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Species Composition of Fish Communities in Northern Wisconsin Lakes: Relation to pH. 1989
Species profiles, life histories and environmental requirements of coastal vertebrates and invertebrates Pacific Ocean Region amphidromous macrofauna of Hawaiian Island streams / 1990
Spotlight on research 1994. 1994
Spotlight on research, 1991 / 1992
Spotlight on research, 1992 / 1993
St. Croix River, Maine : qualitative macroinvertebrate study / 1979
State of Lake Erie : past, present, and future : a tribute to Drs. Joe Leach & Henry Regier / 1999
State of the Chesapeake Bay, 1995. 1995
Static 96-Hour Acute Toxicity Study to Rainbow Trout w/1H-Benzotriazole, Methyl; 2,6-Di-Tert-Butylphenol; Methyl Methacrylate; & Siloxanes 2/Cover Letter Dated 07/12/1994. 1994
Static 96-Hour Acute Toxicity Study to Rainbow Trout with a Mixture Containing 1H-Benzotriazole, Methyl and 2,6-Di-Tert-Butylphenol with Cover Letter dated 04/13/94. (Sanitized). 1994
Static Acute Toxicity of Lubricant Additive (Confidential) to the Minnow, Pimephales Promelas-Oil Water Dispersion Study, with Cover Letter dated 10/06/1997. (Sanitized.). 1997
Static Acute Toxicity of Lubricant Additive (Confidential), Containing 1.5% Toluene, to the Trout-Oil-Water Dispersion Study, with Cover Letter dated 11/16/1998. 1998
Status and Trends of Wetlands in the Coastal Watersheds of the Conterminous United States, 2004 to 2009. 2013
Status of the Gulf of Mexico : preliminary report on inflow from streams / 1992
Status report on carcinogenicity in fish 1987
Storage of combined sewage in a marine waterbody. {microfiche} / 1992
Stream ecology : structure and function of running waters / 1995
Stream reach morphology and macroinvertebrate community structure in high-quality, cold water streams / 1997
Stream reach morphology as a variable for classifying streams during bioassessments / 1998
Stream sanitation 1944
Streams, lakes, ponds / 1954
Structure and function of fresh-water microbial communities. 1971
Studies of benthic macroinvertebrates and fish in streams within EPA Region 3 for development of biological indicators of ecological condition 1997
Studies of common fishes of the Mississippi River at Keokuk 1930
Studies on the distribution of phytoplankton pigments and nutrients in the Milwaukee harbor area. 1977
Studies on the natural relationships of cyanophages and their hosts and the nature of resistance : final technical completion report / 1977
Studies on the population dynamics and physiological ecology of four species of fresh-water isopods, 1970
Studies on the productivity and plankton of Lake Superior, 1961
Studies to determine methods for culturing three freshwater zooplankton species / 1975
Study of phytoplankton dynamics in Lake Fayetteville as a means of assessing water quality 1971
Study of the effects of stream channelization and bank stabilization on warmwater sport fish in Iowa : subproject no. 4, the effects of long-reach channelization on habitat and invertebrate drift in some Iowa streams / 1976
Study of water pollution problems which affect fish and other aquatic forms. 1963
Sublethal and chronic effects of pollutants on freshwater fish 1994
Sublethal effects of treated liquid effluent from a petroleum refinery on freshwater organisms / 1978
Summary Environmental Data for Maleic Anhydride: 2,5-Furandione and Toxilic Anhydride with Cover Letter. 1984
Summary report and selected papers presented at the IPFC Workshop on Inland Fisheries for Planners, Manila, the Philippines, 2-6 August 1982 / 1983
Superior science : stories of Lake Superior research / 2004
Support: Letter from Attys for Arziona Chem Co. to USEPA Submitting Studies Pursuant to TSCA Compliance Audit Agreement, with Attachments (17 Study Reports) and Dated 11/02/1999. 2001
Support: Letter from BASF Corp. to USEPA Submitting Results (Only) of Acute Toxicity Study in Daphnia Magna and Selenastrum Capricornutum with Polyethyleneimine, dated 08/07/2001. 2001
Support: Letter from Cytec Industries Inc to USEPA Regarding Aquatic Toxicity Studies of CT-648-98, with Attachments (3 Final Study Reports) and Dated 07/02/1999. 1999
Support: Letter from Dupont Haskell Laboratory to USEPA re: 2-Week Range-Finding Feeding Study in Albino Mice with P-90-1840, dated 08/27/1999. 1999
Support: Letter from Dupont Haskell Laboratory to USEPA re: Results of 90-Day Subchronic Feeding Study in Mice of P-901840, dated 04/24/2000. 2000
Surface water quality : have the laws been successful? / 1992
Survey of benthic macroinvertebrates and analysis of water and sediment from the Buffalo River, 1972 1972
Survey of the crustacean zooplankton in the Buffalo River, 1979 : Buffalo River study X / 1980
Survey of the mussels (Unionacea) of the Illinois River : a polluted stream 1971
Survival of Brook Trout Embryos in Three Episodically Acidified Streams. 1993
Survival of intestinal bacteria in oligotrophic waters 1973
Survival, production, and yield of trout and chinook salmon in the Lemhi River, Idaho 1978
Sustaining river ecosystems and water resources / 2018
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