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Annual report 1980
Archives of disease in childhood. 1926
Archives of disease in childhood. Fetal and neonatal edition. 1988
Arsenic Poisoning due to Morinaga M. F. Dried Milk. 2. Arsenic Content Inside the Body of the Infants Affected with Arsenic Poisoning (Morinaga Dorai Miruku M. F. ni Yoru Kiso Chudoku ni Tsuite. 2. Hiso Chudoku Nyuji no Tainai ni Okeru Kysoryo ni Tsuite). 1974
Arsenic Poisoning Due to Moringa M. F. Dried Milk (Morinaga Dorai Miruku M.F. ni Yoru Hiso Chudoku ni Tsuite). 1955
Assessment of thyroid follicular cell tumors / 1998
Behavioral Development Following Daily Episodes of Mother-Infant Separation in the Rat. 1992
Canadian perinatal health report, 2000. 2000
Comparison of Biochemical Findings and Clinical Pictures on Subacute or Chronic Arsenic Poisoning of Infants Due to Arsenic-Containing Powdered Milk (Hiso Konnyu Funnyu ni Yoru Nyuji Akyusei Naishi Mansei Hiso Chudoku no Seikagakuteki Shoken to Rinshozo Tono Taihi). 1956
DDT levels in milk of rural indigent blacks / 1976
DDT levels in milk of rural indigent blacks / 1976
Dermal Absorption of Hexachlorophane in Infants. 1971
Determination of routes of exposure of infants and toddlers to household pesticides : a pilot study (report for Mar 90 - Mar 91) / 1991
Determination of the Appropriate FQPA Safety Factor(s) in Tolerance Assessment. 2002
Determining Fetal Pulmonary Maturity by Testing Surfactant in Amniotic Fluid. 1974
Drug and chemical risks to the fetus and newborn : proceedings of a symposium held in New York May 21 and 22, 1979 1980
Drugs and human lactation : a comprehensive guide to the content and consequences of drugs, micronutrients, radiopharmaceuticals, and environmental and occupational chemicals in human milk / 1996
EPA National Exposure Research Laboratory Children's Pesticide Exposure Measurement Program. 2001
Epidemiological Notes and Reports: Pentachlorophenol Poisoning in Newborn Infants. 1967
Evaluation of a possible causal relationship between fallout deposition of strontium 90 and infant and fetal mortality trends / 1970
Evaluation of a Possible Causal Relationship Between Fallout Deposition of Strontium 90 and Infant and Fetal Mortality Trends. 1969
Evaluation of neonate squirrel monkeys receiving tritiated water throughout gestation / 1978
Fate of ingested chrysotile asbestos fiber in the newborn baboon / 1979
Gestational age, size and maturity: a symposium on the causes and associations of prematurity, based on the proceedings of an international study group at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, 1964; 1965
Guidelines for neurotoxicity risk assessment / 1998
Guidelines for neurotoxicity risk assessment. 1998
Guidelines for Neurotoxicity Risk Assessment. 1998
Health : the family planning factor 1977
Health Effects Among Newborns after Prenatal Exposure to ClO2-Disinfected Drinking Water. 1982
Health effects from exposure to high levels of sulfate in drinking water study / 1999
Health effects from exposure to sulfate in drinking water workshop / 1999
Health effects of nitrates in water / 1977
Health risks to fetuses, infants, and children final stage 1 D/DBP Rule [disinfection, disinfection byproducts rule] 1998
Human Infective Dose Determinations for Oral Poliovirus Type 1 Vaccine in Infants. 1981
Identifying toxic risks before and during pregnancy : a decision tree and action plan / 2002
Immune Status in Newborns and Their Vulnerability. 1986
IMPAACT P1041 Primary Isoniazid Prophylaxis against Tuberculosis in HIV-Exposed Children. 2015
Impact on the fetus of parental sexually transmitted disease / 1988
Indiana 1950-1970: Life Tables for the 14 Economic Regions and Analysis with Measure of Medical Care. 1972
Infant feeding : the physiological basis / 1989
Infant mortality and the health of societies 1981
Intrauterine Exposure of Human Newborns to PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls): Measures of Exposure. 1984
Intrauterine exposure of humans to PCBs : newborn effects / 1984
Intrauterine exposure of humans to PCBs : newborn effects / 1984
Lung function and its growth / 1977
March of dimes global report on birth defects : the hidden toll of dying and disabled children / 2006
Metabolic interactions of hormonal steroids and chlorinated hydrocarbons : effects of neonatal treatment with o, p'-DDT on the development of the steroidogenic endocrine system of the male rat / 1977
Method for Hand Rearing of Saimiri Sciureus. 1971
Mineral Content of the Arterial Wall of Infants and its Relation to Arterial Calcinosis in Childhood (Der Mineralgehalt der Kindlichen Arterienwand und Seine Beziehung zur Kindlichen Arterienkalzinose). 1973
National strategy for the development of regional nutrient criteria 1998
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