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DDT levels in milk of rural indigent blacks / 1976
Density induced mixing in confined aquifers / 1972
Detection and interpretation of trends in oxidant air quality / 1976
Determination of Cyanide in Aluminum Industrial Waste Water by Ion Chromatographic and Spectrophotometric Techniques. 1986
Determination of Heat of Combustion of Solid Wastes from Ultimate Analysis. 1971
Determination of volatile organics in industrial and municipal wastewaters / 1981
Determination of Volatile Organics in Industrial and Municipal Wastewaters. 1981
Development of a Field Test Method for the Determination of Lead in Paint and Paint-Contaminated Dust and Soil. 1993
Development of a method for the determination of carbon and hydrogen in solid waste / 1970
Development of guidelines for regulating depths of storm-water wells to minimize ground-water pollution final report to the United States Environmental Protection Agency under the Shallow Injection Well Initiative Program. 1992
Enumeration and Characterization of Bacteria Indigenous to a Shallow Water-Table Aquifer. 1983
Environmental consequences and alternatives of residual disposal systems : overview report, task 5323 / 1977
Environmental outlook 1975-2000 : Federal Region V / 1980
EPA's Data Attribute Rating System. 1997
EPA/IERL-RTP procedures manual : level 2 sampling and analysis of oxidized inorganic compounds / 1979
Equivalence of Microbial Biomass Measures Based on Membrane Lipid and Cell Wall Components, Adenosine Triphosphate, and Direct Counts in Subsurface Aquifer Sediments (Journal Version). 1988
Evaluation of a Method for the Determination of Inorganic Carbon (Carbonates) in Solid Wastes. 1971
Evaluation of a Method for the Determination of Inorganic Carbon (Carbonates) in Solid Wastes. 1971
Evaluation of biological nitrification-denitrification at Penticton, British Columbia / 1981
Evaluation of methods for the determination of total organic halide in water and waste / 1985
Exotic plant pests and North American agriculture 1983
Experimental combustor for development of package boiler emission control techniques : phase I of III / 1973
Experimental Combustor for Development of Package Boiler Emission Control Techniques. Phase I. 1973
Extension of Carbon-Hydrogen Method to Include Determination of Volatiles or Loss on Ignition (L.O.I.) at 950 C. 1971
Extension of carbon-hydrogen method to include determination of volatiles or loss on ingnition (L.O.I) at 950 C / 1971
Foam flotation treatment of industrial wastewaters : laboratory and pilot scale / 1980
Formulas (incorporating decomposition of carbonates at 600 C) for the determination of total oxygen in solid wastes / 1971
Formulas (Incorporating Decomposition of Carbonates at 600 C) for the Determination of Total Oxygen in Solid Wastes. 1971
Foundation for Modeling NOx and Smoke Formation in Diesel Flames. 1974
Foundation for modeling NO[subscript x] and smoke formation in diesel flames : final report for phase I, studies performed from 1 July 1972-30 June 1973 prepared for, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ..., Coordinating Research Council / 1974
Fugitive Dust Emission Study for the City of Albuquerque. 1979
Future coal prospects : country and regional assessments 1980
Future environmental problems : an overview of underlying trends / 1980
Geochemical Indicators of Anaerobic Biodegradation of BTEX. 1992
Geologic studies in Alaska by the U.S. Geological Survey, 1999 2001
Guidebook for assessing airport lead impacts / 2016
Handbook of vadose zone characterization & monitoring / 1995
Health Effects of Central Valley Particulate Matter. 2015
Hierarchical Stochastic Model of Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation Patterns and Multiple Station Daily Precipitation. 1992
Historical review of water quality and climatic data from Chesapeake Bay with emphasis on effect of enrichment 1982
Household water conservation and wastewater flow reduction; 1976
Human health & global climate change : a review of potential impacts in the United States / 2000
Impact of Heating and Air Conditioning System Operation and Leakage on Ventilation and Intercompartment Transport: Studies in Unoccupied and Occupied Tennessee Valley Homes. 1990
In situ bioremediation of spills from underground storage tanks : new approaches for site characterization, project design, and evaluation of performance / 1989
In situ Biorestoration as a Ground Water Remediation Technique. 1986
Indoor (222)Rn in Tennessee Valley Houses: Seasonal, Building, and Geological Factors. 1992
Interlaboratory Comparison of Formaldehyde Emissions from Particleboard Underlayment in Small-Scale Environmental Chambers. 1987
International Conference on the Role of the Polar Regions in Global Change : proceedings of a conference held June 11-15, 1990 at the University of Alaska Fairbanks / 1991
Investigation of fluid bed combustion of municipal solid waste / 1985
Investigations on the subsurface disposal of waste effluents at inland sites 1971
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