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Criteria for Estimating Limiting Nutrients in Natural Streams. 1973
Critical factors controlling vegetation growth on completed sanitary landfills / 1981
Critical responses of populations of crustacea to toxicants / 1986
Critical Thermal Maximum of Juvenile Spot, Leiostomus Xanthurus, Lacepede. 1971
Critique of carbon based tree growth models /{microfiche} 1990
Crystallization from solution: nucleation phenomena in growing crystal systems. 1972
Cutting at financial maturity : maximizing the economic return of your woodland / 2013
Cytotoxicity and mutagenesis methods for evaluating toxicity removal from wastewaters / 1989
Daily Growth of the Juvenile Fish (Menidia menidia) in the Natural Habitat Compared with Juveniles Reared in the Laboratory. 1981
Data from 96-Hour Acute Fish Toxicity Studies and a 72-Hour Algal Growth Inhibition Study using Coco Alkyl Amines. 2013
DDT and Polychlorinated Biphenyl (Aroclor 1242(Trade Name)) Effects of Uptake on E. Coli Growth. 1972
Deactivation Products of Glutaraldehyde: A 5-Day Toxicity Test with the Freshwater Alga (Selenastrum Capricornutum), with Cover Letter dated 11/25/1997. 1997
Debate over future density of development : an interpretive review / 1999
Dechlorination of aromatic xenobiotic compounds by anaerobic microorganisms 1988
Decline of Montane Boreal Ecosystems in Central Europe and the Southern Appalachian Mountains. 1984
Degradation of the Chlorinated Phenoxyacetate Herbicides 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid and 2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic Acid by Pure and Mixed Bacterial Cultures. 1990
Demographic Evaluation of the Influence of Temperature and Salinity on the Copepod 'Eurytemora herdmani'. 1985
Dendroclimatic estimates of a drought index for northern Virginia 1981
Denver regional environmental impact statement for wastewater facilities and the clean water plan / 1978
Deployment of Phytotechnology in the 317/319 Area at Argonne National Laboratory-East. Innovative Technology Evaluation Report. 2003
Deposition of Sulfate Acid Aerosols in the Developing Human Lung. 1993
Derivation of Site-Specific Water Quality Criteria for Cadmium and the St. Louis River Basin, Duluth, Minnesota. 1984
Dermal Carcinogenesis Assay in C3H/HEJ Mice with Cover Letter dated 07/18/86. 1986
Description and Implications for Analysis of Brain Growth in Suckling Mice. 1985
Description of early larvae of four Northern California species of rockfishes (Scorpaenidae: Sebastes) from rearing studies 1993
Design and Preliminary Results from Soil/Litter Microcosms. 1976
Design parameters for animal waste treatment systems / 1974
Detection of Human Lung Epithelia Cell Growth Factors Produced by a Lung Carcinoma Cell Line: Use in Culture of Primary Solid Lung Tumors. 1987
Determinants and Options for Water Distribution System Management: A Cost Evaluation. 1982
Determination of the Insect Growth Regulator Methoprene in Natural Waters by Capillary Gas-Liquid Chromatography. 1989
Detritus Processing and Mineral Cycling in Seagrass 'Zostera' Litter in an Oregon Salt Marsh. 1984
Development and Evaluation of Test Methods for Benthic Invertebrates and Sediments: Effects of Flow Rate and Feeding on Water Quality and Exposure Conditions. 1993
Development and Evaluation of Weighted-Criteria, Probability-of-Use Curve for Instream Flow Assessments: Fisheries. 1977
Development and plasticity of the brain : an introduction / 1978
Development of a mathematical basis for relating sludge properties to FGD-scrubber operating variable / 1978
Development of a Priority Determination Procedure. 1972
Development of a Protocol for Testing Effects of Toxic Substances on Plants. 1981
Development of a selective algaecide to control nuisance algal growth / 1971
Development of an economics-based methodology for projecting future pollution problems / 1978
Development of Dissolved Oxygen Criteria for Freshwater Fish. 1973
Development of Surrogate Lung Systems with Controlled Thermodynamic Environments to Study Hygroscopic Particles: Air Pollutants and Pharmacologic Drugs. 1990
Development. 1987
Developmental and cellular skeletal biology / 1978
Developmental biology of neoplastic growth / 2005
Developmental biology of prokaryotes / 1979
Developmental neurobiology / 1978
Developmental neurotoxicity of methanol exposure by inhalation in rats / 1996
Developmental Toxicity Testing. 1990
Diatom Populations Changes in Lake George (NY). 1972
Diets for 'Ceriodaphnia reticulata' Life Cycle Tests. 1983
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