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Dioxins. Volume II. Analytical Method for Industrial Wastes. 1980
Direct determination of total organic chlorine in water without preconcentration / 1983
Dissolved Oxygen and Methane in Water By a GC Headspace Equilibration Technique. 1989
Dissolved Pesticide Concentrations Detected in Storm-Water Runoff at Selected Sites in the San Joaquin River Basin, California, 2000-2001. 2003
DNA Modifications: Investigations by Mass Spectrometry (Chapter 3). 1994
DOAS Urban Pollution Measurements. 1991
Drinking Water Criteria Document for Hexachlorocyclopentadiene. 1988
Dräger-tube handbook : soil, water and air investigations as well as technical gas analysis. 1994
Ecologic Impact of the Interactions Among Microorganisms and Aquatic Contaminents in Lake Erie, Phase I and Phase II. 1971
Effect of ambient temperature on vehicle emissions and performance factors / 1979
Effect of an Electric Field on Gas Chromatographic Retentions by Liquid Crystals. 1970
Effect of Chlorination on Selected Organic Chemicals. 1972
Effect of fuel additives study / 1974
Effect of handling procedures on sample quality / 1978
Effect of Lindane on Intestinal Nitroreductase, Azoreductase, SS-Glucuronidase, Dechlorinase, and Dehydrochlorinase Activity. 1990
Effect of Lindane on Nitroreductase and Dechlorinase Enzyme Activity in the Gastrointestinal Tract. 1990
Effect of Mirex on Predator-Prey Interaction in an Experimental Estuarine Ecosystem. 1976
Effects and Uptake of Chlorinated Naphthalenes in Marine Unicellular Algae. 1977
Effects of Activated Carbon on the Reactions of Free Chlorine with Phenols. 1985
Effects of Age, Species Difference, Antibiotics and Toxicants on Intestinal Enzyme Activity and Genotoxicity. 1993
Effects of food processing on residues of two ethylenebisdithiocarbamate (EBDC) fungicides and ethylenethiourea (ETU) / 1977
Efficiency of Dioxin Recovery from Fly Ash Samples during Extraction and Cleanup Process, March 1989. 1989
Electron capture detector and the study of reactions with thermal electrons 2004
Electron Capture Gas Chromatographic Analysis of DDA: Utilization of 2-Chloroethanol Derivative. 1973
Electron Capture Gas Chromatographic Analysis of the Amine Metabolites of Pesticides: Derivatization of Anilines. 1976
Electron Capture Gas Chromatographic Determination of Kepone Residues in Environmental Samples. 1976
Electron Impact Mass Spectrometry of BHT and Its Alteration Products. 1989
Electron-Capture Gas Chromatographic Determination of 2-sec-Butyl-4,6-dinitrophenol (DNBP) Residues in Feed, Tissue and Excreta. 1977
Electron-Capture Gas Chromatography of Paradichlorobenzene Metabolites as a Measure of Exposure. 1970
Emissions assessment of conventional stationary combustion systems : methods and procedures manual for sampling and analysis / 1979
Emissions from burning cabinet making scraps / 1993
Emissions of metals and organics from municipal wastewater sludge incinerators. : Volume 8. GC/MS tapes review report / 1990
Enhancement of Mass Spectral Data by Means of a Time Averaging Computer. 1970
Environmental applications of advanced instrumental analyses : assistance projects, FY 75 / 1977
Environmental Applications of Advanced Instrumental Analyses: Assistance Projects, FY 69-71. 1973
Environmental applications of advanced instrumental analyses: assistance projects, FY 72 / 1973
Environmental Applications of Advanced Instrumental Analyses: Assistance Projects, FY 72. 1973
Environmental assessment of iron casting / 1980
Environmental Chemistry of N-Nitroso Compounds. 1976
Environmental hazard assessment report : major one- and two-carbon saturated fluorocarbons / 1976
Environmental monitoring : benzene / 1979
Environmental monitoring near industrial sites : acrylamide, CH2=CHCONH2. 1978
Environmental monitoring near industrial sites : acrylonitrile / 1978
Environmental monitoring near industrial sites : brominated chemicals / 1978
Environmental monitoring near industrial sites : methylchloroform. 1977
Environmental monitoring near industrial sites : trichloroethylene. 1977
Environmental problem solving using gas and liquid chromatography / 1982
Environmental Research Brief: Characterization of Organic Matter in Soil and Aquifer Solids. 1997
Environmental Technology Report: Lead Dust Wipe Measurement Technology. Monitoring Technologies International, PDV 5000 Trace Element Analyzer. 2002
Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Report: Constellation Technology Corporation, CT-1128 Portable Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer. 2006
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