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Investigation of a potential cotumorigenic effect of the dioxides of nitrogen and sulfur, and of diesel-engine exhaust, on the respiratory tract of Syrian golden hamsters 1989
Investigation of effects of prolonged inhalation of nickle-enriched fly ash in Syrian golden hamsters / 1981
Investigation of effects of prolonged inhalation of nickle-enriched fly ash in Syrian golden hamsters / 1981
Investigation of Possible Age Effects on Meiotic Chromosomal Recombination and Segregation in Armenian Hamster Spermatocytes. 1985
Laboratory hamsters 1987
Letter from Akzo Chemie America to US EPA Containing Risk Evaluation of Oleylamine. 2000
Letter from Allied Chemical Corporation to US EPA Submitting Testing Results of N-(4,6-dichloro-triazin-2-yl) Monosodium Salt. 1978
Letter from Chem Mfgs Assn to US EPA Regarding Evaluation of Environmental Exposure & Toxicological Testing Results on Cyclohexane with Attachments. 2000
Letter from Chemical Manufacturers Association to US EPA Submitting a Interim Progress Report on Isopropanol with Attachments. 2000
Letter from Nor-am Chemical Co to Us Epa Regarding Experimental Insecticides Testing Results with Attachments (Sanitized). 1990
Letter from Phillips Petroleum Co. to US EPA Submitting Unpublished Studies on Cyclohexane with Attachments. 1986
Letter Regarding the Study & Report of Effect of Vinyl Chloride. 1980
Life-Cycle Mutants of Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells, October 1--November 30, 1976. 1976
Metabolism of alpha-Naphthoflavone by Rat, Mouse, Rabbit, and Hamster Liver Microsomes. 1984
Methoxychlor induces estrogen like alterations of behavior and the reproductive tract in the female rat and hamster : effects on sex behavior / 1988
Methyl Methacrylate 18-Month Vapor Inhalation Safety Evaluation Study in Hamsters (Final Report) with Attachments and Cover Sheet Dated 07/17/1989 (Sanitized). 2000
Mouse Teratogen Dinocap Has Lower A/D Ratios and Is Not Teratogenic in the Rat and Hamster (Journal Version). 1988
Multiple-Endpoint Mutagenesis with Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cells: Evaluation with Eight Carcinogenic and Non-Carcinogenic Compounds. 1987
Mutagenic and Clastogenic Properties of 3-Chloro-4-(Dichloromethyl)-5-Hydroxy-2(5H)-Furanone: A Potent Bacterial Mutagen in Drinking Water. 1987
Mutagenicity Evaluation of C-213 (Ethoxylated Octyl Phenol) in an In Vitro Cytogenetic Assay Measuring Chromosome Aberration Freqencies w/Cover Letter Dated 05/24/1996 (Sanitized). 1996
Mutagenicity Evaluation of C-655 in the Ames Plate Test, Mouse Lymphoma Foward Mutation Assay and Sister Chromatid Exchange Assay (final Reports) with Cover Letter 072084. 1984
Mutagenicity Evaluation of Tetrafluoroethylene in Cho/hprt Assay with Cover Letter dated 08/22/1986. 1986
Mutagenicity testing in mammalian cells : multiple drug-resistance markers / 1979
Neonatal Chiordecone Exposure Alters Behavioral Sex Differentiation in Female Hamsters. 1982
Nine 'In Vitro Mutagenesis Studies' and Three 'Salmonella/Microsome (AMES) Bacterial Studies' with Cover Letter dated 07/28/1988. 1988
Nine Reports Regarding the Effects of Various Chlorinated Benzenes - with Cover Letter dated 051183. 1983
Ninety-day Inhalation Toxicity Study with Tetrafluoroethylene (tfe) in Rats and Hamsters with Cover Letter 07/07/1982. 1982
Notification that Ropes and Gray is Removing the CBI Status of a Submission by Showa Denko Carbon, Inc. Submitted on July 15, 2010 on a Toxicity Test Conducted in Hamsters Exposed to a Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Substance. 2010
Observations of Syrian Hamster Fetuses After Exposure to 2450-MHz Microwaves. 1982
Pathologic Changes Induced by Coal-Fired Fly Ash in Hamster Tracheal Grafts. 1984
Pathology of the Syrian hamster : Symposium on Hamster Pathology held at the Museum of Science, Boston, Mass., November 18-20, 1970 / 1972
Placental Transfer and Fetal Deposition of Hexachlorobenzene in the Hamster and Guinea Pig. 1985
Potency Ranking of Chemicals Based on Enhancement of Viral Transformation. 1981
Preliminary Evaluation of Results of Studies Recommended by BUA for Trichloromethane. 1988
Pulmonary cell populations in hamsters maintained under Egyptian laboratory conditions / 1977
Pulmonary Function in Normal and Elastase-Treated Hamsters Exposed to a Complex Mixture of Olefin-Ozone-Sulfur Dioxide Reaction Products. 1983
Radiofrequency Radiation-Induced Calcium Ion Efflux Enhancement from Human and Other Neuroblastoma Cells in Culture (Journal Article). 1989
Rat Bladder Cell-Mediated Mutagenesis of Chinese Hamster V79 Cells and Metabolism of Benzo(a)Pyrene. 1981
Recommended Guideline for Teratogenicity Studies in the Rat, Mouse, Hamster, or Rabbit. 1981
Relationship between Autonomic and Behavioral Thermoregulation in the Golden Hamster. 1986
Respirable particles and mists in mouse pulmonary infectivity model : effect of chronic or intermittent exposure / 1978
Respiratory carcinogenicity of diesel fuel emission / 1985
Results of an In Vitro Mammalian Chromosome Aberration Test in Chinese Hamster V79 Cells with 2,4,6,8-Tetramethyl- 2,4,6,8-Tetravinylc yclotetrasiloxane. 2012
Results of an in Vitro Mammalian Chromosome Aberration Test in Chinese Hamster V79 cells with Amino-functional Alkoysilane 1. 2012
Results of Chromosomal Aberration Tests in Chinese Hamster Lung Cells In vitro with CBI Substance. The Percentage of Cells with Structural Aberrations in the Positive Control (Mitomycin C 0.05 pg/mI) was 69%. Based on these Results. 2010
Salmonella/mammalian-microsome Plate Incorporation Mutagenicity Assay (Ames Test) & a Chromosome Aberration Assay in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells with Cover Letter Dated 04/15/1985. 1985
Scanning Electron Microscope Study of Developing Hamster Tracheal Epithelium in Organ Culture. 1979
Selection of a Model System to Determine the Effects of Energy Production by-Products on the Immune System. Progress Report, January 1--September 30, 1976. 1976
Short-Term In vitro Screening Studies Related to the Inhalation Toxicology of Potentially Toxic Aerosols. 1987
Significance of Mass and Number of Fibers in the Correlation of V79 Cytotoxicity with Tumorigenic Potential of Mineral Fibers. 1988
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