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Economic assessment of proposed toxic pollutant effluent standards for manufacturers and formulators of aldrin/dieldrin, DDT, endrin and toxaphene / 1976
Economic consequences of restricting the use of organochlorine insecticides on cotton, corn, peanuts, and tobacco 1970
Economic trends and outlook of pesticide industry : need for "exculsive use" amendments to FIFRA. 1978
Ecotoxicology of chlorpyrifos / 1978
Effect of Acute Exposure to Boric Acid on the Male Reproductive System of the Rat. 1990
Effect of Adult Mallard Age on Avian Reproductive Tests. 1986
Effect of Aerially Applied Malathion on an Urban Population. 1967
Effect of Dietary Lipid and Dimethyl Sulfoxide on Lindane Metabolism. 1976
Effect of Diflubenzuron on an Estuarine Crustacean. 1979
Effect of Diphenylhydantoin on Storage of DDT in the Rat. 1970
Effect of exposure to a subacute concentration of parathion on the locomotor behavior of several freshwater fish 1976
Effect of Food Availability on the Acute Toxicity of Four Chemicals to 'Mysidopsis bahia' (Mysidacea) in Static Exposures. 1989
Effect of imidan administered to pregnant rats / 1980
Effect of insecticides on benzo(a)pyrene carcinogenesis / 1978
Effect of insecticides on benzo(a)pyrene carcinogenesis / 1978
Effect of Mirex on Predator-Prey Interaction in an Experimental Estuarine Ecosystem. 1976
Effect of Mirex on the Burrowing Activity of the Lugworm ('Arenicola cristata'). 1976
Effect of mosquito control chemicals on aquatic fauna / 1974
Effect of pesticide interactions upon the reproductive system / 1978
Effect of pesticide interactions upon the reproductive system / 1978
Effect of Pesticide Residues and Other Organo-Toxicants on the Quality of Surface and Ground Water Resources. 1970
Effect of Repeated Administration of Phenobarbital on the Metabolism of Dieldrin. 1967
Effect of Sediment Organic Carbon on Survival of 'Hyalella azteca' Exposed to DDT and Endrin. 1989
Effectiveness of esfenvalerate, cyfluthrin, and carbaryl in protecting individual lodgepole pines and ponderosa pines from attack by Dendroctonus spp. / 1998
Effects of 16 vertebrate control agents on threatened and endangered species : U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biological opinion, March, 1993. 1993
Effects of 16 Vertebrate Control Agents on Threatened and Endangered Species. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Biological Opinion. 1993
Effects of Chlorpyrifos on Field- and Laboratory-Developed Estuarine Benthic Communities. 1982
Effects of Chlorpyrios on Macroinvertebrates in Littoral Enclosures. 1987
Effects of Contaminated Sediments on Representative Estuarine Species and Developing Benthic Communities. Chapter 21. 1980
Effects of Culture Parameters on DDT (1,1,1-Trichloro-2,2-BIS(4-Chlorophenyl)Ethane) Biodegradation by 'Phanerochaete chrysosporium'. 1989
Effects of DDT and other insecticides on fish and wildlife : summary of investigations during 1947 1948
Effects of DDVP Aerosols on Blood Cholinesterase of Fogging Machine Operators. 1959
Effects of Dicofol on Mallard Eggshell Quality. 1990
Effects of Dieldrin in Food on Growth and Bioaccumulation in Mallard Ducklings. 1994
Effects of Dieldrin or DDT in vivo on Alpha-Alanine, Gamma-Amino-Butyrate, Glutamine, and Glutamate in Rat Brain. 1964
Effects of Dietary Exposure to Methyl Parathion on Egg Laying and Incubation in Mallards. 1991
Effects of Diflubenzuron on a Complex Laboratory Stream Community. 1981
Effects of Dursban® (chlorpyrifos) on non-target aquatic organisms in a natural pond undergoing mosquito control treatment / 1984
Effects of feeding DDT-sprayed insects to fresh-water fish / 1949
Effects of Fenvalerate on Field- and Laboratory-Developed Estuarine Benthic Communities. 1981
Effects of Fenvalerate on Larval Development of 'Palaemonetes pugio' (Holthuis) and on Larval Metabolism during Osmotic Stress. 1984
Effects of five insecticides on the oxygen consumption of the bluegill sunfish : Lepomis macrochirus / 1966
Effects of Forest Insect Spraying on Trout and Aquatic Insects in Some Montana Streams : Final Report. 1958
Effects of Heptachlor and Toxaphene on Laboratory-Reared Embryos and Fry of the Sheepshead Minnow. 1976
Effects of Kepone on Estuarine Microorganisms. 1978
Effects of Lugworms and Seagrass on Kepone (Trade Name) (Chlordecone) Distribution in Sediment/Water Laboratory Systems. 1985
Effects of malathion on two warmwater fishes and aquatic invertebrates in ponds 1970
Effects of Methyl Parathion on Red-Winged Blackbird ('Agelaius phoeniceus') Incubation Behavior and Nesting Success. 1990
Effects of Mirex and Methoxychlor on Striped Mullet, 'Mugil cephalus L'. 1974
Effects of mirex, methoxychlor, and malathion on development of crabs / 1976
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