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Hazardous and toxic wastes technology, management, and health effects / 1984
Haze Formation: Its Nature and Origin. 1975
Highway air quality / 1975
Holothurians (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea) 1984
Impact of Ozone and Sulphur Dioxide on Soybeam Yield. 1986
Impact of Ozone on Field-Corn Yield. 1985
Impact of Ozone on Grain Sorghum Yield. 1985
Impact of Ozone on Winter Wheat Yield. 1985
In situ aeration : air sparging, bioventing, and related remediation processes / 1995
In-situ Bioventing: Two U.S. EPA and Air Force Sponsored Field Studies. 1992
Increased Infectivity with Exposure to Ozone and Sulfuric Acid. 1977
Indoor air pollution : radon, bioaerosols & VOCs / 1991
Influence of Cadmium, Nickel, and Chromium on Primary Immunity in Mice. 1977
Influence of fiber characteristics on particulate filtration / 1975
Influence of Nitrogen Dioxide on Xenobiotic Metabolism in Animals. 1983
Influence of Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide on Hepatic Microsomal Enzymes in Mice. 1982
Influence of Ozone on Pentobarbital Pharmacokinetics in Mice. 1985
Influence of Ozone on Pentobarbital-induced Sleeping Time in Mice, Rats, and Hamsters. 1981
Inhalation Studies of Mt. St. Helens Volcanic Ash in Animals. 1. Introduction and Exposure System. 1985
Injury and yield response of cotton to chronic doses of ozone and soil moisture deficit / 1988
Innovative processes for reclamation of contaminated subsurface environments / 1990
Input-output analysis : foundations and extensions / 2009
Interactions between Lead and Essential Elements: A Review. 1990
Invasive species in eastern Africa : proceedings of a workshop held at ICIPE, July 5-6, 1999 / 1999
Investigation of particulate emissions from oil-fired residential heating units / 1974
Investigation of selected potential environmental contaminants, Acrylonitrile : final report / 1978
Investigation of the Potential Source Area, Contamination Pathway, and Probable Release History of Chlorinated-Solvent-Contaminated Groundwater at the Capital City Plume Site, Montgomery, Alabama, 2008-2010. 2011
Kraft pulping effluent treatment and refuse : state of the art / 1973
Kraft pulping effluent treatment and reuse : state of the art / 1973
Listening to the Caribbean : a video report / 1992
Logs of wells and test holes in Sedgwick County, Kansas / by Charles W. Lane and Don E. Miller. 1965
Management of hazardous materials and wastes treatment, minimization and environmental impacts / 1989
Measurement of sulfur and carbon species emissions from oil-fired commercial and institutional boilers : final report / 1985
Measurement of Sulfur and Carbon Species Emissions from Oil-Fired Commercial and Institutional Boilers. 1985
Membrane toxicity : {proceedings of the ninth annual Rochester International Conference on environmental Toxicity, held in Rochester, New York, May 24-26, 1976} 1977
Milk production during subclinical nematode parasitism : response to coumaphos (Baymix) treatment of freshening dairy cows on a pastured California dairy / 1982
National Crop Loss Assessment Network (NCLAN) 1981 Annual Report. 1983
National Crop Loss Assessment Network (NCLAN) 1982 Annual Report. 1984
National Crop Loss Assessment Network (NCLAN) 1983 Annual Report. 1985
National Crop Loss Assessment Network (NCLAN) 1984 Annual Report. 1986
National Crop Loss Assessment Network (NCLAN), 1980. 1982
National Program (NCLAN) to Assess the Impact of Ozone on Agricultural Resources. 1990
New Jersey streamflow records analyzed with electronic computer / 1961
NOx Control Technology Requirements under the United States' 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments Compared to Those in Selected Pacific Rim Countries. 1994
Observations of tidal flow in the Delaware River / 1962
Octanol/Water Partition Coefficients and Aqueous Solubilities of Organic Compounds. 1981
Omaha Soil Mixing Study: Redistribution of Lead in Remediated Residential Soils Due to Excavation or Homeowner Disturbance. Omaha Lead Superfund Site, Omaha, Nebraska Engineering Technical. 2015
On distribution and abundance of juvenile fishes in the upper Chesapeake Bay 1980
Optimum working fluids for automotive rankine engines / 1973
Optimum Working Fluids for Automotive Rankine Engines. Volume I. Executive Summary. 1973
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