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2,4-Pentanedione: Fourteen Week Vapor Inhalation Study in Rats with Cover Letter dated 07/29/85 and EPA Acknowledgement Letter. 1985
Absence of Mutagenicity in the Urine of Autopsy Service Workers Exposed to Formaldehyde: Factors Influencing Mutagenicity Testing of Urine. 1985
Analytical Diagnosis of Pesticide Poisoning: Collection, Storage, and Shipment of Biological Samples. 1971
Arsenic in drinking water / 1999
Arsenic Levels in Urine of Forest Workers Applying Silvicides. 1971
Bioavailability of arsenic and lead in environmental substrates / 1996
Biological significance of some metals as air pollutants : part I: lead / 1977
Chlorinated Insecticides and Related Materials in Human Urine. 1966
Chronic toxicity of lead and cadmium : I. changes in the central nervous system of the parental generation of rats after chronic intoxication with lead and cadmium / 1980
Chronic Toxicity of Lead and Cadmium. II. Changes in the Central Nervous System of the F1 Generation of Rats after Chronic Intoxication with Lead and Cadmium. 1981
Cleanup Procedure for the Determination of Low Levels of Alkyl Phosphates, Thiophosphates, and Dithiophosphates in Rat and Human Urine. 1971
Comparison Methods for the Determination of Alkyl Phosphates in Urine. 2003
Comparison of Bioindicators of Exposure to Genotoxic Indoor Air Pollutants. 1990
Comparison of Cholinesterase Activity, Residue Levels, and Urinary Metabolite Excretion of Rats Exposed to Organophosphorus Pesticides. 1977
Comparison of In vitro Methods and the In vivo Metabolism of Lindane for Assessing the Effects of Repeated Administration of Ethanol on Hepatic Drug Metabolism. 1985
Composition and Concentrative Properties of Human Urine. 1971
Cotinine Concentrations in Semen, Urine, and Blood of Smokers and Nonsmokers. 1993
Cyclohexanone Toxicity Sheet with Cover Letter. 1983
Detection of Occupational Exposure to Genotoxic Agents with a Urinary Mutagen Assay. 1983
Epidemiological Notes and Reports: Pentachlorophenol Poisoning in Newborn Infants. 1967
Excretion of Pesticides in Saliva and Its Value in Assessing Exposure. 1980
Fetal Dexamethasone Exposure Accelerates Development of Renal Function: Relationship to Dose, Cell Differentiation and Growth Inhibition. 1992
Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Pentachlorophenol in Human Urine by Formation of Alkyl Ethers. 1969
Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Pentachlorophenol in Human Urine by Formation of Alkyl Ethers. 1970
Immunoassay for p-Nitrophenol in Urine (Chapter XX). 1993
Implementation of the urine protocol for methyl parathion response. 1997
Ingested Mineral Fibers: Elimination in Human Urine. 1978
Malathion Exposure Studies. Determination of Mono- and Dicarboxylic Acids and Alkyl Phosphates in Urine. 1977
Method development for the assessment of possible human exposure to pesticides and industrial chemicals / 1981
Method for Determination of Low Levels of Exposure to 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T. 1971
Method for the Confirmation of Chlorophenols in Human Urine by LC with an Electrochemical Detector. 1981
Method for the Determination of 1-Naphthol in Urine. 1971
Monitoring Study of Urinary Metabolites and Selected Symptomatology Among Florida Citrus Workers. 1985
Occupational and environmental pesticide exposure study in South Florida / 1975
Occupational Pesticide Exposure and Renal Tubular Dysfunction. 1967
Passive Smoking on Commercial Airline Flights. 1989
PCB Metabolism in Rats Following Prolonged Exposure to Aroclor 1242 and Aroclor 1016. 1976
Pesticides epidemiological field studies / 1974
Preparation of Extrapulmonary Tissues and Body Fluids for Quantitative Transmission Electron Microscope Analysis of Asbestos and Other Mineral Particle Concentrations. 1979
Selected non-carcinogenic effects of industrial exposure to inorganic arsenic / 1977
Simultaneous Gas Chromatographic Determination of 2,4-D and Dicamba in Human Blood and Urine. 1970
Status and quality of radiation measurements : food and human urine / 1977
STUDIES format for toxicological data from chronic rodent bioassays. 1989
Studies on the Etiology of Itai-Itai Disease. 1970
Subchronic Inhalation Toxicity Study in Rats with 2-(Dimethylamino)Ethanol. Final Report with Cover Letter dated 06/27/90. 1990
The toxicity of hexachlorobenzene in a twelve month study in beagle dogs : a 12 month report / 1976
Thiodiglycolic Acid: A Major Metabolite of Bis(2-chloro-ethyl)ether. 1978
Urinary Cadmium and Beta2-Microglobulin: Normal Values and Concentration Adjustment. 1983

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