. Effects of Gas Concentrations on the Conversion of Sulfur Dioxide). 1972
  36 Chemical substances control law in Japan : law concerning the examination and regulation of manufacture, etc., of chemical substances. 1977
  37 Classification of Subjective Symptoms of Junior High School Students Affected by Photochemical Air Pollution (Kokagaku Sumoggu ni Yoru Jikaku Shojo no Bunrui). 1975
  38 Clean recycling let's recycle our limited resources / 1990
  39 Clinical Investigation on Acute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Due to Explosion in Miike Coal Mine Five Years after the Accident. 1969
  40 Clinical Research for Health Effects of Air Pollution. 1973
  41 Clinical Study of the Effect of Air Pollution Upon Asthmatic Patients (Zensoku Hossa ni Oyobosu Taiki Osen no Eikyo. 1972
  42 Coastlines of Japan II 1993
  43 Cold starting an alcohol-fueled engine with ultrasonic fuel atomization microform / 1993
  44 Combustion research in Japan / 1985
  45 Coming Era of Conservation and Industrial Utilization of Recyclable Materials. 1988
  46 Comparison of Biochemical Findings and Clinical Pictures on Subacute or Chronic Arsenic Poisoning of Infants Due to Arsenic-Containing Powdered Milk (Hiso Konnyu Funnyu ni Yoru Nyuji Akyusei Naishi Mansei Hiso Chudoku no Seikagakuteki Shoken to Rinshozo Tono Taihi). 1956
  47 Concentration and Size Distribution of Airborne Dust Particles in a Horizontal Duct Following a Venturi (Benchuri Koho no Suiheikannai ni Okeru Funjin no Bunpu to Ryudo Bunpu). 1973
  48 Considerations Concerning the Carbon Monoxide Concentrations in the Vicinity of Intersections (Kosaten Shuhen no Issenka Tanso Nodo ni Tsuite no Kosatsu). 1974
  49 Correlation Between Asthmatic Symptoms in Children and Air Pollution Levels in Kyoto City (3-8) (Kyoto Shi ni Okeru Taiki Osendo to Shoni Zenshokuyo Shojo to no Kankei (3-8)). 1971
  50 Desulfurization of steel mill sinter plant gases / 1976
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