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Synonymy of the fish families Cheilobranchidae (=Alabetidae) and Gobiesocidae : with descriptions of two new species of Alabes / 1976
Synopses of the Indo-West-Pacific species of Lysiosquilla Dana, 1852 : (Crustacea:Stomatopoda:Lysiosquillidae) / 1978
Synopsis and classification of living organisms / 1982
Systematic biology. 1992
Systematic zoology. 1952
Systematics and biogeography of cephalopods / 1998
Systematics of the Microsporidia 1977
Systematics of the Neotropical characiform genus Curimata Bosc (Pisces:Characiformes) / 1989
Systematics of the neotropical characiform genus Curimatella Eigenmann and Eigenmann (Pisces:Ostariophysi), with summary comments on the Curimatidae / 1992
Systematics of the Neotropical characiform genus Cyphocharax Fowler (Pisces:Ostariophysi) / 1992
Systematics of the neotropical characiform genus Psectrogaster Eigenmann and Eigenmann (Pisces:Characiformes) / 1989
Systematics of the Neotropical characiform genus Pseudocurimata Fernandez-Yepez (Pisces:Ostariophysi) 1989
Systematics of the neotropical characiform genus Steindachnerina Fowler (Pisces: Ostariophysi) 1991
Systematics of the North and Central American aquatic snail genus Tryonia (Rissooidea:Hydrobiidae) / 2001
Systematics of the trans-Andean species of Creagrutus (Ostariophysi:Characiformes:Characidae) / 1994
Systems classification and modeling of watersheds and streams / 1983
Tampa's Municipal Solid Waste Management System; A Case Study. 1973
Taxonomic atlas of the benthic fauna of the Santa Maria Basin and Western Santa Barbara Channel. 1993
Taxonomic guide to some common marine phytoplankton 2002
Taxonomic guide to the polychaetes of the northern Gulf of Mexico 1984
Taxonomic Level and Sample Size Sufficient for Assessing Pollution Impacts on the Southern California Bight Macrobenthos. 1990
Taxonomic listing of common marine invertebrate species from southern California 1980
Taxonomic monograph of the Nearctic galerucine genus Ophraella Wilcox (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) 1986
Taxonomic revision and biogeography of the Tamarix-feeding Diorhabda elongata (Brullé, 1832) species group (Coleoptera : Chrysomelidae:Galerucinae:Galerucini) and analysis of their potential in biological control of Tamarisk / 2009
Taxonomy and distribution of the stomioid fish genus Eustomias (Melanostomiidae), I: subgenus Nominostomias / 1983
Taxonomy and ecology; proceedings of an international symposium held at the Dept. of Botany, University of Reading. 1973
Taxonomy of economic seaweeds with reference to some Pacific and Caribbean species 1985
Taxonomy of North American fish eimeriidae 1984
Technical aspects of phase I/II environmental site assessments 1999
Tetragonodon rex, new species, and general reproductive biology of the Myodocopina / 1999
The Atlantic gall crabs, family Cryptochiridae (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura) / 1987
The Biology of Crustacea. Vol.1, Systematics, the fossil record, and biogeography / 1982
The caridean shrimps (Crustacea--Decapoda) of the Albatross Philippine Expedition, 1907-1910 / 1983
The caridean shrimps (Crustacea--Decapoda) of the Albatross Philippine Expedition, 1907-1910 : part 3: families Thalassocarididae and Pandalidae / 1985
The Caridean shrimps (Crustacea--Decapoda) of the Albatross Philippine expedition, 1907-1910. Part 6, Superfamily Palemonoidea / 1993
The Corixidae of the Western Hemisphere (Hemiptera) / 1948
The Development of an aquatic habitat classification system for lakes / 1992
The Distribution of wetland and deepwater habitats in the San Francisco Bay region / 1994
The families and genera of marine gammaridean Amphipoda (except marine gammaroids) / 1991
The flora of Nebraska : keys, descriptions, and distributional maps of all native and introduced species that grow outside cultivation : with observations about their past, present, and future status / 2011
The freshwater algal flora of the British Isles : an identification guide to freshwater and terrestrial algae / 2011
The freshwater fishes of North Carolina / 1991
The Indo-Pacific blenniid fish genus Ecsenius / 1988
The Indo-West Pacific blenniid fish genus Istiblennius reappraised : a revision of Istiblennius, Blenniella, and Paralticus, new genus / 1994
The inventory and classification of streams in the Salt River drainage / 1983
The invertebrates : an illustrated glossary / 1992
The marine mollusks of Easter Island (Isla de Pascua) and Sala y Gómez / 1980
The neotropical fish family Chilodontidae (Teleostei:Characiformes) : a phylogenetic study and a revision of Caenotropus Gèunther / 1995
The neotropical fish family Ctenoluciidae (Teleostei:Ostariophysi:Characiformes) : supra and intrafamilial phylogenetic relationships, with a revisionary study / 1995
The Ostracode family Cypridinidae and the genus Pterocypridina / 1983
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