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Algal Growth Inhibition Test SPL Project Number 2337/0007. 2008
Benomyl : position document 2/3. 1979
Benomyl/Thiophanate-Methyl Position Document 4. 1982
Carbaryl, Propham and Chlorpropham: A Comparison of the Rates of Hydrolysis and Photolysis with the Rate of Biolysis. 1978
Carbaryl: Decision Document. 1980
Carbofuran : position document 1. {Microfiche} / 1985
Carbofuran: Technical Support Document. Special Review. 1989
Carbofuran: {microform} position document 2/3. Notice of preliminary determination. 1989
Carcinogenic Effects of Acrylamide in Sencar and A/J Mice. 1984
Chemical and photochemical transformation of selected pesticides in aquatic systems / 1976
Cometabolism of Low Concentrations of Propachlor, Alachlor, and Cycloate in Sewage and Lake Water. 1985
Comparative Genotoxicity Studies of Ethyl Carbamate and Related Chemicals: Further Support for Vinyl Carbamate as a Proximate Carcinogenic Metabolite. 1982
Comparative Toxicological Assessment of Dithiocarbamates (Sravnitelnaya Toksikologicheskaya Otsenka Ditiokarbamatov). 1972
Determination of Tract Quantities of Anticholinesterase Pesticides. 1973
Development of management guidelines to prevent pollution by irrigation return flow from rice fields / 1978
Diallate : position document 4. 1982
Diallate: Position Document 1. 1977
Diallate: Position Document 2/3. 1980
Dibenzylammonium and Sodium Dibenzyldithiocarbamates as Precipitants for Preconcentration of Trace Elements in Water for Analysis by Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence. 1981
Drinking Water Criteria Document for Carbofuran (Final Draft), April 1987. 1987
Drinking Water Criteria Document for Carbofuran (Final Draft). 1985
EBDC special review : technical support document 2/3 / 1989
Effect of Benomyl on the Reproductive Development of Male Rats. 1984
Effect of insecticides on benzo(a)pyrene carcinogenesis / 1978
Effects of food processing on residues of two ethylenebisdithiocarbamate (EBDC) fungicides and ethylenethiourea (ETU) / 1977
Effects of Sevin on Development of Experimental Estuarine Communities. 1979
Ethylene Bisdithiocarbamates: Decision Document. Final Resolution of Rebuttable Presumption Against Registration. 1982
Excretion of Pesticides in Saliva and Its Value in Assessing Exposure. 1980
Glutathione and Mercapturic Acid Conjugations in the Metabolism of Naphthalene and 1-Naphthyl N-Methylcarbamate (Carbaryl). 1979
Guidance for the reregistation of pesticide products containing carbofuran (090601) CAS 1563-66-2 as the active ingredient case number 101. 1984
Guidance for the Reregistration of Manufacturing-Use and Certain End-Use Pesticide Products Containing Diallate. 1983
Guidance for the Reregistration of Pesticide Products Containing Benomyl as the Active Ingredient. 1987
Guidance for the reregistration of pesticide products containing carbaryl as the active ingredient 056801. 1984
Guidance for the reregistration of pesticide products containing thiophanate ethyl as the active ingredient. 1985
Histopathological Changes in Grass Shrimp Exposed to Chromium, Pentachlorophenol and Dithiocarbamates. 1984
Initial scientific and minieconomic review of carbofuran. 1976
Liver Metabolism of Anticholinesterase Compounds in Live Rats: Relation to Toxicity. 1966
Manual of analytical quality control for pesticides and related compounds in human and environmental samples : a compendium of systematic procedures designed to assist in the prevention and control of analytical problems / 1979
Pesticide fact sheet number 233 : ethylene bisdithiocarbamates (EBDCs) / 1989
Pesticide fact sheet number 24 : carbofuran / 1984
Pesticide fact sheet number 6 : EPTC / 1983
Pesticide fact sheet number 76 : trimethacarb / 1985
Pesticide fact sheet number 78 : fenoxycarb / 1986
Pesticide fact sheet number 92 : dimethyl (1,2-phenylene)-bis, (iminocarbono thioyl) bis (carbamate) / 1986
Physiological and Histopathological Evaluation of Dithiocarbamate Toxicity to the Grass Shrimp, 'Palaemonetes Pugio'. 1983
Polyurethane foam as trapping agent for airborne pesticides : analytical method development / 1980
Procedures for Trace Analysis of Dissolved Inorganic and Organic Constituents in Water. 1971
Quality assurance project plan for the National Pesticide Survey of Drinking Water Wells : analytical method 5 : methyl carbamates / 1992
Quality assurance project plan for the National Pesticide Survey of Drinking Water Wells : referee analyses for analytical method 2--organochlorine pesticides, analytical method 4--carbamates, method 5--methylcarbamates, method 7--fumigants, and method 9--nitrate/nitrite / 1992
Rapid Biochemical Technique for Phytotoxicity Modes-of-Action of Herbicides. Part II. 1978
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