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Testicular Effects of Dinoseb in Rats. 1982
Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin Isomer Differentiation by Micro Diffuse Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry at the Low Nanogram Level. 1985
The biodegradation kinetics of selected phenoxyacetic acid herbicides and phenols by aquatic organisms, 1972
The biologic and economic assessment of 2,4,5-T : a report of The USDA-States-EPA 2,4,5-T RPAR Assessment Team. 1979
The bipyridinium herbicides / 1980
The determination of chlorinated herbicides in industrial and municipal wastewater, method 615 / 1982
The ecological effects of the aquatic herbicide fenac on small ponds / 1971
The ecological impact of synthetic organic compounds on estuarine ecosystems / 1976
The fate of select pesticides in the aquatic environment / 1974
The herbicide 2,4-D / 1974
The metabolism of naled inhaled by rats / 1977
The movement and storage of water in North Carolina soils, and the role of the soil in determining water quality, 1969
The occurrence of picloram (Tordon) and 2,4-D in groundwater in the Denbigh Sand Hills, McHenry County, North Dakota / 1992
The pendulum and the toxic cloud : the course of dioxin contamination / 1979
The phenoxy herbicides. 1978
The science of 2, 4, 5-T, and associated phenoxy herbicides / 1980
The Toxicology, environmental fate, and human risk of herbicide orange and its associated dioxin : final report / 1978
The use and effects of pesticides for rangeland sagebrush control / 1972
The use and effects of pesticides for rangeland sagebrush control. / 1972
The value of herbicides in U.S. crop production / 2003
Toluene : health advisory. 1987
Toxic Effects of the Herbicide Paraquat. 1974
Toxicity of 3,4-Dichloroaniline to Fathead Minnows, 'Pimephales promelas', in Acute and Early Life-Stage Exposures. 1987
Toxicity of Amitrole in the Rat. 1972
Toxicity of four pesticides to water fleas and fathead minnows : acute and chronic toxicity of acrolein, heptachlor, endosulfan, and trifluralin to the water flea (Daphnia magna), and the fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) / 1976
Toxicity of Paraquat to Rats and Its Effect on Rat Lungs. 1969
Toxicity of selected pesticides to the bay mussel (Mytilus edulis) / 1975
Toxicity of some insecticides to four species of malacostracan crustaceans / 1972
Toxicity of the Herbicides 2,4-D, DEF, Propanil and Trifluralin to the Dungeness Crab, 'Cancer magister'. 1979
Toxicity, bioconcentration, and metabolism of five herbicides in freshwater fish 1983
Toxicity, bioconcentration, and metabolism of five herbicides in freshwater fish / 1983
Toxicity, Bioconcentration, and Metabolism of the Herbicide Propanil (3',4'-Dichloropropionanilide) in Freshwater Fish. 1983
Toxicological and physiological effects of 2,4-D / 1980
Toxicological profile for acrolein / 2007
Toxicological profile for atrazine 2003
Toxicological Profile for p-Chlorophenyl Methyl Sulfide, p-Chlorophenyl Methyl Sulfone, p-Chlorophenyl Methyl Sulfoxide. 1989
Toxicological review of bentazon (CAS No. 25057-89-0) in support of summary information on the integrated risk information system (IRIS) / {electronic resource} : 1998
Toxicological studies with herbicides, selected EPA priority pollutants and related chemicals in aquatic organisms / 1984
Tralkoxydim. 2011
Transpiration Effect on the Uptake and Distribution of Bromacil, Nitrobenzene, and Phenol in Soybean Plants (Journal Version). 1987
Transport of agricultural chemicals from small upland Piedmont watersheds / 1978
Transport of lawn-applied 2,4-D from turf to home : assessing the relative importance of transport mechanisms and exposure pathways / 1999
Treatment of PCP Containing Wastewater Using Anaerobic Fluidized Bed GAC Bioreactors. 1993
Tri & dichlorobenzyl chlorides : information review / 1983
Tri-allate health and safety guide. 1994
Triallate decision document. 1980
Tributyltin position document 4. 1988
Tributyltin: {microform} position document 4. Tributyltin antifoulants: notice of intent to cancel; denial of applicaations for registration; partial conclusion of special review. 1988
Trifluralin (Treflan): Position 1/2/3. 1979
Turf & ornamental chemicals reference 1991
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