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Human health and environmental damages from mining and mineral processing wastes : technical background document supporting the final rule applying phase IV land disposal restrictions to newly identified mineral processing wastes. 1998
Human health effects of molybdenum in drinking water / 1979
Humic Substances and Contaminant Transport: A Review. 1992
Hydrogen Oxidation in Soils as a Possible Toxic-Effects Indicator. 1982
Identification of selected Federal activities directed to chemicals of near-term concern : benzene, bis(chloromethyl) ether, cadmium, hydrogen sulfide, mercury, platinum, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, trichloroethylene, tris(2, 3-dibromopropyl), phosphate / 1976
IEH report on factors affecting the absorption of toxic metals from the diet 1998
Immunotoxicology of environmental and occupational metals / 1998
Impact of heavy metals on the environment 1992
Impact of Particulate Emissions Control on the Control of Other MWC Air Emissions. 1990
Importance of dissolved sulfides and organic substances in controlling the chemical speciation of heavy metals in San Francisco Bay / 1995
In situ immobilization of heavy-metal contaminated soil 1988
In situ immobilization of heavy-metal-contaminated soils 1989
In situ treatment of soil and groundwater contaminated with chromium : technical resource guide / 2000
In-Place Pollutants in Trail Creek and Michigan City Harbor, Indiana. 1978
Incidence of heavy metals in street surface sediments : solubility and grain size studies / 1982
Incineration data on arsenic and lead emissions / 1992
Incineration of sewage sludge : technical support document / 1988
Incinerator Ash Quality, Residue Characteristics, and Control of Heavy Metal Emissions. 1988
Induction of tolerance to heavy metals in natural and laboratory populations of fish 1983
Influence of Cadmium, Nickel, and Chromium on Primary Immunity in Mice. 1977
Influence of disposal environment on availability and plant uptake of heavy metals in dredged material : final report / 1981
Influence of highway runoff chemistry, hydrology and residence time on non-equilibrium partitioning of heavy metals : implications for treatment at the highway shoulder / 2001
Influence of the Time of Acidification after Sample Collection on the Preservation of Drinking Water for Lead Determination. 1985
Influence of urbanization on the transport of heavy metals in New Jersey streams 1980
Influences of dietary uptake and reactive sulfides on metal bioavailability from aquatic sediments / 2000
Innovative Practices for Treating Waste Streams Containing Heavy Metals: A Waste Minimization Approach. 1991
Innovative technologies enhance ground water restoration. 1995
Insect Community Structure as an Index of Heavy-Metal Pollution in Lotic Ecosystems. 1983
Instream tests for toxicity persistence from heavy metals / 1985
Intensive survey of the Little Vermilion River as effected by seasonal variation, 1992 1993
Interaction of heavy metals and biological sewage treatment processes. 1965
Interaction of Inorganic Mercury Salts with Model and Red Cell Membranes: Importance of Lipid Binding Sites. 1993
Interactions of Heavy Metals with the Pulmonary Metabolism of (3H)Benzo(a)pyrene. 1984
Interactive effects of aromatic hydrocarbons their derivatives, and heavy metals in marine fish / 1981
Interdisciplinary investigation of environmental pollution by lead and other heavy metals from industrial development in the New Lead Belt of southeastern Missouri : interim progress report, May 1972 to June 1974, volume 1 / 1974
Interim guidance on determination and use of water-effect ratios for metals / 1994
International conference, management & control of heavy metals in the environment [held at] London, September 1979 ... 1979
International Waste Technologies/Geo-Con in situ stabilization/solidification : applications analysis report. 1990
Investigations of Coupled Geochemical and Transport Modeling for the Hazardous Waste Identification Rule. 1996
Investigations on concentrations, distributions, and fates of heavy metal wastes in parts of Long Island Sound final report submitted to the Office of Sea Grant Programs, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Rockville, Maryland / 1974
Ion-selective membrane electrodes for water pollution monitoring / 1974
Isotopic clues to sources of natural and anthropogenic lead in sediments and soils from O'ahu, Hawai'i / 1995
Lake Erie, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York Intake Water Quality Summary, 1972. 1973
Land application of municipal sewage sludge for the production of fruits and vegetables : a statement of federal policy and guidance / 1981
Land treatment of petroleum refinery sludges 1984
Land treatment of petroleum refinery sludges / 1984
Landfilling of metal hydroxide-containing sludges : technical proposal 1978
Largest private party settlement achieved in Southern California. 1996
Lead Exposures in the Human Environment. 1985
Lettuce and Broccoli Response and Soil Properties Resulting from Tannery Waste Applications. 1985
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