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Hazardous waste land treatment 1983
Human biochemical and physiologic response to acute photochemical air pollution exposure 1978
Hydrologic data for urban studies in the Austin, Texas Metropolitan area, 1977 ; prepared in cooperation with the City of Austin and the Texas Department of Water Resources. 1977
Hypothermia and Hypometabolism: Sensitive Indices of Whole-Body Toxicity Following Exposure to Metallic Salts in the Mouse. 1990
Hypothermic Effects of a Homologous Series of Short-Chain Alcohols in Rats. 1991
Improved Technique for Monitoring Electrocardiograms during Exposure to Radio-Frequency Radiation. 1986
Improved techniques for residual ozone 1984
Inactivation of Viruses in Water by Bromine and Its Compounds: Influence of Virion Aggregation. 1977
Induction of Regulated Hypothermia in Mice by Urine Administration. 1990
Influence of a New England wetland on water quantity and quality, 1972
Influence of a New England Wetland on Water Quantity and Quality. 1972
Influence of Heating Rate on Control of Heat Loss from the Tail in Mice. 1983
Injury and the improved recovery of coliform bacteria in drinking water / 1985
Inspection manual for control of volatile organic emissions from gasoline marketing operations / 1980
Integration and Central Processing in Temperature Regulation. 1986
Invertebrate animals, collection and preservation 1979
Kinetic studies on the pyrolysis, desulfurization, & gasification of coals with emphasis on the non-isothermal kinetic method / 1969
Land treatment of wastewater : slow rate irrigation methods / 1979
Land use management and regulation in hazardous areas / 1975
Lean and green : profit for your workplace and the environment / 2001
Local and Global Thermoregulatory Responses to MRI Electromagnetic Fields: Biological Effects and Safety Aspects of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy. 1991
Mathematical theory of radiation dosimetry 1967
Measurement and Decomposition of Total Exposure Using the Total-Isolated-by-Microenvironment-Exposure (Time) Monitor. 1994
Measurement of behavioral thermoregulation / 1992
Measurement of Ventilatory Frequency in Unrestrained Rodents Using Microwave Radiation. 1984
Medical and Health Related Sciences Thesaurus. 1963
Methodology for Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Other Semivolatile Organic Compounds in House Dust. 1993
Modulating Effect of Body Temperature on the Toxic Response Produced by the Pesticide Chlordimeform in Rats. 1989
Municipal wastewater sludge management alternatives / 1977
New challenges, new opportunities : U.S. cooperation for international growth and development in the 1990s / 1988
Normalizing the Thermal Effects of Radiofrequency Radiation: Body Mass Versus Total Body Surface Area. 1987
Ohio River Basin Energy Facility Siting Model. Volume I: Methodology. 1981
Open-Loop Gain of Evaporative Heat Loss during Radiant Heat Exposure in the Mouse. 1982
Planning research : a concise guide for the environmental and natural resource sciences / 2007
Plume Development Using Lagrangian Marker Method. 1981
Preliminary assessment of antimony in the atmosphere 1976
Preliminary investigation into the use of crayfish as a sensitive species to pollutants in the Clark Fork River near Missoula, MT research project technical completion report / 1983
Preliminary study : comparative winter survival of fecal bacteria in a subarctic Alaskan river / 1974
Preliminary Study Comparative Winter Survival of Fecal Bacteria in Subarctic River. 1974
Proposed regulations for the control of organic chemical contaminants in drinking water / 1978
Public administration in America 1986
Public administration in America 1992
Public administration in America 1978
Reassessment of the Neural Control of Body Temperature: Importance of Oscillating Neural and Motor Components. 1983
Records of water levels and chemical analyses from selected wells in parts of the Trans-Pecos Region, Texas, 1965-68 1970
Red clay turbidity and its transport in Lake Superior / 1979
Reduction in Metabolic Heat Production during Exposure to Radio-Frequency Radiation in the Rat. 1987
Relationship between Autonomic and Behavioral Thermoregulation in the Golden Hamster. 1986
Relationship between Autonomic and Behavioral Thermoregulation in the Mouse. 1985
Relationship between Behavioral and Autonomic Thermoregulation in the Guinea Pig. 1986
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