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One-Generation Reproduction Study with Dioxolane in Drinking Water in Albino Rats Results of the F0 Generation with Cover Letter. 1983
Oral and Dermal Toxicity of Hexachlorophene in Rats. 1971
Oral Toxicity of Carbon Tetrachloride: Acute, Subacute, and Subchronic Studies in Rats. 1986
Oral Toxicity of Mirex in Adult and Suckling Rats, With Notes on the Ultrastructure of Liver Changes. 1970
Oral Toxicity of Mirex in Adult and Suckling Rats, with Notes on the Ultrastructure of Liver Changes. 1970
Oral Toxicity of Mirex in Adult and Suckling Rats. 1969
Organ doses in diagnostic radiology. 1976
Organophosphate Pesticides: The Residue Intoxication Problem. 1974
Overview of the Acute and Chronic Effects of First and Second Generation Pesticides on an Estuarine Mysid. 1981
Overview of the health effects of selected munitions chemicals 1993
Overview of the health effects of selected munitions chemicals {Microfiche} 1993
Oxides of Nitrogen in the Atmosphere: Origin, Fate and Public Health Implications. 1977
Ozone disinfection and color removal in wastewater / 1986
Ozone dosimetry predictions for humans and rats. {microfiche} 1991
Ozone Effects on Agricultural Crops: Statistical Methodologies and Estimated Dose-Response Relationships. 1990
Paralytic and Related Effects of Certain Organic Phosphorus Compounds. 1955
Pathologic Changes in the Liver of Rats after Feeding Low Levels of Various Insecticides. 1957
Pathophysiological and disease constraints on aerosol delivery / 1989
PCB Metabolism in Rats Following Prolonged Exposure to Aroclor 1242 and Aroclor 1016. 1976
Penetration of the Blood-Brain-Cerebral Spinal Fluid Barrier by DDT. 1971
Perinatal Toxicity of Endrin in Rodents. II. Fetotoxic Effects of Prenatal Exposure in Rats and Mice. 1981
Permissible dose from external sources of ionizing radiation; recommendations of the National Committee on Radiation Protection. 1954
Perthane 3(c)(2)(B) Letter. 1980
Pesticide assessment guidelines : subdivision F : hazard evaluation : human and domestic animals : addendum 8 on data reporting 1989
Pesticide Assessment Guidelines, Subdivision E, Addendum 1, Hazard Evaluation: Wildlife and Aquatic Organisms. Series 71-2, Acute Dietary LC50 Test for Waterfowl and Upland Game Birds. Series 71-1, Acute Oral LD50 Test for Waterfowl or Upland Game Birds. Series 71-4, Avian Reproduction Test for Waterfowl and Upland Game Birds. 1986
Pesticide Assessment Guidelines, Subdivision F, Revised Policy for Acute Toxicity Testing. 1988
Pesticide Label File Update. 1982
Pesticide Label File Update. 1980
Pesticide Label File Update. 1983
Pesticide Residues in Foods in Relation to Human Health. 1963
Pesticide Resistance: Strategies and Tactics for Management. 1986
Pesticides Formulation: Relation to Safety in Use. 1953
Pesticides: Their Impact on the Estuarine Environment. 1979
Pharmaceutical compounding: proposed legislative solution : hearing of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, United States Senate, One Hundred Thirteenth Congress, first session on examining pharmaceutical compounding, focusing on a proposed legislative solution. May 9, 2013. 2016
Pharmaceutical inhalation aerosol technology 2004
Pharmacokinetically Based Risk Assessment of Workplace Exposure to Benzene. (Journal Version). 1989
Pharmacological Effects of Carbaryl II. Modification of Serotonin Metabolism in the Rat Brain. 1970
Phenyl Glycidyl Ether (1,2-Epoxy-3-Phenoxypropane) Technical Bulletin by Shell Chemical Corp. with Cover Letter. 1983
Physical, chemical, and biological properties of radiocerium relevant to radiation protection guidelines : recommendations of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements. 1978
Physicochemical principles of pharmacy 1982
Physiological and Histopathological Evaluation of Dithiocarbamate Toxicity to the Grass Shrimp, 'Palaemonetes Pugio'. 1983
Pilot Teratology Study in Rats with tetrabromobisphenol A with a Cover Letter dated 04/17/78. 1978
Placental Transfer and Fetal Deposition of Hexachlorobenzene in the Hamster and Guinea Pig. 1985
Plutonium Air Inhalation Dose (PAID): A Code for Calculating Organ Doses Due to the Inhalation and Ingestion of Radioactive Aerosols. 1977
Plutonium uptake by plants grown in solution culture / 1978
POEM: Pesticide Orchard Ecosystem Model. 1983
Poisoning by DDT: Relation between Clinical Signs and Concentration in Rat Brain. 1963
Poisoning by Organic Phosphorus Pesticides Potentiated by Phenothiazine Derivatives. 1962
Pollutant Exposure Control System for Determination of the Effects of Exposure Regimes on Plant Growth. 1984
Polychlorinated Biphenyls as Inducers of Hepatic Microsomal Enzymes: Structure-Activity Rules. 1980
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