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1,1,1,2-Tetrachloroethane : drinking water health advisory. 1989
1,1,2-Trichloroethane : drinking water health advisory. 1989
1,2,3-Trichloropropane: Drinking Water Health Advisory. 1989
1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene. 1989
1,3,5-Trichlorobenzene : drinking water health advisory. 1989
1-Chloromethylpyrene: A Reference Skin Sensitizer and Genotoxin. 1990
Absorption and Excretion of Parathion by Spraymen. 1971
Acetonitrile Summary of Single Exposure Studies on Animals Prepared by Union Carbide Corp. with Cover Letter. 1983
Acute toxicity testing criteria for chemical substances / 1979
Additional Note Regarding Measurement of the Exposure of Workers to Pesticides. 1963
Aging in Today's Environment. 1987
Air Pollution Assessment of Nitrobenzene. 1976
Allergic response to platinum and palladium complexes : determination of no-effect level / 1977
Assessment of Environmental Exposure to Pesticides. 1964
Assessment of risks from exposure of humans, terrestrial and avian wildlife, and aquatic life to dioxins and furans from disposal and use of sludge from bleached kraft and sulfite pulp and paper mills / 1990
Battery of Acute Toxicity Tests with Cover Letter. 1983
Behavioral and Morphological Changes, in Fathead Minnow 'Pimephales promelas' as Diagnostic Endpoints for Screening Chemicals According to Mode of Action. 1985
Bis-(2-chloroisopropyl) ether : drinking water health advisory. 1989
Bromochloromethane: Health Advisory. 1989
Bromoethane : drinking water health advisory. 1989
Can Tissue Anomalies that Occur in Marine Fish Implicate Specific Pollutant Chemicals. 1985
Carcinogenic Activity of Acrylamide in the Skin and Lung of Swiss-ICR Mice. 1984
Chemical Characterization and Disposition Studies with 1,2,7,8-Tetrabromodibenzofuran in the Rat. 1994
Chemical Safety - Pesticides. 1974
Chemical technology and economics in environmental perspective : Task IV - potential worker and consumer exposures to nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) in detergents : final report / 1979
Child-specific exposure factors handbook / 2002
Chloromethane : health advisory. 1989
Chronic Dermal Toxicity of Epoxy Resins I. Skin Carcinogenic Potency and General Toxicity (Draft) with Cover Letter dated 04/13/81. 1981
Comparative Analysis of Health Risk Assessments for Municipal Waste Combustors. 1991
Comparative In vitro Percutaneous Absorption of p-Substituted Phenols through Rat Skin Using Static and Flow-Through Diffusion Systems. 1993
Comparative Tumor-Initiating Activity of Complex Mixtures from Environmental Particulate Emissions on SENCAR Mouse Skin. 1982
Compilation of Toxicology on Methyl Isocyanate-TSCA Informational Submittal with Cover Letter dated 12/17/84. 1985
Conference on the risk assessment paradigm after ten years : policy and practice then, now, and in the future (biographies and papers) / 1993
Dermal Absorption and Disposition of 1,3-Diphenylguanidine in Rats. 1985
Dermal absorption of 14C-labeled 4,4'-methylenedianiline (4,4'-MDA) in rats, guinea pigs, and monkeys : final report / 1986
Dermal Absorption of Chemicals: Effect of Application of Chemicals as a Solid, Aqueous Paste, Suspension, or in Volatile Vehicle. 1992
Dermal Absorption of Hexachlorophane in Infants. 1971
Dermal and Gastrointestinal Absorption of Environmental Contaminants. 1985
Dermal Carcinogenesis Assay in C3H/HEJ Mice with Cover Letter dated 07/18/86. 1986
Dermal exposure assessment : principles and applications : interim report. 1992
Dermal exposure assessment : principles and applications. 1992
Dermal Phototoxic Reaction from an Insecticide: Clinical and Laboratory Studies. 1971
Dermal transfer efficiency of pesticides from new sheet flooring to new vinyl sheet flooring to dry and wetted palms / 2000
Dermal transfer efficiency of pesticides from turf grass to dry and wetted palms / 2000
Development of statistical distributions or ranges of standard factors used in exposure assessments : final report / 1985
Dichlorodifluoromethane : drinking water health advisory. 1989
Dinitroorthocresol Exposure from Apple-Thinning Sprays. 1955
Dioxane in Cosmetic Preparations with Cover Letter dated 09/16/88. 1988
Disposition and Excretion of Intravenous 2,3,7,8-Tetrabromodibenzo-p-dioxin (TBDD) in Rats. 1991
Distribution and Binding of (sup 14C)Acrylamide to Macromolecules in SENCAR and BALB/c Mice Following Oral and Topical Administration. 1985
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