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Solvophobic Approach for Predicting Sorption of Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals on Synthetic Sorbents and Soils. 1986
Sorbent Capture of Nickel, Lead, and Cadmium in a Laboratory Swirl Flame Incinerator. 1995
Sorption and Catalytic Destruction of Chlorinated VOCs Using Fresh and Dealuminated Y and ZSM-5 Zeolites. 1994
Sorption and Degradation of Pentachlorophenol in Sludge-Amended Soils. 1989
Sorption and Reemission of Formaldehyde by Gypsum Wallboard. 1993
Sorption and Toxicity of Azo and Triphenylmethane Dyes to Aquatic Microbial Populations. 1985
Sorption and Transport of Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals in Aqueous and Mixed Solvent Systems: Model Development and Preliminary Evaluation. 1985
Sorption Dynamics of Hydrophobic Pollutants in Sediment Suspensions. 1985
Sorption Kinetics of Hydrophobic Organic Compounds to Natural Sediments and Soils. 1988
Sorption Kinetics of Hydrophobic Pollutants in Natural Sediments. Chapter 11. 1980
Sorption of 2,3,7.8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin to soils from water/methanol mixtures / 1988
Sorption of Carbon Tetrachloride, Ethylene Dibromide and Trichloroethylene on Soil and Clay. 1982
Sorption of Elemental Mercury by Activated Carbons. 1994
Sorption of Heavy Metals by the Soil Fungi 'Aspergillus niger' and Mucor rouxii. 1992
Sorption of Hydrophobic Organic Compounds by Sediments. 1986
Sorption of Hydrophobic Pollutants on Natural Sediments. 1978
Sorption of ionizable organic compounds to sediments and soils / 1991
Sorption of Organic Acid Compounds to Sediments: Initial Model Development. 1990
Sorption of Organic Contaminants to a Low Carbon Subsurface Core. 1985
Sorption of Plutonium on Minerals and Sediments. 1967
Sorption of Toxic Organic Compounds on Wastewater Solids: Correlation with Fundamental Properties. 1989
Sorption of Toxic Organic Compounds on Wastewater Solids: Mechanism and Modeling. 1992
Sorption of Volatile Organic Solvents from Aqueous Solution onto Subsurface Solids. 1989
Sorption Properties of Model Compounds on C18 Adsorbents. 1984
Sorption, Important in Stabilized/Solidified Waste Forms. 1994
Spatial Variability of Geochemical and Hydrologic Properties of Subsurface Materials in a Sand and Gravel Aquifer, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 1991
Stormwater treatment at critical areas evaluation of filtration media / [electronic resource] : 1999
Structure reactivity correlations for environmental reactions / 1979
Studies of Benzidine-Based Dyes in Sediment-Water Systems. 1991
Sulfate Mobility in Acid Soils and Implications with Respect to Cation Leaching: A Review. 1986
Sulfur Oxide Removal from Power Plant Stack Gas: Use of Limestone in Wet-Scrubbing Process. 1969
Summary paper : basic concepts of contaminant sorption. 1993
Surfactant-Enhanced Solubilization of Residual Dodecane in Soil Columns. 1. Experimental Investigation. 1993
Surfactant-Enhanced Solubilization of Residual Dodecane in Soil Columns. 2. Mathematical Modeling. 1993
Survey of fertilizers and related materials for perchlorate (CIO4å) : final report / 2001
Swelling properties of soil organic matter and their relation to sorption of non-ionic organic compounds 1991
Testing and evaluation of permeable materials for removing pollutants from leachates at remedial action sites / 1986
Transport and Affinity of Substituted Benzenes in Soybean Stems. 1987
Transport and Fate of Diethyl Phthalate in Aquatic Ecosystems. 1984
Transport of macromolecules and humate colloids through a sand and a clay amended sand laboratory column 1990
Transport Processes Involving Organic Chemicals. 1989
Two-Dimensional Modeling of Aquifer Remediation Influenced by Sorption Nonequilibrium and Hydraulic Conductivity Heterogeneity. 1994
Understanding Variation in Partition Coefficient, K(d), Values. Volume III. Review of Geochemistry and Available K(d) Values for Americium, Arsenic, Curium, Iodine, Neptunium, Radium, and Technetium. 2004
Understanding variation in partition coefficient, Kd, values : a cooperative effort / 1999
Uptake and Photodegradation of 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin Sorbed to Grass Foliage. 1993
Use of Batch Tests as a Screening Tool for Radionuclide Sorption Characterization Studies, Hanford, Washington, U.S.A. 1989
Using Biopolymers to Remove Heavy Metals from Soil and Water. 1993
Using Elevated Temperatures to Enhance In-situ Remediation in Low-Permeability Soils and Groundwater. 1997
Vapor-Phase 2,3,7,8-TCDD Sorption to Plant Foliage: A Species Comparison. 1994
Waterborne and Sediment-Source Toxicities of Six Organic Chemicals to Grass Shrimp ('Palaemonetes pugio') and Amphioxus ('Branchiostoma caribaeum'). 1987
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