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Aldrich chemistry 2012-2014 : handbook of fine chemicals. 2011
Aldrich chemistry : handbook of fine chemicals. 2010
Aldrich handbook of fine chemicals and laboratory equipment. 2002
Aldrich structure index. 1992
Algal acute toxicity test 1982
Algal acute toxicity test / 1982
All-in-one ... catalog 0
Allergic responses and hypersensitivities induced by chemicals proceedings of a joint WHO/CEC workshop, Frankfurt am Main, 12-15 October 1982. 1983
Alpha-cypermethrin 1992
Altered harvest : agriculture, genetics, and the fate of the world's food supply 1985
Alternative Disinfection Processes. 1984
AMA guide to safe farming and gardening 1977
Ambient Toxicity to Assess Biological Impact. 1987
Amendment to the 8ehq-08-17117 Submission Dated March 28, 2008 to Reflect that Innospec Active Chemicals was a Joint Party to the Submission. The Information was Inadvertently Omitted with the Original Submission Dated March 28, 2008. 2009
American chemical industry. 1945
American national standard guidelines for handling and disposal of capacitor- and transformer-grade askarels containing polychlorinated biphenyls : approved January 9, 1974, American National Standards Institute, Inc. / 1974
American national standard/NSF International Standard for drinking water additives : drinking water system components-- health effects / 2000
Amination processes pollutant discharges identification / 1979
Ammonia health and safety guide 1990
An analysis of the EPA chemical use classification system and the OTS exposure estimation methodogy / 1979
An approach to assessing exposure to and risk of environmental pollutants / 1983
An assessment of the PCB and dioxin background in Washington freshwater fish, with recommendations for prioritizing 303(d) listings / 2010
An economic analysis of the environmental impact of highway deicing / 1976
An evaluation of the potential for use of existing exposure software (or software currently under development) in a tiered approach to the assessment of exposures and risks to children / 2001
An interdisciplinary assessment of regional-scale nonpoint source ground-water vulnerability : theory and application / 2001
An SAB report : review of the Sector Facility Indexing Project (SFIP) / 1997
Anaerobic treatment of synthetic organic wastes / 1972
Anaerobic treatment of synthetic organic wastes / 1972
Analyses of laboratory and field studies of reproductive toxicity in birds exposed to dioxin-like compounds for use in ecological risk assessment. 2003
Analysis of compliance with the supplier notification requirements under section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) : final report / 1992
Analysis of industry comments on EPA's implementation of section 4 of TSCA 1982
Analysis of optional methods of focusing issues on chemical testing 1982
Analysis of solid waste : performance data for SW-846 methods 8270, 8081, and 8141 / 1990
Analysis of the designation of chemical substances for government regulations 1981
Analysis of the National Academy of Sciences' report decision-making for regulating chemicals in the environment / 1976
Analysis of vermiculite substitutes 1979
Analysis of well production from unconfined aquifers contaminated by saline water / 1968
Anilines 1982
Annual report, administration of the Toxic substances control act. 1977
Annual toxic chemical report : a summary of information contained in the toxic chemical report forms for calender {sic} year ... 1987
ANSI/National Sanitation Foundation standard 42-1988 for drinking water treatment units-- aesthetic effects 1988
ANSI/National Sanitation Foundation standard 53-1990 for drinking water treatment units -- health effects 1990
Anticipating technological change : combinatorial chemistry and the environment / 2001
AOP description : androgen receptor agonism leading to reproductive dysfunction (in fish). 2013
AOP description : aromatase inhibition leading to reproductive dysfunction (in fish). 2013
AOP description : ER antagonism leading to reproductive dysfunction (in fish). 2013
Appendix to Bioaccumulation testing and interpretation for the purpose of sediment quality assessment : status and needs, chemical-specific summary tables / 2000
Appendix to the Statement of basis and purpose for synthetic organic chemicals. 1978
Application of pollution prevention techniques to reduce indoor air emissions from aerosol consumer products 2001
Application of Pollution Prevention Techniques to Reduce Indoor Air Emissions from Aerosol Consumer Products Project Summary 2001
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