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Pesticides industry sales and usage : 1994 and 1995 market estimates / 1997
Pesticides of Public Health Significance. 1961
Pesticides: Their Impact on the Estuarine Environment. 1979
Pharmacological Effects of Carbaryl II. Modification of Serotonin Metabolism in the Rat Brain. 1970
Phenyl Glycidyl Ether (1,2-Epoxy-3-Phenoxypropane) Technical Bulletin by Shell Chemical Corp. with Cover Letter. 1983
Phosphorous containing alkylating agents : carcinoginicity and structure-activity relationships : other biological properties : activating metabolism : environmental significance / 1982
Photochemical Confirmation of Mirex in the Presence of Polychlorinated Biphenyls. 1976
Photochemical Transformation of the DDT and Methoxychlor Degradation Products, DDE and DMDE, by Sunlight. 1976
Physiological Response of Rainbow Trout ('Salmo gairdneri') to Acute Fenvalerate Intoxication. 1987
Piperonyl butoxide : the insecticide synergist / 1998
Piperonyl Butoxide as a Tool in Aquatic Toxicological Research with Organophosphate Insecticides. 1991
Pirimiphos-methyl Facts 2001
Plasma Proteins and Colloid Osmotic Pressure of Blood of Rat Fetuses Prenatally Exposed to Mirex. 1981
Poisoning by DDT: Relation between Clinical Signs and Concentration in Rat Brain. 1963
Pollinator protection : a bee & pesticide handbook / 1990
Polyurethane foam as trapping agent for airborne pesticides : analytical method development / 1980
Potential Exposure of Apple Thinners to Azinphosmethyl and Comparison of Two Methods for Assessment of Hand Exposure. 1983
Potential Exposure to Diazinon during Yard Applications. 1983
Potentiation of 2,6-Dinitrotoluene Genotoxicity in Fischer 344 Rats by Pretreatment with Pentachlorophenol. 1991
Potentiation of Phosphorus Insecticides by Phenothiazine Derivatives: Possible Hazard, with Report of a Fatal Case. 1962
PR Notice 74-6. Notice to Producers, Formulators, Distributors and Registrants of Pesticides. Residual Insecticides in Food Handling Establishments. 1974
Prediction of Agricultural Worker Safety Reentry Times for Organophosphate Insecticides. 1980
Preliminary report on the mutagenicity of carbaryl 1981
Prenatal Effects of Dieldrin and Photodieldrin in Mice and Rats. 1974
Present Status of Our Knowledge of DDT Intoxication. 1955
Principles of environmental medicine lecture notes VIII : selected exposures - cholinesterase-inhibiting pesticide / 2003
Problems of Occupational Health with Regard to Polychlorocamphene Manufacturing Plants (Nekotorye Voprosy Gigiena Truda i Sostayaniya Zdorovya Rabochikh Proizvodstva Polikhlorkamfena). 1971
Procedures for the derivation of equilibrium partitioning sediment benchmarks (ESBs) for the protection of benthic organisms : dieldrin / 2003
Procedures used in setting up the agricultural production model for the Cornell pest management study : supplemental report to alternatives for reducing insecticides on cotton and corn : economic and environmental impact 1977
Proceedings of Mississippi Water Resources Conference, (6th), Held at Vicksburg, Miss. on 13-14 April, 1971. 1971
Proceedings of the Kepone Seminar II / 1977
Proceedings of the National Conference on Pesticide Containers, Held at New Orleans, Louisiana, on 28-30 Nov 1972. 1972
Proceedings of the National Entomological Society Meetings Section F. Conference chemigation of insecticides as an application technique for insect control, December 11, 1984, San Antonio, Texas / 1984
Proceedings of U.S.-U.S.S.R. Symposium: The Integrated Control of the Arthropod, Disease and Weed Pests of Cotton, Grain Sorghum and Deciduous Fruit Held at Lubbock, Texas on September 28-October 1, 1975. 1975
Processes, procedures, and methods to control pollution resulting from silvicultural activities. 1973
Proconvulsant Activity of Endosulfan in Amygdala Kindling. 1992
Production, Distribution, Use and Environmental Impact Potential of Selected Pesticides. 1974
Propenofos facts / U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances. 2000
Propetamphos facts. 2000
Protection of Shade Trees with DDT and Its Relation to Human Health. 1959
Protocol for assessment of human exposure to airborne pesticides / 1980
Public Health Hazards Involved in the Use of Organic Phosphorus Insecticides in Cotton Culture in the Delta Area of Mississippi. 1958
Public health pest control / 1976
Pyrethroid Effects on Schedule-Controlled Behavior: Time and Dosage Relationships (Journal Version). 1987
Pyrethroid Insecticides and Radioligand Displacement from the GABA Receptor Chloride Ionophore Complex. 1987
Pyrethroid Insecticides and the gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (Alpha) Receptor Complex: Motor Activity and the Acoustic Startle Response in the Rat (Journal Version). 1987
Pyrethroids : their effects on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems / 1986
R.E.D. facts : lauryl sulfate salts. 1993
R.E.D. facts : allium sativum (garlic) / 1992
R.E.D. facts : chlorothalonil / 1999
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