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Ecological recovery after reclamation of toxic spoils left by coal surface mining : phase II, an assessment of environmental changes following intensive remedial treatments / 1987
Ecology of juvenile walleye pollock, Theragra chalcogramma: papers from the workshop, "The importance of prerecruit walleye pollock to the Bering Sea and North Pacific ecosystems," Seattle, Washington, 28-30 October 1993 / 1996
Economic Analysis of Effluent Guidelines for Seafood Processing Industry. (Fish Meal, Salmon, Bottom Fish, Clams, Oysters, Sardines, Scallops, Herring, Abalone). 1975
Economic analysis of interim final effluent guidelines, seafoods processing industry : fish meal, salmon, bottom fish, clams, oysters, sardines, scallops, herring, abalone / 1975
Economic role of water in Colorado an input-output analysis / 1988
Economics of water pollution control for cattle feedlot operations 1968
Effect of Agriculture on Water Quality and Use in the Wabash River Basin. 1968
Effect of Chlorine Treatment on Infectivity of Hepatitis A Virus. 1983
Effect of riparian areas on the ecological condition of small, perennial streams in agricultural landscapes of the Willamette Valley {Microfiche} 1997
Effect of Several Stress Factors on the Susceptibility of the Predatory Mite, 'Metaseiulus occidentalis' (Acari: Phytoseiidae), to the Weak Bacterial Pathogen 'Serratia marcescens.' 1988
Effectiveness of short emission inspection tests in reducing emissions through maintenance. / 1973
Effects of Exposure to Ozone on Susceptibility to Experimental Tuberculosis. 1981
Effects of Exposure to Peroxyacetyl Nitrate on Susceptibility to Acute and Chronic Bacterial Infection. 1981
Effects of Inhaled Hexachlorobenzene Aerosols on Rat Pulmonary Host Defenses. 1989
Effects of Oxygen Demand on Surface Reaeration. 1970
Effects of Some Representative Petroleum Refinery Effluent Compounds on Photosynthesis and Growth of Natural Marine Phytoplankton Assemblages. Part 1. Cresols. 1981
Effects of Urbanization on Stream Channels and Stream Flow. 1973
Electron Capture Gas Chromatographic Determination of Kepone Residues in Environmental Samples. 1976
Electron-Capture Gas Chromatographic Determination of 2-sec-Butyl-4,6-dinitrophenol (DNBP) Residues in Feed, Tissue and Excreta. 1977
Energy requirements for controlling SO2 emissions from coal-fired steam/electric generators : executive summary / 1977
Enforceability aspects of RACT for factory surface coating of flat wood paneling / 1980
Environmental assessment of coal cleaning processes : selection of test sites for source test program / 1979
Environmental assessment of shop towel usage in the automotive and printing industries / 1997
Environmental Assessment of Shop Towel Usage in the Automotive and Printing Industries Project Summary 1997
Environmental changes from long-term land applications of municipal effluents : technical report / 1978
Environmental impact assessment : guidelines and commentary / 1974
Environmental impact assessment : J.O. Sims project, Decatur, Alabama, March, 1992. 1992
Environmental law handbook. 1995
Environmental sources of benzene exposure : source contribution factors / 1979
Environmental toxicology and risk assessment : modeling and risk assessment, sixth volume / 1997
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Method Study 16, Method 606--Phthalate Esters. 1984
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Method Study 17, Method 607 (Nitrosamines). 1984
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Method Study 18, Method 608 - Organochlorine Pesticides and PCB's. 1984
EPA complex terrain model development : third milestone report--1983 / 1983
EPA Policy on Land Treatment and the Clean Water Act of 1977 1979
EPA Policy on Land Treatment and the Clean Water Act of 1977. 1978
EPA research on land treatment / 1975
Erosion and sediment control : audiovisual training : instructor's manual. 1976
Erosion and sediment control : audiovisual training : workbook. 1976
Erosion and sediment control : surface mining in the eastern U.S. / 1976
Estimated Average Annual Radon-222 Concentrations Around the Former Uranium Mill Site in Shiprock, New Mexico. 1978
Estimated averages annual radon-222 concentrations around the former uranium mill site in Shiprock, New Mexico / 1978
Estimated Exposure to Ambient Carbon Monoxide Concentrations under Altenative Air Quality Standards. 1980
Evaluation of dissociated and steam-reformed methanol as automotive engine fuels / 1984
Evaluation of emissions from paving asphalts / 1994
Evaluation of emissions from paving asphalts : final report / 1994
Evaluation of Host Resistance and Immune Function in Cadmium-Exposed Mice (Journal Version). 1985
Evaluation of loaded mode I/M testing at service stations 1988
Evaluation of Microbiological Aerosols Associated with the Application of Wastewater to Land: Pleasanton, California. 1979
Evaluation of MTF for Testing Hazardous Material Spill Control Equipment. 1974
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