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Aerothene Tt Solvent: Acute Inhalation Toxicity Test with Attachments and Cover Letter Dated 11/20/1987. 1987
Algal Growth Inhibition Study (Draft Study) for a Substance Manufactured and Distributed as a Lubricant Additive and Crosslinking Agent with 1,3,4-Thiadiazole-2(3H)-thione, 5,5'-Dithiobis. 2014
Algal Growth lnhibition Study in PseudokirchnerieIIa subcapitata with Substance 10-428. 2016
Allegations of Health Effects Reported to have been Experienced by some Workers and Office Staff during Batch Processing (Involving Polymer Melt Extrusion, Compounding, Devolitizing and/or Packaging) of certain Polymer Mixtures with Multi-component Mixtures containing a Modified Ethylene/Methyl Acrylate Copolymer and a Butylene/ Phthalate/Poly(Alkylene Ether) Phthalate Copolymer. 2011
Allyl Alcohol Dose Range Finding Developmental Screening Assay with New Zealand White Rabbits. 2012
Alternative methodology for acute toxicity testing. 1988
Amendment of the Public Display Version of the August 24, 1992 Submission 8EHQ-0892-10109A (88920008410s) Disclosing the Chemical Identity and CASRN of the Mixture Component, Ethanol, 2-butoxy with K0216.01(Mixture). 2011
Amendment to the 8ehq-08-17117 Submission Dated March 28, 2008 to Reflect that Innospec Active Chemicals was a Joint Party to the Submission. The Information was Inadvertently Omitted with the Original Submission Dated March 28, 2008. 2009
Ames Test for 1,3-Propanediol,2-ethyl-2-(hydroxymethyl)-, Oligomeric Reaction Product with (Chloromethyl)oxirane. 2014
Ames Test for Bis(2,3-Epoxypropyl)Cyclohex-4-Ene-1,2-Dicarboxylate. 2014
An acute inhalation toxicity study of C-1388 in the rat / 1990
Analysis of Bronchoalveolar Lavage Following Acute Inhalation Toxicity in Rats (Confidential). 2009
Anhydrous TMEDA Acute Inhalation Test. 2013
Annual Report on the Evaluation of any Thermal Generation of PFOA from PTFE with Sulfonate-based and Carboxylic-based Fluorochemicals. 2010
Application of modern toxicology approaches for predicting acute toxicity for chemical defense / 2015
Approval by Dow Corning Corporation for Release and Therefore Waiving of the General INTERNAL Designation for a Previously Submitted Report (Submission 8EHQ-1104-15088B, DCN: 89050000046) with Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxa ne (star) 3. 2009
Approximate Lethal Dose of Hfc-152a in Rats with Cover Letter (Sanitized). 1990
Aspiration toxicity, may be fatal if swallowed and enters airways with Octadecane. 2014
Assessment of Acute Inhalation Toxicity with in the Rat. 2013
Assessment of Anesthetic Potency in Mice by Inhalation After Exposure to Difluoromethane. 2010
Assessment of Contact Hypersenistivity in the Mouse (Local Lymph Node Assay). 2012
Assessment of Contact Hypersensitivity to Tri-N-Octylphosphine Oxide in the Mouse (Local Lymph Node Assay). 2015
Assessment of Skin Sensitization to Tetrabutylphosphonium Bromide; Cyphos 442 Phosphonium Salt in the Mouse (Local Lymph Node Assay). 2016
Attempt to Access the Lethal Body Burden of Me2siosime3 to Rainbow Trout with Cover Letter dated 04/20/94. 1994
Audited Draft Report of a 28-Day Oral (Gavage) Toxicity Study of Confidential in Rats with Functional Observational Battery and Motor Activity Determination. 2014
Bacterial Reverse Mutation Assay with an Independent Repeat Assay of Indene, with Cover Letter dated 03/25/1997. 1997
Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test on Ru-Complex. 2012
Benzene: Case-Control Study of MDS and Benzene in Shanghai Workers. 2015
Berich uber die Eingehende Toxikologische Prufung von Tetrahydrofuran I. Teil: Akute Toxizitat Im Vergleich zu Diathylather, Athanol, Aceton und Dioxan w/Cover Letter Dated 05/06/1994. 1994
Bericht uber die Prufung der Akuten Inhalationsgefahr (Akutes Inhalationsrisiko) von 'THF'=Tetrahydrofuran P. A. (99.5%), Merck an Sprague-Dawley-Ratten w/Cover Letter Dated 05/06/1994. 1994
BF Goodrich Akron Plant Risk Assessment with Cover Letter dated 01/06/1994. 1994
Biodegradability and Developmental Toxicity Studies with 2-Fluoro-6-(trifluo romethyl)pyridine. 2011
Biodegradability Study of Test Substances (Confidential), (Confidential), and (Confidential) (with Polydimethylsiloxand and Tolytriazole) using the CEC L-33-A-94 Test, with Cover Letter dated 10/02/1997. (Sanitized). 1997
Biological Evaluation of an Implantable Silicone Gel: Summary of Acute and Chronic Studies with Cover Letter Dated 04/20/1994. 1994
Biological Evaluation of Dow Corning Q7-2146/50 Gel (Siloxanes and Silicones, DI-ME 8%) with Cover Letter Dated 04/20/1994. 1994
Biological Safety Testing of Dow Corning 355 Medical Adhesive, X7-2684 Adhesive, Scotchpak X1022 Material & Scotchpak Laminates with Cover Letter Dated 04/20/1994. 1994
Biological Testing of 360 Fluid, Lots H-002 and H-0035 (Siloxanes and Silicones, DI-ME), Performed for Legal Purposes with Cover Letter Dated 04/20/1994. 1994
C-8 Science Panel Probable Link Reports: Probable Link Evaluation of Thyroid Disease and Probable Link Evaluation of Autoimmune Disease. 2012
Calculation of the final acute value for water quality criteria for aquatic organisms / 1988
Calidria Asbestos-Resin Grade Rg 244 Tracheal Insufflation of Rat Lungs with Interpretation of Pathology after 30, 60, 90, and 120 days with Cover Letter. 1983
Chips on Triphenyl Phosphite Attachments a Thru J with Cover Letter dated 071685. 1985
Chloromethyl-triethoxysilane: Skin Sensitization in Albino Guinea Pigs-Buehler Test (3 Inductions). 2012
Clinical Inhalation Studies with HCFC-141B, with Cover Letter dated 12/12/1997. Final Report. 1997
Closed-Patch Repeated Insult Dermal Sensitization Study in Guinea Pigs (Buehler Method) with N-Isopropylaniline with Cover Letter Dated 05/06/1994. 1994
Collaborative Cohort Mortality Study of four Chromate Production Facilities, 1958-1998: Final Report with Chromium (Trivalent and Hexavalent). 2010
Combined 28-Day Repeated Dose Toxicity Study with a Reproduction/Developmental Toxicity Screen (OECD 422) with Tri-N-Octypphosphine Oxide. 2015
Combined 28-Day Repeated Dose Toxicity Study with the Reproduction/Developmental Toxicity Screening Test (OECD 422) of 4, 7-Methano-1H-indene-1-Propanal, Octahydro-and 4,7-Methano-1H-indene-2-Propanal, Octahydro- in Rats by Oral Gavage. 2015
Combined Repeat Dose Toxicity with Reproduction/Developmental Toxicity Screening Test, with 2,5-dimethyl-2,5- di(2-ethylhexanoylperoxy). 2012
Combined Repeated Dose and Reproductive Toxicity Screening Study in Rats. 2015
Combined Repeated Dose Toxicity Study and Reproduction/Developmental Screening Study in Sprague-Dawley Rats with Acetophenone. 2004
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