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Office of Chemical Safety, 1985 Annual Report. 1986
Omaha Childhood Blood Lead and Environmental Lead: A Linear Total Exposure Model. 1984
Operations and research at the U.S. EPA incineration research facility : annual report for FY92 / 1993
Outokumpu Lead Flash Smelting Process. Compendium on Low- and Non-Waste Technology (Addendum). 1984
Ozone disinfection and treatment of urban storm drain dry-weather flows : a pilot treatment plant demonstration project on the Kenter Canyon storm drain system in Santa Monica. 1992
Particle size distribution and hydrodynamic characteristics of solid matter carried by runoff from motorways / 1999
Particles, metals, and water quality in runoff from large urban watershed / 1997
Partition Coefficients for Metals in Surface Water, Soil, and Waste. 2005
Partitioning and first flush of metals in urban roadway storm water / 1997
Partitioning of Heavy Metals to Suspended Solids of the Flint River, Michigan. 1986
Performance of emsissions control systems on Municipal waste combustors / 1989
Pesticide and heavy metal residues in Louisiana river otter 1977
Pesticides in People: Total Mercury Levels in Selected Human Tissues, Idaho-1973-74. 1975
Pharmaceutical industry : hazardous waste generation, treatment, and disposal. 1976
Pharmacokinetics of toxic elements in rainbow trout / 1974
Physical and chemical conditions of Chesapeake Bay an evaluation, 1972
Physico-chemical speciation and chemical transformations of toxic metals in the environment / 1990
Physicochemical Interaction of 'Escherichia coli' Cell Envelopes and 'Bacillus subtilis' Cell Walls with Two Clays and Ability of the Composite to Immobilize Heavy Metals from Solution. 1989
Physiological and biochemical aspects of heavy elements in our environment proceedings of the symposium, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 9 May, 1974 / 1975
Pilot sampling for heavy metals in fish flesh from Killarney Lake, Coeur d'Alene River System, Idaho 1990
Plants as biomonitors indicators for heavy metals in the terrestrial environment / 1993
Plants that hyperaccumulate heavy metals : their role in phytoremediation, microbiology, archaeology, mineral exploration, and phytomining / 1998
Pollutant Monitoring in the Olympic National Park Biosphere Reserve. 1981
Pollution threat of heavy metals in aquatic environments 1987
Possible use of Alcaligenes paradoxus as a biological monitor / 1979
Potential for biomagnification of contaminants within marine and freshwater food webs / 1984
Potential Surrogate Metals for Incinerator Trial Burns. 1994
Preamble and Final Sludge Rule (for Microcomputers). 1992
Prediction of heavy metal uptake by marsh plants based on chemical extraction of heavy metals from dredged material / 1978
Prediction of metal toxicity in nature from bioassays : limitations and research needs / 1995
Prediction of the fate of toxic metals in hazardous waste incinerators / 1988
Preliminary characterization, Silver Crescent mill tailings and mine site, East Fork Moon Creek, Shoshone County, Idaho 1996
Preliminary investigation into the use of crayfish as a sensitive species to pollutants in the Clark Fork River near Missoula, MT research project technical completion report / 1983
Preliminary investigation of the role of aquatic macrophytes in heavy metal uptake from water with coal particles / 1980
Preliminary study of sediments from the Susquehanna River basin in New York with emphasis on surficial heavy metal content : final report on Susquehanna River Basin Commission project no.93 (RF/SUNY NO.40-6029A) 1975
Preliminary use and substitutes analysis of lead and cadmium in products in municipal solid waste. 1992
Prevalence of Subsurface Migration of Hazardous Chemical Substances at Selected Industrial Waste Land Disposal Sites. 1977
Private parties use innovation in cleaning up reclaimer's wastes. 1995
Problems of aquatic toxicology, biotesting and water quality management : proceedings of USA-Russia symposium, Borok, Jaroslavl Oblast, July 21-23, 1992 / 1996
Proceedings of the 1990 Clark Fork River Symposium, April 20, 1990, University of Montana, Missoula, Montana 1992
Proceedings of the first Workshop on Emissions and Modelling of Atmospheric Transport of Persistent Organic Pollutants and Heavy Metals : the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Durham, North Carolina, the United States, 6-7 May, 1993 / 1993
Proceedings of the National Conference on Household Hazardous Waste Management (4th). Held in Orlando, Florida on November 6-8, 1989. 1990
Proceedings of the National Conference on Household Hazardous Waste Management (5th). Held in San Francisco, California on November 5-7, 1990. 1991
Proceedings of the National United States Environmental Protection Agency Conference (8th) on Household Hazardous Waste Management. Held in Burlington, Vermont on November 6-10, 1993. 1994
Proceedings of the North American Conference on Waste Exchange (5th). Held in Toronto, Canada on May 15-18, 1988. 'Waste Minimization through Technology and the Marketing of Wastes and Surpluses'. 1988
Proceedings of the second Workshop on Sampling Geothermal Effluents, February 15-17, 1977, Las Vegas, Nevada / 1978
Proceedings, 1989 International Conference on Municipal Waste Combustion. : Volume 2. Sessions 4,5,and 6 / 1992
Proceedings: 1989 International Conference on Municipal Waste Combustion. Volume 4. Sessions 9, 10, 11, and 12. Held in Hollywood, Florida on April 11-14, 1989. 1992
Proceedings: The State of the Bay Symposium (2nd). Held on February 4-6, 1993. 1993
Processes, coefficients, and models for simulating toxic organics and heavy metals in surface waters / 1987
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