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Limited PCB Antagonism of TCDD-Induced Malformations in Mice. 1992
Littoral Enclosures for Aquatic Field Testing of Pesticides. The Effects of Chlorpyrifos on a Natural System. 1989
Liver Metabolism of Anticholinesterase Compounds in Live Rats: Relation to Toxicity. 1966
Long-Term Effects of Triethylenemelamine Exposure on Mouse Testis Cells and Sperm Chromatin Structure Assayed by Flow Cytometry. 1989
Lotus 1-2-3-Based System for Recording and Maintaining Body Weight of Laboratory Animals. 1992
Mathematical deductions from empirical relations between metabolism, surface area, and weight 1954
Metabolically derived human ventilation rates : a revised approach based upon oxygen consumption rates / 2009
Method for Hand Rearing of Saimiri Sciureus. 1971
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Toxicity Data Sheet prepared by Shell Chemical Corp. with Cover Letter. 1983
Morphological Changes in Livers of Rats Fed Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Light Microscopy and Ultrastructure. 1972
Morphometric Analysis of Osteosclerotic Bone Resulting from Hexachlorobenzene Exposure. 1990
Morphometric Study of Nasal-Pharyngeal Growth for Particle Deposition in the Rat. 1987
MTBE: Repeated (13-Week) Vapor Inhalation Study in Rats with Neurotoxicity Evaluation and MTBE: Single Exposure Vapor Inhalation Neurotoxicity Study in Rats with Attachments and Letter. 1989
Neural Factors in the Development of Renal Function: Effect of Neonatal Central Catecholaminergic Lesions with 6-Hydroxydopamine. 1991
Ninety Day Dietary Toxicity Study in Rats. 1984
Ninety Day Inhalation Toxicity Study of Hydrogen Chloride Gas in B6C3F1 Mice, Sprague-Dawley Rats and Fisher-344 Rats with Cover Letter dated 05/06/85 and EPA Receipt Letter. 1985
Ninety-Day Study of Terephthalic Acid-Induced Urolithiasis and Reproductive Performance in Wistar and CD Rats. 1982
Ninety-Day Toxicity Study of Chloral Hydrate in the Sprague-Dawley Rat. 1992
Ninety-Day Toxicity Study of Sodium Monochloroacetate in Sprague-Dawley Rats. 1991
Nitrite Induced Iron Deficiency in the Neonatal Rat. 1988
NTP Technical Report on Toxicity Studies of a Chemical Mixture of 25 Groundwater Contaminants Administered in Drinking Water to F344/N Rats and B6C3F1 Mice. 1993
NTP Technical Report on Toxicity Studies of Cupric Sulfate (CAS No. 7758-99-8) Administered in Drinking Water and Feed to F344/N Rats and B6C3F1 Mice. 1993
NTP Technical Report on Toxicity Studies of Pesticide/Fertilizer Mixtures Administered in Drinking Water to F344/N Rats and B6C3F1 Mice. 1993
One-Generation Reproduction Study with Dioxolane in Drinking Water in Albino Rats Results of the F0 Generation with Cover Letter. 1983
Parental and Fetal Reproduction Inhalation Toxicity Study in Rats with Mixed Xylenes. Volume I of II. 1983
Pathologic Changes in the Liver of Rats after Feeding Low Levels of Various Insecticides. 1957
Perinatal Study of Toluene in CD-1 Mice. 1986
Pesticide fact sheet number 202 : flurprimidol / 1989
Phenyl Glycidyl Ether (1,2-Epoxy-3-Phenoxypropane) Technical Bulletin by Shell Chemical Corp. with Cover Letter. 1983
Physiologically Based Toxicokinetic Model for the Uptake and Disposition of Waterborne Organic Chemicals in Fish. 1990
Pilot Teratology Study in Rats with tetrabromobisphenol A with a Cover Letter dated 04/17/78. 1978
Polychlorinated Biphenyl (Aroclor 1254) Induced Changes in Femur Morphometry Calcium Metabolism and Nephrotoxicity. 1989
Possible Antiestrogenic Activity of Lindane in Female Rats (Journal Version). 1988
Postnatal Evaluation of Prenatal Exposure to p -Xylene in the Rat. 1986
Potentiation of 2,6-Dinitrotoluene Genotoxicity in Fischer-344 Rats by Pretreatment with Aroclor 1254. 1993
Prenatal Effects of Dieldrin and Photodieldrin in Mice and Rats. 1974
Prenatal Effects of Herbicides: Evaluation by the Prenatal Development Index. 1976
Prevalence of 'Giardia' spp. in Beaver and Muskrat Populations in Northeastern States and Minnesota: Detection of Intestinal Trophozoites at Necropsy Provides Greater Sensitivity than Detection of Cysts in Fecal Samples. 1990
Pulmonary cell populations in hamsters maintained under Egyptian laboratory conditions / 1977
Pulmonary Effects Due to Subchronic Exposure to Oil Fog. 1990
Quantification of Toxicological Effects for Dichloromethane. 1990
Rangefinding and Acute Intraperitoneal Toxicity Evaluations of TPPA In Mice. 1989
Recommended Use of Body Weight(3/4) as the Default Method in Derivation of the Oral Reference Dose. 2010
Reduced Weight in Mice Offspring After In Utero Exposure to 2450-MHz (CW) Microwaves. 1981
Regulation of Postnatal beta-Adrenergic Receptor/Adenylate Cyclase Development by Prenatal Agonist Stimulation and Steroids: Alterations in Rat Kidney and Lung after Exposure to Terbutaline or Dexamethasone. 1990
Repeated Maternal Separation in the Neonatal Rat: Cellular Mechanisms Contributing to Brain Growth Sparing. 1992
Report of an Animal Experiment to Analyze Silica Gel Dust by Intratracheal and in Traperitoneal Injections in a Rat with Cover Letter dated 07/24/80. 1980
Reproductive and Thyroid Effects of Low-Level Polychlorinated Biphenyl (Aroclor 1254) Exposure. 1993
Review of Recent Evidence of Toxic Effects of Hexachlorophene. 1972
Selective Immunotoxic Effects in Mice Treated with the Adenosine Deaminase Inhibitor 2-Deoxycoformycin (Journal Version). 1987
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