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Effects of Environmental Conditions on Isoprene Emission from Live Oak. 1981
Effects of Halogenated Organic Compounds on Photosynthesis in Estuarine Phytoplankton. 1980
Effects of increased carbon dioxide on photosynthesis and agricultural productivity of soybeans : 1981 progress report 1982
Effects of Nitrogen Oxides on Vegetation. 1985
Effects of Open-Top Chambers on 'Valencia' Orange Trees. 1992
Effects of ozone and water stress on net photosynthetic rate of field grown soybean leaves / 1988
Effects of Ozone on Root Processes. 1978
Effects of p-Cresol on Photosynthetic and Respiration Rates of a Filamentous Green Alga (Spirogyra). 1983
Effects of Simulated Acidic Rain on One Species Each of 'Pseudoparmelia', 'Usnea', and 'Umbilicaria'. 1986
Effects of solar ultraviolet radiation on photosynthesis of higher plants / 1975
Effects of Some Representative Petroleum Refinery Effluent Compounds on Photosynthesis and Growth of Natural Marine Phytoplankton Assemblages. Part 1. Cresols. 1981
Effects of Summer Drought on the Water Relations, Physiology and Growth of Large and Small Plants of 'Prosopis glandulosa' and 'Larrea tridentata'. 1995
Effects of Thermal Loading and Water Quality on Estuarine Primary Production. 1970
Effects of Three Emulsifying Agents Against Crude Oil on the Primary Productivity of an Experimental Community of Benthic Diatoms (Effets de Trois Agents Emulsionnants Anti-Petrole Sur la Productivite Primaire Dune Communaute Experimentale de Diatomees Benthiques). 1974
Effects of Toxic Organics on Photosynthetic Reoxygenation. 1967
Effects of Ultraviolet-B Irradiance in Soybean. 6. Influence of Phosphorus Nutrition on Growth and Flavoniid Content. 1985
Effects of Ultraviolet-B Irradiance on Soybean. V. The Dependence of Plant Sensitivity on the Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density during and After Leaf Expansion. 1984
Effects of Ultraviolet-B Radiation on Loblolly Pine. 1. Growth, Photosynthesis and Pigment Production in Greenhouse-Grown Seedlings. 1989
Effects of Ultraviolet-B Radiation on Plants during Mild Water Stress. Effects on Photosynthetic Recovery and Growth in Soybean. 1984
Effects of Ultraviolet-B Radiation on Primary Production along Latitudinal Transects in the South Pacific Ocean. 1993
Effects of Ultravioloet-B Radiation on Photosynthesis of Different Aged Needles in Field-Grown Loblolly Pine. 1993
Effects of UV Radiation on Plants in the Transition Region to Blue Light. 1985
Effects of UV-B and Global Climate Change on Rice Production: The EPA/IRRI Cooperative Research Plan. 1990
Effects of water chemistry on aquatic plants : growth and photosynthesis of 'Myriophyllum spicatum L.' 1986
Effects of zooplankton on algae in Westhampton Lake 1971
Effects of Zooplankton on Algae in Westhampton Lake. 1971
Efficiency of Water Use as Influenced by Micrometeorological and Physiological Processes. 1973
Energetics of 'Daphnia Ambigua'. 1973
Energy conversion by the photosynthetic apparatus; report of symposium held June 6-9, 1966. 1967
Energy coupling in photosynthesis proceedings of the Eleventh Harry Steenbock Symposium held 6-8 July, 1981 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A. / 1981
Entrainment at a once-through cooling system on western Lake Erie / 1978
Environmental and biological control of photosynthesis proceedings of a conference held at 'Limburgs Universitair Centrum', Diepenbeek, Belgium, 26-30 August 1974. 1975
Estimates of Isoprene and Monoterpene Emission Rates in Plants. 1982
Estuarine Ecosystems and High Temperatures. 1972
Eutrophication of Small Reservoirs in the Great Plains. 1972
Evaluation of a modified C14 technique for shipboard estimation of photosynthesis in large lakes 1962
Evaluation of Forest Canopy Models for Estimating Isoprene Emissions. 1994
Evaluation of Forest Canopy Models for Estimating Isoprene Emissions. 1996
Evapotranspiration and Its Chemical Reduction. 1971
Experiemental Study of Eddy Diffusion Coefficients, Evapotranspiration and Water Use Efficiency. 1971
Factors limiting photosynthetic rates of different plant species / 1965
Factors Regulating the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of 'Cladophora' and 'Ulothrix' in the Laurentian Great Lakes. 1983
Field Study of the Interaction between Solar Ultraviolet-B Radiation and Drought on Photosynthesis and Growth in Soybean. 1990
Flow-through System for Exposure of Seagrass to Pollutants. 1981
Fluorescence Assessment of the Maximum Quantum Efficiency of Photosynthesis in the Western North Atlantic. 1993
Flux Determinations and Physiological Response in the Exposure of Red Spruce to Gaseous Hydrogen Peroxide, Oxone, and Sulfur Dioxide. 1990
Forest health monitoring : 1991 Georgia indicator evaluation and field study. 1994
Gas Exchange in 'Quercus rubra' (Northern Red Oak) during a Drought: Analysis of Relations among Photosynthesis Transpiration, and Leaf Conductance. 1990
Growth Changes of Apple Seedlings in Response to Simulated Acid Rain. 1983
Impact of Solar Ultraviolet-B Radiation (290-320 nm) upon Marine Microalgae. 1983
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