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Heterotrophic plate count bacteria in potable water : monitoring methods and application / 1989
Improved Flowing Water Apparatus for the Culture of Brachyuran Crab Larvae. 1975
In vitro Augmentation of Natural Killer Cell Activity by Manganese Chloride. 1986
Inactivation of Gerbil-Cultured 'Giardia lamblia' Cysts by Free Chlorine. 1989
Influence of a Hexachlorobiphenyl in Great Lakes Phytoplankton in Continuous Culture (Journal Version). 1982
Influence of Two Culturing Techniques on Toxicity of Four Chemicals in 'Arabidopsis' (Journal Version). 1987
Initial-Phase Optimization for Bioremediation of Munition Compound-Contaminated Soils. 1993
Introduction to research with continuous cultures 1970
Investigation of the Chemical Identity of Soluble Organophosphorus Compounds Found in Natural Waters. 1974
Isolation and Long-Term Culture of Rat, Rabbit, and Human Nasal Turbinate Epithelial Cells. 1986
Larval Development of the Spider Crab, 'Libinia emerginata' (Majidae). 1977
Letter from Gulf Oil Company to USEPA Regarding Information on the Mutation Assay and In Vitro Cell Transformation Testing Conducted at EG&G Mason Laboratories. 1981
Long-Term Survival and Plasmid Maintenance of 'Escherichia coli' in Marine Microcosms. 1993
Lowering pH Increases Embryonic Sensitivity to Formate in Whole Embryo Culture. 1993
Lymphocyte Chromosome Analysis of Agricultural Workers during Extensive Occupational Exposure to Pesticides. 1973
Marine Algal Bioassay Method: Results with Pesticides and Industrial Wastes. 1979
Metabolism and DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) Binding of Benzo(a)pyrene in Cultured Human Bladder and Bronchus. 1982
Metabolism of Chlorinated Methanes, Ethanes, and Ethylenes by a Mixed Bacterial Culture Growing on Methane. 1989
Microbial degradation and accumulation of pesticides in aquatic systems / 1975
Microbial Indicators for the Biological Quality of Treated Wastewater Effluents. 1971
Microbiological decontamination of pentachlorophenol-contaminated natural waters / 1984
Miniaturized microbiological methods 1968
Modified Agar Medium for Detecting Environmental Salmonellae by the Most-Probable-Number Method. 1984
Mutagenesis and Morphological Transformation of Mammalian Cells by a Non-Bay-Region Polycyclic Cyclopenta(cd)pyrene and Its 3,4-Oxide1. 1980
Mutagenic Screening of Marker Grenade Dyes by the 'Salmonella' Reversion Assay, L5178Y/TK(+)/(-)Mouse Lymphoma Assay, and In vivo Sister Chromatid Exchange Analysis in Mice (Journal Version). 1988
Mysid (Mysidopsis bahia) survival, growth, and fecundity test : supplemental report / 1990
New Medium for Improved Recovery of Coliform Bacteria from Drinking Water. 1983
Nitrogen dioxide and respiratory infection : pilot investigations / 1989
Nonselective Biochemical Methods for the Determination of Fungal Mass and Community Structure in Estuarine Detrital Microflora. 1979
Norepinephrine and Epidermal Growth Factor: Dynamics of Their Interaction in the Stimulation of Hepatocyte DNA Synthesis. 1985
Optimizing salinity control strategies for the upper Colorado River Basin / 1982
Pathogenic Naegleria : distribution in nature / 1979
Pathogenic Naegleria : distribution in nature / 1979
Phenylacetic Acid Metabolism by Three Aquatic Bacteria Isolated from Continuous Culture Enrichments. 1979
Polychlorobiphenyl (PCB) Metabolism by Plant Cells (Journal Version). 1987
Proline is Required for the Stimulation of DNA Synthesis in Hepatocyte Cultures by EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor). 1985
Rates of Transformation of Methyl Parathion and Diethyl Phthalate by Aufwuchs Microorganisms. 1981
Root-Mycocosm for Growing Ectomycorrhizal Hyphae Apart from Host Roots while Maintaining Symbiotic Integrity (Journal Version). 1988
Scanning Electron Microscope Study of Developing Hamster Tracheal Epithelium in Organ Culture. 1979
Short-Term In vitro Screening Studies Related to the Inhalation Toxicology of Potentially Toxic Aerosols. 1987
Simultaneous Quantitation of Salmonella Species and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. I. Polluted Waters. II. Persistence of Pathogens in Sludge Treated Soils. III. Analysis of Waste Treatment Sludges for Salmonella Species a s a Surveillance Tool. 1971
Single-Cell Protein from Waste Cellulose. 1973
Standard operating procedures for conducting acute and chronic aquatic toxicity tests with Eurytemora affinis, a Calanoid copepod / 1998
Studies of Saccharin and Cyclohexylamine in a Coupled Microsomal Activating/Embryo Culture System. 1983
Study of the Eutrophication of the Surface Waters of Pyramid Lake. 1973
Suppression of Viral Replication by Guanidine: A Comparison of Human Adenoviruses and Enteroviruses (Journal Version). 1988
Survival of Enteric Pathogens and Indicator Organisms in Natural Waters. 1973
Taxonomy of Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from pulp/paper mill wastewater / 1975
Teratogenicity of Cyclophosphamide in a Coupled Microsomal Activating/Embryo Culture System. 1981
The effect of mirex and carbofuran on estuarine microorganisms / 1975

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