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Scientific basis for the development of the international toxicity equivalency factor (I-TEF) method of risk assessment for complex mixtures of dioxins and related compounds / 1988
Scoping Assessment of the Environmental Health Risk Associated with Accidents in the LWR Supporting Fuel Cycle. 1975
Screening methods for toxic substances / 1978
Seattle Distribution System Corrosion Control Study. Volume 2. Tolt River Water Pilot Plant Study. 1984
Seattle Distribution System Corrosion Control Study. Volume I: Cedar River Water Pilot Plant Study. 1982
Selected approaches to risk assessment for multiple chemical exposures : progress report on guideline development at ECAO-Cincinnati / 1984
Selected Topics: Transuranium Elements in the General Environment. 1978
Selected toxicological studies of dimilin in weanling male rats / 1980
Selenium removal using the conventional coagulation or lime-soda ash softening process / 1985
Seminar publication : seminar on technologies for remediating sites contaminated with explosive and radioactive wastes / 1990
Sensitive Biochemical and Behavioral Indicators of Tract Substance Exposure - Part II, Platinum. 1981
Sensitivity of Vertebrate Embryos to Heavy Metals as a Criterion of Water Quality-Phase I. 1973
Serum Organochlorine Residues in Florida Citrus Workers Compared to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Sample. 1985
Short-term human respiratory effects of nitrogen dioxide: determination of quantitative dose-response profiles. Phase I, Exposure of asthmatic volunteers to 4 PPM NO2; final report. 1983
Short-Term Toxicity (1 and 10 Days) of Cadmium Chloride in Male and Female Rats: Gavage and Drinking Water. 1989
Short-Term Toxicity of Five Oil s to Four Freshwater Species. 1982
Silicone A-187 Seven-Day Rabbit Skin Inunction during Seventeen Calendar Days with Cover Letter. 1975
Silvicultural chemicals and protection of water quality / 1977
Similarity Between Man and Laboratory Animals in Regional Pulmonary Deposition of Ozone. 1977
Single Dose and Subacute Toxicity of Stabilizer D-22. Prepared by Mellon Institute of Industrial Research, University of Pittsburgh with Cover Letter. 1983
Smallpox vaccine administration / 2002
Some Effects of Chronic Tritium Exposure during Selected Ages in the Rat. 1976
Some Implications of Toxicology and Pharmacokinetics for Exposure Assessment. 1992
Some Research Needs to Support Mutagenic Risk Assessments from Whole Mammal Studies. 1982
Sources and magnitude of occupational and public exposures from nuclear medicine procedures / recommendations of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements. 1996
Special review of certain pesticide products : alachlor : position document 1 / 1985
Species and Strain Comparison of Acute Neurotoxic Effects of Trimethyltin in Mice and Rats. 1983
Standard test fish development : part I, fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) and goldfish (Carassius auratus) as standard fish in bioassays and their reaction to potential reference toxicants / 1976
State of the Olfactory Function in Zinc Production Workers (O Sostoyanii Obonyatelnoi Funktsii u Rabochikh Tsinkovogo Proizvodstvo). 1971
Statistical Relationships between Exposure and Dose. 1984
Status report on the development of draft MCLGs for disinfectants and by-products. 1992
Sterilizing, Carcinogenic and Teratogenic Effects of Metepa in Rats. 1966
Stolen Pesticides. 1969
Storage and Excretion of DDT in Starved Rats. 1961
Strategy for environmental health research at EPA / 1990
Strategy for environmental health research at EPA / 1990
Structure-Activity Relationship Studies on the Toxicities of Benzene Derivatives: 1. An Additivity Model. 1984
Structure-Toxicity Relationships for the Fathead Minnow, 'Pimephales promelas': Narcotic Industrial Chemicals. 1983
Strychnine : position document 2/3 / 1980
Studies of Echovirus-12 in Volunteers: Determination of Minimal Infectious Dose and the Effect of Previous Infection on Infectious Dose. 1984
Studies of ingestion dose pathways from the nuclear fuel services fuel reprocessing plant / 1974
Studies on the Disposition and Metabolism of Pentachloroanisole in Female Mice. 1980
Studies on the Percutaneous Absorption of Parathion and Paraoxon. V. Rate of Absorption of Paraoxon. 1961
Studies on the Toxicity of O,O-Dimethyl-2,2-Dichlorovinyl Phosphate (DDVP). 1956
Study of Head and Neck Exposure from Polytomography. 1970
Study of Radon-222 Released from Water During Typical Household Activities. 1979
Study of the chemical and behavioral toxicology of substitute chemicals in microtine rodents / 1978
Study of the chemical and behavioral toxicology of substitute chemicals in microtine rodents / 1978
Study of the ecology of pesticides / 1974
Subacute Intubation Study on Rats with the Compound 2,3,7,8-Tetrachloridioxin. 1974
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