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Cadmium Sulfate Application to Sludge-Amended Soils. 1. Effect on Yield and Cadmium Availability to Plants. 1987
Cadmium Toxicity to Three Species of Estuarine Invertebrates. 1981
Cadmium-Induced Ethylene Production in Bean Plants. 1981
Calculation of zonal and compartmental halflives of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the environment 2004
Captafol : 1988
Captan : special review osition document 2/3. 1985
Captan position document 2/3. 1985
Captan: Position Document 1. 1980
Carbaryl: Decision Document. 1980
Carbofuran : position document 1. {Microfiche} / 1985
Categorization Assessment Report for Pesticide Active Ingredients. 1993
Chapter 18: Workgroup Summary Report on an Uncertainty Evaluation of Measurement Endpoints Used in Sediment Ecological Risk Assessments. 1996
Chemical accumulation in plant tissues from aqueous exposure / 1989
Chemical contaminants in crabs and clams from Eagle Harbor, Washington state, with an emphasis on polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons / 1984
Chemical hazard evaluation for management strategies : a method for ranking and scoring chemicals by potential human health and environmental impacts / 1994
Chemical mixtures : consequences for water quality / 2000
Chesapeake Bay Basinwide Toxics Reduction Strategy Reevaluation Report. Executive Summary. 1994
Chlorinated Compounds Found in Waste-Treatment Effluents and Their Capacity to Bioaccumulate. 1976
Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Pesticides in the Fat of People in New Orleans. 1965
Chlorinated Insecticides in the Body Fat of People in India. 1965
Chlorobenzilate : position document 1. 1976
Chlorobenzilate: Position Document 3. 1978
Chlorobenzilate: Position Document 4. 1979
Chronic Effects of Cadmium and Zinc Mixtures on Flagfish (Jordanella floridae). 1978
Chronic Effects of Inorganic and Organic Mercury on 'Daphnia magna': Toxicity, Accumulation, and Loss. 1982
Chronic Ingestion of Mn3O4 by Rats: Tissue Accumulation and Distribution of Manganese in Two Generations. 1982
Chronic sublethal effects of San Francisco Bay sediments on Nereis (Neanthes) arenaceodentata : bioaccumulation from bedded sediments / 1993
Chronic Toxicity and Bioaccumulation of Mercuric Chloride in the Fathead Minnow ('Pimephales promelas'). 1981
Chronic toxicity of atrazine to selected aquatic invertebrates and fishes / 1976
Chronic toxicity of chlordane, trifluralin, and pentachlorphenol to sheepshead minnows (Cyprinodon variegatus) / 1978
Closed Chambers for Plant Studies of Chemical Uptake, Accumulation and Phytotoxicity (Proceedings). 1989
Coal tar, creosote, and coal tar neutral oil : non-wood preservative uses. 1984
Commentary on bioaccumulation modeling issues. 1995
Community Health Associated with Arsenic in Drinking Water in Millard County, Utah. 1981
Comparative Evaluation of Chemical Ranking and Scoring Methodologies. 1994
Comparative Study of Two Polychlorinated Biphenyl Mixtures (Aroclors 1242 and 1016) Containing 42% Chlorine on Induction of Hepatic Porphyria and Drug Metabolizing Enzymes. 1974
Comparative Toxicity of Arsenic Compounds and Their Accumulation in Invertebrates and Fish. 1980
Comparison and Rank of Proposed Human Health Bioaccumulation Factors for the Great Lakes Initiative. 1993
Comparison of Extraction Methods for the Isolation of Lipids and PCBs from Mussel Homogenate. 1990
Comparison of Skull and Femur Lead Levels in Adult Rats. 1979
Comparison of System Design and Reproducibility to Estimate Bioconcentration of Di-n-Hexylphthalate By 'Daphnia magna'. 1985
Compound 1080 : position document 4 / 1985
Compound 1080 and 1081 : position document 1 / 1976
Comprehensive Prebiological Screen for Ecotoxicologic Effects. 1983
Computerized Risk and Bioaccumulation System (Version 1.0). 1991
Concentration factors and transport models for radionuclides in aquatic environments : a literature report / 1976
Concentration of DDT in Brain and Other Tissues in Relation to Symptomatology. 1964
Concentration of metal pollutants in bacterial biofilms and inhibition of oyster settlement and metamorphosis 1997
Copper Accumulation in the Bay Scallop, 'Argopecten irradians'. 1983
Criteria document : aldrin/dieldrin. 1976
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