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A preliminary model for consumer predation / 1971
Behavioral Adaptations to Spatially Intermittent Streams by the Longfin Dace, 'Agosia chrysogaster', (Cyprinidae). 1985
Biological control of aquatic nuisances : a review / 1977
Biology of Submerged Aquatic Macrophyte Communities in the Lower Chesapeake Bay. Volume 3. Interactions of Resident Consumers in a Temperate Estuarine Seagrass Community: Vaucluse Shores, Virginia. 1983
Biomass spectrum : a predator-prey theory of aqautic production / 2001
Carrion ecology, evolution, and their applications / 2016
Carson factor 1979
Diel predator-prey interactions between shiner perch and Caprella californica, relative to caprellid distribution upon Zostera marina 1995
Differential Phytoplankton Sinking- and Growth-Rates: An Eigenvalue Analysis. 1980
Effect of Growth Rate and Hydrophobicity on Bacteria Surviving Protozoan Grazing. 1990
Effect of Mirex on Predator-Prey Interaction in an Experimental Estuarine Ecosystem. 1976
Effect of Mirex on the Burrowing Activity of the Lugworm ('Arenicola cristata'). 1976
Effect of Protozoan Predation on Relative Abundance of Fast- and Slow-Growing Bacteria. 1989
Effects of Copper and Cadmium on Growth, Swimming and Predator Avoidance in 'Eurytemora affinis' (Copepoda). 1983
Effects of size-selective predation on community structure in laboratory aquatic microcosms / 1972
Effects of size-selective predation on community structure in laboratory aquatic microcosms / 1972
Emerging technologies for the in situe remediation of PCB-contaminated soils and sediments : bioremediation and nanoscale zero-valent iron / 2004
Experimental studies of fitness as measured by vulnerability to predation / 1955
Fish predation on dungeness crab in Padilla Bay, Washington 1991
Habitat structure and fish communities of warmwater streams / 1983
Impairment of Antipredator Behavior in 'Palaemonetes pugio' by Exposure to Sublethal Doses of Parathion. 1977
Influence of advanced wastewater treatment on the fishery resource of Shagawa Lake, Minnesota / 1980
Influence of turbidity on fish abundance in western Lake Superior / 1978
Interim Protocol for Testing the Effects of Microbial Pathogens on Spiders (Arachnida: Aranae). 1993
Introduction of foxes to Alaskan Islands : history, effects on avifauna, and eradication / 1993
Marine Microcosms in Ecological Research. 1980
Mathematical models of plant-herbivore interactions / 2018
Mathematical models of plant-herbivore interactions / 2018
Migratory Songbird Conservation 1994
Modeling Economic Impacts of the European Green Crab. 2007
Organization and adaptation of aquatic laboratory ecosystems exposed to the pesticide dieldrin / 1982
Oyster setting and early spat survival at critical salinity levels on natural seed oyster beds of Delaware Bay 1976
Predation and freshwater communities 1980
Predation by Bluefish in the Lower Hudson River. 1976
Predation of a Spawning Atherinid Fish, 'Menidia menidia', by Avian and Aquatic Predators. 1984
Predator-Prey (Vole-Cricket) Interactions: The Effects of Wood Preservatives. 1983
Predator-prey systems in fisheries management : International Symposium on Predator-Prey Systems in Fish Communities and their Role in Fisheries Management, Atlanta, Georgia, July 24-27, 1978 / 1979
Predatory behavior of some shore fishes in the Gulf of California, 1968
Relative vulnerability of thermally shocked juvenile salmonids to predation / 1970
Response of Predatory Zooplankton Populations to the Experimental Acidification of Little Rock Lake, Wisconsin. 1993
Responses of Plankton Communities in Experimental Ponds to Atrazine, the Most Heavily Used Pesticide in the United States. 1982
Studies on intertidal and subtidal benthos, fish and water quality in Bellingham Bay / 2005
Studies on the Interactions of Bacteria and Nematodes. 1973
The dynamics of arthropod predator-prey systems / 1978
The wolf's tooth : keystone predators, trophic cascades, and biodiversity / 2010
Transient Phase between Growth and Nongrowth of Heterotrophic Bacteria, with Emphasis on the Marine Environment. 1987
Wolves, bears, and their prey in Alaska : biological and social challenges in wildlife management / 1997

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