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A review of standards of performance for new stationary sources : sulfuric acid plants / 1979
A Toxicity evaluation of lower Fox River water and sediments / 1986
Accuracy of Ross pH Combination Electrodes in Dilute Sulphuric Acid Standards. 1987
Acid aerosol deposition in the developing human lung / 1990
Acid Aerosol Measurement Intercomparison Workshop : April 10-11, 1991, Research Triangle Park, N.C. : final report / 1992
Acid Aerosol Measurement Methods: A Summary of U.S. EPA Intercomparisons. 1993
Acid Precipitation: Effects of Sulfur Dioxide and Sulfate Aerosol Particles on Human Health. 1976
Acid rain research summary / 1979
Acidification of Aquatic and Terrestrial Systems: Chemical Weathering. 1984
Adequacy of Sampling Trains and Analytical Procedures Used for Fluoride. 1976
Advanced concepts, SO2 removal process improvements / 1978
Advanced concepts, SO2 removal process improvements / 1978
AICE Survey of USSR Air Pollution Literature. Volume VIII. A Compilation of Technical Reports on the Biological Effects and the Public Health Aspects of Atmospheric Pollutants. 1971
Air Conservation. Volume 8, Number 3(41), 1974. 1975
Air pollution aspects of emission sources: sulfuric acid manufacturing - a bibliography with abstracts. 1971
Air pollution aspects of emission sources: sulfuric acid manufacturing, a bibliography with abstracts. 1971
Air Pollution: Air Quality Criteria for Sulfur Oxides. 1971
Air Pollution: Appendix E - Air Pollution Case Study of the South Holland Region (First Phase) - 1973, No. 6. 1973
Airborne Monitoring of Cooling Tower Effluents. Volume I. Technical Summary. 1978
An approach for determining levels of concern for unregulated toxic compounds from mobile sources / 1981
An electromembrane process for regenerating acid from spent pickle liquor / 1971
An Electrostatic precipitator performance model / 1972
An interpretative compilation of EPA studies related to coal quality and cleanability / 1974
Analysis of Final State Implementation Plans: Rules and Regulations. 1972
Analysis system for total sulfuric acid in ambient air : development and preliminary evaluation / 1981
Analysis System for Total Sulfuric Acid in Ambient Air. Development and Preliminary Evaluation. 1981
Annual catalyst research program report : appendices / 1975
Applicability of Catalytic Oxidation to the Development of New Processes for Removing SO2 From Flue Gases. Volume I. Literature Review. 1970
Application of an Electrostatic Precipitator for Instrumental Sampling of Sulfuric Acid. 1979
Assessing the Regional Effects of Sulfur Deposition on Surface Water Chemistry: The Southern Blue Ridge (Journal Version). 1988
Assessment of automotove sulfate emission control technology / 1977
Atmospheric Acidification Chemistry: A Review. 1984
Atmospheric emissions from sulfuric acid manufacturing processes : cooperative study project, Manufacturing Chemists' Association, Inc., and Public Health Service. 1965
Atmospheric Emissions from Sulfuric Acid Manufacturing Processes. 1965
Atmospheric Emissions from Sulfuric Acid Manufacturing Processes. 1965
Automobile Sulfuric Acid Emission Control - The Development Status as of December 1975. 1975
Background Information for Proposed New-Source Performance Standards: Steam Generators, Incinerators, Portland Cement Plants, Nitric Acid Plants, Sulfuric Acid Plants. 1971
Biochemical changes in humans upon exposure to sulfuric acid aerosol and exercise / 1979
Biochemical Changes in Humans upon Exposure to Sulfuric Acid Aerosol and Exercise. 1980
Biochemical effects of inhalation of sulfuric acid mist by human subjects while at rest / 1979
Biochemical Effects of Sulfuric Acid Mist Inhalation by Human Subjects while at Rest. 1980
Brass wire mill process changes and waste abatement, recovery and reuse / 1971
Catalytically and Noncatalytically Treated Automobile Exhaust: Biological Effects in Rats. 1981
Changes in Gill Histology of Fathead Minnows and Yellow Perch Transferred to Soft Water or Acidified Soft Water with Particular Reference to Chloride Cells. 1987
Characterization of painted surfaces in the United States from the perspective of potential damage from acidic deposition / 1989
Chattanooga, Tennessee--Rossville, Georgia, interstate air quality study, 1967-1968 / 1970
Chemical Flux in an Acid-Stressed Stream. 1983
Chemically active fluid-bed process for sulphur removal during gasification of heavy fuel oil : fourth phase / 1979
Closed loop system for the treatment of water pickle liquor / 1977
Collaborative study of method for the determination of sulfuric acid mist and sulfur dioxide emissions from stationary sources / 1974
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