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Enzyme-Immobilization Procedure for the Analysis of Enzyme-Inhibiting Chemicals in Water. 1980
Evaluation of "CAM-1," : a warning device for organophosphate hazardous material spills / 1977
Evaluation of Normal and Organophosphate and Carbamate Insecticide Inhibited Blood Cholinesterase Activity Utilizing Dimethylbutylacetate as a Substrate. 1972
Exposure of Mosquito Control Workers to Fenthion. 1974
Exposure of Pesticide Formulating Plant Workers to Parathion. 1978
Exposure to Organic Phosphorus Sprays and Occurrence of Selected Symptoms. 1957
Exposure to Parathion, Measurement by Blood Cholinesterase Level and Urinary p-Nitrophenol Excretion. 1961
Fate of 14C-Ring and 14C-Ethyl Labeled Parathion in the Rhesus Monkey. 1971
Fenthion Produces a Persistent Decrease in Muscarinic Receptor Function in the Adult Rat Retina. 1994
Field Studies of Gardona Against Aedes Aegypti in Puerto Rico. 1971
Fish acute toxicity syndromes in the development of mechanism-specific QSARS. {microfiche} 1991
Fish Acute Toxicity Syndromes: Application to the Development of Mechanism-Specific QSARS (Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships). 1988
Fluorescent probes in the detection of insecticides in water / 1973
Fluorescent Probes in the Development of New Analytical Methods for Detection of Water Pollution. 1970
Health effects of organophosphate insecticides : this report ... prepared for the Illinois Institute for Environmental Quality / 1974
Human Subject Experiments to Estimate Reentry Periods for Monocrotophos-Treated Tobacco. 1974
Human variability in susceptibility to anticholinesterase agents 1987
In-vitro methods for evaluating side effects of pesticides and toxic substances / 1976
Initial scientific and minieconomic review of crotoxyphos (ciodrin). 1975
Initial scientific and minieconomic review of crotoxyphos / 1975
Initial Submission: Letter from Rohm and Haas Co. to USEPA re: Preliminary Results in Acute Oral Toxicity Test of Cholinesterase Activity Inhibitors for (Confidential), a Substituted Hydrazine, dated 06/22/1998. (Sanitized). 1998
Insecticide Activity in Man: Urinary Excretion of Paranitrophenol by Volunteers Following Dermal Exposure to Parathion at Different Ambient Temperatures. 1962
Liver Metabolism of Anticholinesterase Compounds in Live Rats: Relation to Toxicity. 1966
Long-Term Neurochemical and Behavioral Effects Induced by Acute Chlorpyrifos Treatment. 1992
Measurement of Blood Cholinesterase Activity in Laboratory Animals Utilizing Dimethylbutyl Acetate as a Substrate. 1973
Measurement of Blood Cholinesterase: A Critical Account of Methods of Estimating Cholinesterase with Reference to Their Usefulness and Limitations Under Different Conditions. 1962
Methods Used in Determination of Cholinesterase Activity. 1991
Muscarinic Cholinergic Receptor Regulation and Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition in Response to Insecticide Exposure during Development. 1994
Neurotoxicity of Parathion-Induced Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition in Neonatal Rats. 1990
Neurotoxicity of Subchronic Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) Inhibition in Rat Hippocampus. 1990
Neurotoxicity of Subchronic Acetylcholinesterase (AChE): Inhibition in Rat Hippocampus. 1990
Occupational and environmental pesticide exposure study in South Florida / 1977
Occupational exposure to pesticides : report to the Federal Working Group on Pest Management / 1975
Occupational Pesticide Exposure and Renal Tubular Dysfunction. 1967
Office of Pesticide Programs Science Policy on the Use of Data on Cholinesterase Inhibition for Risk Assessments of Organophosphorous and Carbamate Pesticides. 2000
Organic Phosphorus Poisoning and Its Therapy, with Special Reference to Modes of Action and Compounds that Reactivate Inhibited Cholinesterase. 1961
Organophosphates : chemistry, fate, and effects / 1992
Organophosphorus poisons : anticholinesterases and related compounds / 1961
Paraoxon Toxicity Is Not Potentiated by Prior Reduction in Blood Acetylcholinesterase. 1992
Parathion Toxicity in Perinatal Rats Born to Spontaneously Hypertensive Dams. 1978
Parathion Toxicity in Perinatal Rats Exposed in Utero. 1979
Pesticide fact sheet : ethion. 1989
Pesticide Residue Analysis in Water (103.1) Training Manual. 1974
Potentiation of Phosphorus Insecticides by Phenothiazine Derivatives: Possible Hazard, with Report of a Fatal Case. 1962
Principles of environmental medicine lecture notes VIII : selected exposures - cholinesterase-inhibiting pesticide / 2003
Public Health Hazards Involved in the Use of Organic Phosphorus Insecticides in Cotton Culture in the Delta Area of Mississippi. 1958
Quality Control in the Measurement of Blood Cholinesterase Activities Among Persons Exposed to Pesticides. 1973
Rapid detection system for organophosphates and carbamate insecticides in water / 1972
Rapid Detection System for Organophosphates and Carbamate Insecticides in Water. 1972
Rate of Formation in vivo of the Unreactivatable Form of Brain Cholinesterase in Chickens Given DDVP or Malathion. 1963

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