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Hydrocarbon and oxidant chemistry observed at a site near St. Louis / 1977
Identifying sources of subsurface nitrate pollution with stable nitrogen isotopes / 1979
Impact of O3 on Leaf Construction Cost and Carbon Isotope Discrimination. 1994
In vivo Metabolism, Disposition and Macromolecular Binding of 1-Nitro (14C) Pyrene Vapor-Coated onto Diesel Particles. 1985
Influence of Easily Degradable Naturally Occurring Carbon Substrates on Biodegradation of Monosubstituted Phenols by Aquatic Bacteria. 1985
Interaction of Paramagnetic Relaxation Reagents with Intra- and Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonded Phenols. 1978
Interpretation of Complex Molecular Motions in Solution. A Variable Frequency Carbon-13 Relaxation Study of Chain Segmental Motions in Poly(n-alkyl methacrylates). 1977
Lignin Degradation and Lignin Peroxidase Production in Cultures of 'Phanerochaete chrysosporium' Immobilized on Porous Ceramic Supports. 1990
Measurement of Carbon Isotope Ratios in Volatile Hydrocarbons Derived from Plants. 1976
Metabolism, Mutagenicity, and Activation of 1-Nitropyrene In vivo and In vitro. 1985
Methods for the Detection of Microorganisms in the Environment. 1992
Methods for the Determination of Organic Compounds in Drinking Water. Volume 2. 1990
Methods for the Recovery of Organic Carcinogens from Water. 1981
Mixing Rates in Shagawa Lake, Minnesota, Sediments as Determined from 106Ru Profiles. 1983
Modification of the 14C Most-Probable-Number Method for Use with Nonpolar and Volatile Substrates. 1985
Multinuclear NMR Spin Labeling Investigation of the Solution Structure of the Base Stacked Mn(+2) -AMP Complex. 1979
Mutagenicity of Benzo(a)Pyrene Metabolites Generated on the Isolated Perfused Lung Following Particulate Exposure (Journal Version). 1983
Natural Abundance 13C NMR Spectroscopy of Double-Stranded DNA. 1979
Odor removal from air by adsorption on charcoal / 1974
Optimization of GC/MS Based Tenax Collection Method for Toxic Organics. 1983
Petroleum biodegradation potential of northern Puget Sound and Strait of Juan de Fuca environments / 1980
Plant Exposure Laboratory and Chambers. Volume 1. 1986
Plant Exposure Laboratory and Chambers. Volume 2. Appendices 1 through 6. 1986
Polynuclear Aromatic Content of Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Exhaust Gases. 1977
Principals of Organic Contaminant Behavior during Artificial Recharge. 1981
Proceedings of a symposium on direct tracer measurement of the reaeration capacity of streams and estuaries, Atlanta, Georgia, July 7-8, 1970 / 1972
Production and Transport of Carbon Dioxide in a Contaminated Vadose Zone: A Stable and Radioactive Carbon Isotope Study. 1990
Quantitative 15N NMR Spectroscopy. 1980
Rapid Aquatic Toxicity Assay Utilizing Labeled Thymidine Incorporation in Sea Urchin Embryos. 1984
Recovery of DNA from Soils and Sediments. 1988
Role of O6-Methylation in the Initiation of GGTase-Positive Foci. 1983
Selective withdrawal from a stratified reservoir / 1970
Soil sampling quality assurance user's guide / 1984
Sorption properties of sediments and energy-related pollutants / 1980
Stability and Transport of Inorganic Colloids through Contaminated Aquifer Material. 1991
Stable Carbon Isotope Analysis of Nucleic Acids to Trace Sources of Dissolved Substrates Used by Estuarine Bacteria. 1990
Stable isotope dillution for hazardous waste incineration / 1984
Status of Iodine in Formaldehyde-Preserved Milk - Revisited. 1976
Strontium, Calcium and the Istopic Composition of Strontium in Underground Waters from the Scioto River Basin, Ohio. 1973
Studies of Protonation of Some Aminopolycarboxylates by Carbon-13 NMR Spectroscopy. 1980
Studies on Fate of Parathion in Rabbits, Using Radioactive Isotope Techniques. 1952
Study on Distributions and Recoveries of Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin and Octachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin in a MM5 Sampling Train. 1990
Substitute chemical program, the first year of progress : proceedings of a symposium / 1975
Synthesis of Carbon-14-Labeled Aldrin and Dieldrin. 1960
Synthesis of DDT Labeled with Carbon-14 in the Tertiary Position. 1952
Synthesis of Radioactive Iodine 131 Analog of DDT. 1951
Synthesis of Radioactive Parathion Using S35. 1952
The inv-vivo metabolism of pentachloroaniline in rhesus mondeys / 1976
Thin-Layer Separation of Citric Acid Cycle Intermediates, Lactic Acid, and the Amino Acid Taurine. 1979
Toxicokinetics and Structure-Activity Relationships of Nine Para-Substituted Phenols in Rat Embryos In vitro. 1993

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