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Initial Submission: Bioconcentration, Excretion and Metabolism 3,4,4-Trichlorocarbanilide (TCC) in Channel Catfish, w/TSCA Health & Safety Study Cover Sheet Dated 04/12/2000. 2000
Initial Submission: Determination of Acute Toxicity to Daphnia Magna with (Confidential), Functionalized Polymethine Infra Red Absorber, with Cover Letter dated 08/04/1999. (Sanitized). 1999
Initial Submission: Fish Toxicity of Neoprene Intermediates and Additives with Cover Letter dated 10/15/1992. 1992
Initial Submission: Letter from (Confidential) to USEPA re: Acute Toxicity, Preliminary Toxicity Screen in Rainbow Trout of Ethanol, 2,2'-(dodecylimino)bis-, with Attachments and dated 08/07/1998. (Sanitized). 1998
Initial Submission: Letter from Arizona Chem Co to USEPA Reporting Results of 3 Acute Oral Toxicity Studies and 24 Ecotoxicity Studies on Var Products, w/attachments & Dated 04/14/2000. 2000
Initial Submission: Letter from Arizona Chem Co to USEPA Summarizing Results of 2 Ecotoxicity Studies with Rosin Salt, Dated 04/26/2000. 2000
Initial Submission: Letter from Attys of Arizona Chem Co. to USEPA Regarding 17 Health and Ecotoxicity Studies of Various Chemicals, with Attachments and Dated 11/02/1999 (Sanitized). 1999
Initial Submission: Letter from BASF Corp to USEPA Reporting Sublethal Effects on the Rainbow Trout in a Flow-Through System w/Fastusol C Yellow PR 8511 L, Dated 8/6/1999. 1999
Initial Submission: Letter from BASF Corp. to USEPA Reporting Preliminary Results of Aquatic Toxicity Study with Cetomacrogol 1200 in Zebra Fish, dated 05/28/1998. 1998
Initial Submission: Letter from BF Goodrich to USEPA with Unaudited Draft Reports of Environmental Effects & Fate Studies of Bicyclo(2.2.2)Hept-2-Ene, 5-Butyl-, w/Attachments & Dated 12/29/1999. 1999
Initial Submission: Letter from Cytec Industries Inc. to USEPA Reporting Prelim Results of Acute Aquatic Toxicity Studies of a Comm Cationic Terpolymer Disperson, Dated 4/20/1999. 1999
Initial Submission: Letter from Dupont Chemical to USEPA re: Summaries of Aquatic Toxicity Studies with Vanadium Hydroxide Oxide dated 03/27/1996. 1996
Initial Submission: Letter from Eastman Kodak Company to USEPA regarding Toxicity Studies of 5-Methyl-2-Hexanone and Other Chemicals with Attachments and Cover Letter dated 09/28/1992. 1992
Initial Submission: Letter from Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. to USEPA regarding Aquatic Toxicity Studies of a Rubber Antioxidant, 1,4-I-Benzenediamine,N,N'-Mixed pH and Tolyl Derivs with Attachments and dated 06/19/1996. 1996
Initial Submission: Letter from NA Industries, Inc. to USEPA regarding Acute Aquatic Toxicity Tests of N-phenyl maleimide with Attachments and Cover Letter dated 07/02/1993. 1993
Initial Submission: Letter from Union Carbide Corp. to USEPA regarding Acute Toxicity Studies of Alpha-Naphthol with Cover Letter dated 09/02/1992. 1992
Initial Submission: Ltr Fr CIBA Specialty Chems USA to USEPA Re (4) Aquatic Toxicity Studies of Percol Lt 31, Percol Lt 35, Antifoam H2 & Alcomer 280L, 2/Attchmts & Dated 12/23/1998. 1998
Initial Submission: Orasol Orange G: 96-Hour Acute Toxicity Study (LC50) in the Carp (Static) with Cover Letter Dated 03/02/1995. 1995
Initial Submission: Static Acute Toxicity of TCC in Channel Catfish with Cover Letter dated 08/14/1992. 1992
Initial Submission: Summary of Ecological Fate/Effects Data on Union Carbide Chemicals & Plastics Co. (UCC&P) Materials with Cover Letter Dated 09/21/1992. 1992
Inland fisheries management. 1966
Inland fishes of California / 2002
Inland fishes of Massachusetts 2002
Inland fishes of Washington 2003
Interaction of effects by environmental factors on primary productivity in ponds and microecosystems. 1964
Interim protocol for measuring microbial transformation rate constants for suspended bacterial populations in aquatic systems / 1988
Interim Protocol for Measuring Microbial Transformation Rate Constants for Suspended Bacterial Populations in Aquatic Systems. 1988
Interim report: Upper Klamath Lake studies, Oregon, 1967
Internationale Revue der gesamten Hydrobiologie. 1959
Introduction to freshwater vegetation 1984
Inventory of fish species within Dyke Marsh, Potomac River, (2001-2004) : final report / 2004
Inventory of selected freshwater-ecology studies from the New England Coastal Basins (Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island), 1937-97 1999
Invertebrates in freshwater wetlands of North America : ecology and management / 1999
Investigation and monetary values of fish and freshwater mollusk kills / 2018
Investigation and monetary values of fish and freshwater mussel kills 2003
Investigations of freshwater surface microlayers 1974
Investigations of the role of physical-transport processe in determing ichthyoplankton distribution in the Potomac River 1975
Isolation of Dissolved Organic Matter from the Suwannee River Using Reverse Osmosis. 1994
Jordan River study, Utah, June-August 1972. 1973
Journal of freshwater ecology. 1981
Journal of the North American Benthological Society. 1986
Key to identifying freshwater invertebrates : through observable features. 2003
Key to the British freshwater Cladocera with notes on their ecology 1966
Keys to water quality indicative organisms (southeastern United States) / 1968
Keys to water quality indicative organisms of the southeastern United States / 1975
Laboratory procedure for estimating residue dynamics of xenobiotic contaminants in a freshwater food chain 1980
Laboratory studies of periphyton production and community metabolism in lotic environments / 1964
Lake Huron bibliography, with limited summaries / 1981
Lake Huron crustacean and rotifer zooplankton, 1980 : factors affecting community structure with an evaluation of water quality status / 1983
Lake Michigan : an ecosystem approach for remediation of critical pollutants and management of fish communities : report of a round table sponsored in 1990 by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, the Science Advisory Board of the International Joint Commission, and the Lake Michigan Federation / 1991
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