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Analysis of water-soluble organics / 1984
Analytical Procedures and Quality Assurance Criteria for the Determination of Major and Minor Deoxynucleosides in Fish Tissue DNA by Liquid Chromatography-Ultraviolet Spectroscopy and Liquid Chromatography Thermospray Mass Spectrometry. 1993
Analytical Techniques for Assessing the Effects of Acid Deposition on Painted Steel Substrates. 1988
Analytical Variation in the Determination of the Fatty Acid Composition of Standard Preparations of Brine Shrimp 'Artemia': An Interlaboratory Exercise. 1989
Animo Acid Composition of Suspended Particles, Sediment-Trap Material, and Benthic Sediment in the Potomac Estuary. 1993
Annular Denuder Results from Boise, ID. 1988
Antisense strategies 1992
Applications for DNA Probes in Biodegradation Research. 1986
Approaches for Measuring Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes in Bacteria. 1993
Aquatic humic substances as sources and sinks of photochemically produced transient reactants / 1989
Aquatic Humic Substances as Sources and Sinks of Photochemically Produced Transient Reactants. 1989
Arachidonic acid metabolism in the nervous system : physiological and pathological significance / 1989
Assessment of coal conversion wastewaters : characterization and preliminary biotreatability / 1978
Assessment of Future Environmental Trends and Problems: Agricultural Use of Applied Genetics and Biotechnologies. 1981
Assessment of the mutagenic potential of carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride, dichloromethane, ethylene dichloride, and methyl bromide : a comparative analysis in relation to ethylene dibromide / 1985
Assessment of the Propensity for Covalent Binding of Electrophiles to Biological Substrates. 1990
Assessment of the use of selected replacement fluids for PCBS in electrical equipment / 1979
Assessment of toxicity of automotive metallic emissions. volume I, Assessment of fuel additives emission toxicity via selected assays of nucleic acid and protein synthesis / 1976
Assessment of toxicity of automotive metallic emissions. volume II, Relative toxicities of automotive metallic emissions against lead compounds using biochemical parameters / 1976
Atmospheric emissions from sulfuric acid manufacturing processes : cooperative study project, Manufacturing Chemists' Association, Inc., and Public Health Service. 1965
Atmospheric emissions from thermal-process phosphoric acid manufacture / 1968
Atmospheric Emissions from Thermal-Process Phosphoric Acid Manufacture. 1968
Atmospheric Emissions from Wet-Process Phosphoric Acid Manufacture. 1970
Atmospheric Weathering Caused by Dry Deposition of Acidic Compounds. 1989
Autographa Californica Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus Efficiently Enters but Does Not Replicate in Poikilothermic Vertebrate Cells. 1986
Background information for standards of performance : phosphate fertilizer industry / 1974
Basic Research in the Aquatic Environment: Effects of Eutrophication on Phytoplankton Populations and Selected Species of Aquatic Vascular Plants. 1973
Behavior of Hygroscopic Pharmaceutical Aerosols and the Influence of Hydrophobic Additives. 1993
Bench scale evaluation of resins and activated carbons for water purificatiion / 1981
Benthic lipids of Narragansett Bay : fatty acids and hydrocarbons. 1971
Beta Adrenergic Control of Macromolecule Synthesis in Neonatal Rat Heart, Kidney and Lung: Relationship to Sympathetic Neuronal Development. 1987
Biased DNA Integration in 'Colletotrichum gloeosporioides f. sp. aeschynomene' Transformants with Benomyl Resistance. 1993
Binding of 1-Nitro(14C) Pyrene to DNA and Protein in Cultured Lung Macrophages and Respiratory Tissues. 1983
Bioaccumulation Monitoring Guidance. 3. Recommended Analytical Detection Limits. 1985
Bioassay of L-tryptophan for possible carcinogenicity. 1978
Bioassay of lithocholic acid for possible carcinogenicity. 1978
Bioassay of nitrilotriacetic acid and nitrilotriacetic acid, trisodium salt, monohydrate for possible carcinogenicity 1977
Bioassay of trisodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate trihydrate for possible carcinogenicity. 1977
Biochemical analyses for detection and assessment of pollution in the subsurface environment / 1983
Biochemical analyses for detection and assessment of pollution in the subsurface environment / 1983
Biochemical Effects in the Rabbit of Repeated Administration of DDT, Carbaryl, and Parathion. 1969
Biochemical Effects of Two Promoters of Hepatocarcinogenesis in Rats. 1987
Biochemical Measures of Coral Metabolic Activity, Nutritional Status and Microbial Infection with Exposure to Oil and Gas Well Drilling Fluids. 1987
Biochemical Oxidation of Hydrocarbons in Natural Waters. 1970
Biochemical Studies of Promoters of Carcinogenesis in Rat Liver. 1989
Biochemistry of Estuarine Ecosystem with Emphasis on Heavy Metals and Shellfish. 1973
Bioconjugate techniques 1996
Biodegradation of 2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic Acid in Liquid Culture and in Soil by the White Rot Fungus 'Phanerochaete chrysosporium'. 1989
Biological conversion of animal wastes to nutrients, 1973
Biological treatment of concentrated sugar beet wastes / 1974
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