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Proceedings of the Workshop on Extended Product Responsibility, October 21-22, 1996, the White House Conference Center, Washington, DC 1997
Process technology background for environmental assessment/systems analysis utilizing residual fuel oil / 1977
Production of arthropod pests and vectors in coal strip mine ponds / 1981
Public health pest control / 1976
Reactions and processes 1980
Reactor safety study (WASH-1400) : a review of the draft report / 1975
Relation of Survival to Other Endpoints in Chronic Toxicity Tests with Fish. 1986
Relationships between Temperature Units and Sensitivity to Handling for Coho Salmon and Rainbow Trout Embryos. 1989
Report on the invertebrate megafauna sampled by trawling in the Atlantic 3800 meter low-level radioactive waste disposal site / 1983
Reproductive and Developmental Responses in the Self-Fertilizing Fish, 'Rivulus marmoratus', Induced by the Plasticizer, Di-n-butylphthalate. 1988
Reproductive Ecology of the Inland Silverside, 'Menidia beryllina', (Pisces: Atherinidae) from Blackwater Bay, Florida. 1992
Resistance Patterns to Salinity and Temperature in an Estuarine Mysid ('Mysidopsis bahia') in Relation to Its Life Cycle. 1994
Responses of Early Life History Stages of the Striped Bass, 'Morone saxatilis' to Chlorination. 1977
Responses of zooplankton and 'Chaoborus' to temephos in a natural pond and in the laboratory / 1988
Results of the drilling fluids research program sponsored by the Gulf Breeze Environmental Research Laboratory, 1976-1984, and their application to hazard assessment / 1984
Review of Freshwater Bioassay Procedures for Selected Amphipods. 1980
Risks of Toxic Contaminants to Exploited Fish Populations: Influence of Life History, Data Uncertainty and Exploitation Intensity. 1990
Role of a Newly Discovered Toxic Dinoflagellate in Finfish and Shellfish Kills in the Neuse and Pamlico Estuaries. 1993
Schistosomiasis in rural Egypt : a report of U.S.-Egyptian River Nile and Lake Nasser research project / 1978
Scoping Assessment of the Environmental Health Risk Associated with Accidents in the LWR Supporting Fuel Cycle. 1975
Selected life history attributes of some North American endemic and introduced species of fishes / 1986
Seven-Day Life-Cycle Cladoceran Toxicity Test. 1984
Significant actinide activities in the LWR and LMFBR nuclear fuel cycles / 1974
Significant actinide and daughter activities from the HTGR fuel cycle / 1975
Simple Test for Toxicity of Number 2 Fuel Oil and Oil Dispersants to Embryos of Grass Shrimp, 'Palaemonetes pugio'. 1993
Simplified Cycle Simulation Model for the Performance Rating of Refrigerants and Refrigerant Mixtures. 1990
Soil Biology and Ecology. 1993
Soil ecology / 1994
Spawning Success of the Black Crappie, 'Pomoxis nigromaculatus', at Reduced Dissolved Oxygen Concentration. 1977
Spawning, egg development, and early life history dynamics of arrowtooth flounder (Atheresthes stomias) in the Gulf of Alaska / 2007
Stable isotopes and biosphere-atmosphere interactions : processes and biological controls / 2005
Stable Sulfur Isotopes of Sulfate in Precipitation and Stream Solutions in a Northern Hardwood Watershed. 1992
Static coal storage : biological effects on the aquatic environment / 1980
Streamlined Environmental Lifecycle Assessment: An Approach for Evaluating the Environmental Performance of Building Materials. 2000
Study of low emission vehicle power plants using gaseous working fluids 1972
Sublethal effects of toxaphene on daphnids, scuds, and midges / 1980
Suitability of Sheepshead Minnows ('Cyprinodon variegatus') for Life-Cycle Toxicity Tests. 1977
Survey of the benthic invertebrates collected from the United States 2800 meter radioactive waste disposal site in the Atlantic Ocean (final report) {MICROFICHE} 1983
Survival and Reproduction of 'Gammarus lacustris and G. pseudolimnaeus' Under Two Experimental Conditions. 1978
Symposium proceedings : Environmental Aspects of Fuel Conversion Technology, II, December 1975, Hollywood, Florida / 1976
Synthesis of Basic Life Histories of Tampa Bay Species. 1992
Taxonomy and ecology of Stenonema mayflies (Heptageniidae:Ephemeroptera) / 1974
Temperature criteria for freshwater fish : protocol and procedures / 1977
Temperature Requirements of Some Percids and Adaptations to the Seasonal Temperature Cycle. 1977
The Aquatic environment: microbial transformations and water management implications; 1974
The bluegill : its life history, ecology and management / 1966
The bluegill : its life history, ecology and management / 1960
The evolution of life histories / 1992
The Mosaic-cycle concept of ecosystems / 1991
The Natural environment and the biogeochemical cycles / 1980
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