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Cloning and Characterization of the 'cl' Repressor of 'Pseudomonas aeruginosa' Bacteriophage D3: a Functional Analog of Phage Lambda 'c'I Protein. 1987
Comparative Photobehavior of Laboratory-Hatched and Plankton-Caught 'Balanus Improvisus' (Darwin) Nauplii and the Effects of 24-Hour Starvation. 1981
Comparison of Air Pollutant Emissions from the Combustion of Orimulsion (Trade Name) and Other Fossil Fuels. 1999
Comparison of Seven Methods for Concentrating Organic Chemicals from Environmental Water Samples. 1986
Compilation of Hydrogeological Data for Southeastern Montana 1977
Conjugal Transfer of R68.45 and FP5 between 'Pseudomonas aeruginosa' Strains in a Freshwater Environment. 1988
Contaminated Rivers A Geomorphological-Geochemical Approach to Site Assessment and Remediation / [electronic resource] : 2007
Conversion of urban refuse to oil / 1970
Data on ground-water quality with emphasis on radionuclides, Sarasota County, Florida 1981
Data supplement to Biological effects of mining wastes in the Northwest Territories 1973
Depth Dependence of Direct and Indirect Photolysis on Soil Surfaces. 1990
Design of a monitoring program for ash pond effluents / 1979
Destruction of dioxin-contaminated solids and liquids by mobile incineration / 1987
Development of a Battery-Operated Portable Synchronous Luminescence Spectrofluorometer. 1993
Development of Adrenergic Receptor Binding Sites in Brain Regions of the Neonatal Rat: Effects of Prenatal or Postnatal Exposure to Methylmercury. 1987
Discovery and Elimination of Dioxins from a Carbon Reactivation Process. 1985
Dose Response of Elastase-Induced Emphysema in Hamsters. 1981
Dusts and residues from machining and incinerating graphite/epoxy composites : a preliminary study / 1979
Dynamic Interactions of 'Pseudomonas aeruginosa' and Bacteriophages in Lake Water. 1990
Dynamics of Pollutant Photoreactions in the Hydrosphere. 1984
Economic role of water in Colorado an input-output analysis / 1988
Ecosystem level alterations in soil nutrient cycling : an integrated measure of cumulative effects of acidic deposition on a mixed conifer forest in southern California / 1996
Effects of Ammonium Nitrate Aerosol Exposure on Lung Structure of Normal and Elastase-Impaired Rats and Guinea Pigs. 1986
Effects of Ammonium Sulfate Aerosol Exposure on Lung Structure of Normal and Elastase-Impaired Rats and Guinea Pigs. 1984
Effects of Chemically Induced Maternal Toxicity on Prenatal Development in the Rat. 1990
Effects of Inhalation of 0.25 ppm Ozone on the Terminal Bronchioles of Juvenile and Adult Rats. 1988
Effects of livestock pasturing on nonpoint surface runoff / 1983
Effects of metals on cells, subcellular elements, and macromolecules. 1970
Effects of Oxidant Air Pollution on Susceptibility of Pine Roots to Fomes annosus. 1980
Effects of Ozone and Water Stress, Separately and in Combination, on Soybean Yield. 1989
Effects of short-term intermittent air pollutants on incidence and severity of acute respiratory disease : data collection and quality assurance / 1982
Effects of Short-Term Intermittent Air Pollutants on Incidence and Severity of Acute Respiratory Disease: Data Collection and Quality Assurance. 1981
Elimination of water pollution by recycling cement plant kiln dust / 1976
Emissions of Organic Hazardous Air Pollutants from the Combustion of Pulverized Coal in a Small-Scale Combustor. 1994
Emissions of Sulfur Trioxide from Coal-Fired Power Plants. 2002
Environmental and Molecular Characterization of Systems Which Affect Genome Alteration in 'Pseudomonas aerugirosa'. Chapter 25. 1990
Environmental dividends : cutting more chemical wastes / 1992
Environmental effects of oil shale mining and processing : part III, the water quality of Piceance Creek, Colorado, prior to oil shale processing / 1979
Environmental effects of western coal combustion : part III, the water quality of Rosebud Creek, Montana / 1980
Environmental effects of western coal combustion. part III, the water quality of Rosebud Creek, Montana / 1980
Environmental effects of western coal surface mining. Part III, 1979
Environmental impacts of the use of Orimulsion ®, report to Congress on phase 1 of the Orimulsion ® Technology Assessment Program Volume 1, Executive summary, report, and Appendix A / [electronic resource]. 2001
Environmental impacts of the use of orimulsions (trade name). 2001
Environmental/Chemical Thesaurus. 1978
EPA's Adaptive Controls System Research Program for Pollution Prevention and Clean Technologies. 1995
EPA'S QA Program on the Suppliers of Protocol Gases. 1993
EPA's Study of the Generation and Control of Air Pollutants from the Combustion of Orimulsion(Trade Name). 2001
EPA-ORD (Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Research and Development) Mobile Incineration System Trial Burn. 1984
Estimates of ionizing radiation doses in the United States : 1960-2000 / 1972
Evaluated methodology for the analysis of residual wastes : volume II / 1980
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