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129I in animal thyroids from Nevada and other western States / 1977
/Sup 99M/TC and Gallium in Medicine- a Supplementary Bibliography. 1971
129 I in an animal thyroids from Nevada and other western States / 1977
1970 Research Report for the Year Ending December 31, 1970. 0
1971 animal investigation program : annual report / 1975
A guide for determining compliance with the Clean Air Act standards for radionuclide emissions from NRC-licensed and non-DOE federal facilities. 1989
A radiological environs study at a fuel fabrication facility / 1978
A regulators' guide to the management of radioactive residuals from drinking water treatment technologies. 2005
Above Ground Gamma Ray Logging for Locating Structures and Areas Containing Elevated Levels of Uranium Decay Chain Radionuclides. 1978
Absorption, Distribution and Milk Secretion of Radionuclides by the Dairy Cow - V. Radiotungsten. 1972
Accumulation of Cesium-137 and Strontium-90 in Ponderosa Pine and Monterey Pine Seedlings. 1993
Accumulation of tritium in various species of fish reared in tritiated water. / 1974
Advisory Report on the Health Effects of Radium 226 in Drinking Water. 1978
Air pollution aspects of radioactive substances / 1970
Air Pollution Effects on Aquatic Ecosystems: Summary of a Symposium. 1984
AIRDOS-EPA : a computerized methodology for estimating environmental concentrations and dose to man from airborne releases of radionuclides / 1979
Airem program manual : a computer code for calculating doses, population doses, and ground depositions due to atmospheric emissions of radionuclides / 1974
American-Soviet Symposium on the Biological Effects of Pollution on Marine Organisms (1st). 1978
Americium : its behavior in soil and plant systems / 1976
An analysis of low-level solid radioactive wastes from LWRs through 1975 / 1977
An estimation of the daily average food intake based on data from the 1977-1978 USDA Nationwide Food Consumption Survey / 1984
Analysis of carbon-14 and tritium in reactor stack gas / 1975
Animal investigation program 1978 annual report : Nevada test site and vicinity / 1980
Animal investigation program 1979 annual report : Nevada test site and vicinity / 1981
Animal investigation program 1980 annual report : Nevada test site and vicinity / 1982
Annual Conference on Bioassay (20th), Environmental, and Analytical Chemistry. Program Abstracts, held at Stouffer's Inn, Cincinnati, Ohio, on 24-25 Sep 1974. 1975
Approaches to the Calculation of Limitations on Nuclear Detonations for Peaceful Purposes. 1969
Artificial Microbial Ecosystem for Determining Effects and Fate of Toxicants in a Salt-Marsh Environment. 1977
Assessing Potential Ocean Pollutants. 1975
Behavior of Certain Radionuclides Released into Fresh-Water Environments. 1965
Benzo(a)pyrene Accumulation and Depuration in the Soft-Shell Clam ('Mya arenaria'). 1977
Bioaccumulation of Radionuclides on Granitic Outcrops in the Georgia Piedmont. 1966
Bioassay and Chemical Analysis for Hazardous Materials in Residual Oils. Volume 1. Narrative. 1981
Biological Assessment of Continuous Exposure to Tritium and Lead in the Rat. 1976
Biological Half-Life of Tritium in Chickens and Eggs. 1975
Characterization of Contaminated Nuclear Sites, Facilities and Materials: Radioisotope and Radiopharmaceutical Manufacturers and Suppliers. 1983
Characterization of Contaminated Nuclear Sites, Facilities, and Materials: Research and Development. 1983
Characterization of contaminated soil from the Montclair/Glen Ridge, New Jersey superfund sites / 1989
Characterization of selected low-level radioactive waste generated by four commercial light-water reactors / 1977
Chesapeake Bay basin monitoring program atlas / 1989
Chromosomal Changes in the Chinese Hamster Following Skin Exposure to Tritiated Luminous Compounds. 1967
Colloid polishing filter method 1995
Comparative Study of the Recovery of Metabolized Radiolabelled Pesticides from Animal Tissues. 1968
Comparison of AIRDOS-EPA Predictions of Ground-Level Airborne Radionuclide Concentrations to Measured Values. 1987
Computer Code (RVRDOS) to Calculate Population Doses from Radioactive Liquid Effluents and an Application to Nuclear Power Reactors on the Mississippi River Basin. 1976
Concentration factors and transport models for radionuclides in aquatic environments : a literature report / 1976
Conference on Federal-State Implementation of Public Law 90-602, March 24-28, 1969, Montgomery, Alabama. 1969
Construction and Operation of an Ion Exchange Cartridge Monitoring Radionuclides in the Environment. 1973
Control of Radon and Daughters in Uranium Mines and Calculations on Biologic Effects. 1950
Cost-Risk Analysis of Protective Actions for a Low-Level Deposition of Radionuclides. 1980
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