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Isopod crustacea (exclusive of Epicaridea) 1983
Ivory Coast Ostracoda (suborder Myodocopina) / 1975
Journal of crustacean biology : a quarterly of the Crustacean Society for the publication of research on any aspect of the biology of crustacea. 1981
Karyological Study of the Calanoid Copepod 'Eurytemora affinis'. 1984
Kepone effects on development of Callinectes sapidus and Rhithropanopeus harisii [sic] / 1979
Key to the British freshwater Cladocera with notes on their ecology 1966
Key-catalogue of the crustacea and arachnoids of importance in public health / 1927
Keys to the Hawaiian marine Gammaridea, 0-30 meters / 1971
Keys to the species of Oratosquilla (Crustacea: Stomatopoda) : with descriptions of two new species / 1971
Keys to Water Quality Indicative Organisms. (Southeastern United States). 1968
Krill and its utilization a review / 1983
Laboratory-Determined Concentration Factors and Elimination Rates of Some Anthropogenic Radionuclides in Marine Vertebrates and Invertebrates. 1985
Lake Huron crustacean and rotifer zooplankton, 1980 : factors affecting community structure with an evaluation of water quality status / 1983
Lake Huron Crustacean and Rotifer Zooplankton, 1980: Factors Affecting Community Structure with an Evaluation of Water Quality Status. 1983
Larval growth 1985
Lichomolgid copepods (Cyclopoida) associated with fungiid corals (Scleractinia) in the Moluccas / 1978
Life history and ecology of the entocytherid ostracod Uncinocythere occidentalis (Kozloff and Whitman) in Idaho 1985
Life History and Productivity of the Phoxocephalid Amphipod 'Rhepoxynius abronius' (Barnard). 1985
Life history concepts of motile estuarine dependent species should be re-evaluated 1977
Life stages of four pelagic copepods (Copepoda, calanoida), illustrated by a series of photographs 1982
Littoral brachyuran fauna of the Galapagos archipelago ... 1946
Littoral gammaridean Amphipoda from the Gulf of California and the Galapagos Islands / 1979
Marine Amphipoda of Oregon. 1954
Marine decapod crustaceans of the Carolinas 1965
Marine Ecotoxicological Testing with Crustaceans. 1984
Marine flora and fauna of the Northeastern United States : Crustacea, Cumacea / 1979
Marine flora and fauna of the Northeastern United States : Crustacea, Stomatopoda / 1974
Marine flora and fauna of the northeastern United States Crustacea: Branchiura / 1978
Marine flora and fauna of the northeastern United States, Crustacea : Decapoda / 1974
Marine isopod crustaceans 1969
Marine toxicity identification evaluation (TIE) : phase I guidance document / 1996
Metapolycope, a new genus of bathyal Ostracoda from the Atlantic (suborder, Cladocopina) / 1976
Methods for assessing the toxicity of sediment-associated contaminants with estuarine and marine amphipods / 1994
Methods for assessing the toxicity of sediment-associated contaminants with estuarine and marine amphipods. 1994
Modern approaches to the study of Crustacea / 2002
Modification of the Feeding Behavior of Marine Copepods by Sub-Lethal Concentrations of Water-Accommodated Fuel Oil. 1982
Monograph of the free and semi-parasitic Copepoda of the British Islands 1968
Monticello Experiment: A Case Study. 1984
More planktonic isopod crustaceans from Subantarctic and Antarctic seas / 1978
Morphology and ecology of Chesapeake Bay decapod crustacean larvae / 1972
Morphology and ontogeny of Bathyconchoecia septemspinosa Angel, 1970 (Ostracoda, Halocyprididae) / 1975
Mosquito Control Pesticides: Adverse Impacts to Freshwater Aquatic and Marine Organisms. 1991
Muskegon, Michigan industrial-municipal wastewater storage lagoons : biota and environment / 1977
Myodocopid Ostracoda of the Beaufort Sea, Arctic Ocean / 1988
Nealella : a new genus of myodocopid ostracoda (Sarsiellidae, Dantyinae) / 1980
Nearshore Fish and Macroinvertebrate Assemblages Along the Strait of Juan de Fuca Including Food Habits of Nearshore Fish. 1977
Neural integration and behavior / 1982
New and little-known crayfishes of the virilis section of the genus Orconectes (Decapoda : Cambaridae) from the Southeastern United States / 1980
New and rare stomatopod Crustacea from the Indo-West-Pacific region / 1978
New crayfishes (Decapoda, Cambaridae) from the Southern United States and Mexico / 1975
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