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A comprehensive list of Chesapeake Bay basin species 1997 / 1997
Acute Toxicity of Butyl Benzyl Phthalate to the Saltwater Fish English Sole, 'Parophrys vetulus'. 1983
Acute Toxicity of Butylbenzyl Phthalate to Shiner Perch, 'Cymatogaster aggregata'. 1983
Annual catch of yellow perch from Red Lakes, Minnesota : in relation to growth rate and fishing effort / 1971
Application of a Conventional Fishery Model for Assessment of Entrainment and Impingement Impact (Journal Version). 1982
Biochemical method for distinction of striped bass and white perch larvae 1978
Bioenergetics of food conversion and growth of yellow perch (Perca Flavescens) and walleye (Stizostedion Vitreum Vitreum) using formulated diets 1975
Changes in Gill Histology of Fathead Minnows and Yellow Perch Transferred to Soft Water or Acidified Soft Water with Particular Reference to Chloride Cells. 1987
Comparative feeding habits of white perch and striped bass larvae 1982
Comprehensive List of Chesapeake Bay Basin Species. 1992
Daily ration estimates for young-of-the-year yellow perch (Perca flavescens) and sunfish (Lepomis spp.) from Lake Itasca, Minnesota / 1990
Distribution of Selected Fish Species in Tampa Bay. 1992
Distribution, Abundance and Entrainment Studies of Larval Fishes in the Western and Central Basins of Lake Erie. 1984
Effect of the Temperature Regime on the Effectiveness of Spawning of the Pike-Perch Lucioperca Lucioperca (Vliyanie Temperaturnogo Rezhima na Effektivnost Neresta Sudaka). 1967
Effects of External Radio Transmitters on Fish. 1980
Effects of Methoxychlor on Aquatic Biota. 1973
Effects of special harvest regulations on largemouth bass and yellow perch in Spruce Lake / 1994
Effects of suspended sediment on the development and hatching success of yellow perch and striped bass eggs 1974
Effects of suspended sediment on the hatching success of Perca flavescens (Yellow perch), Morone Americana (White perch), Morone saxatilis (Striped bass), and Alosa pseudoharengus (Alewife) eggs 1973
Factors Influencing Year-Class Strength of Percids: A Summary and a Model of Temperature Effects. 1977
Field and Laboratory Investigation of Acid Effects on Largemouth Bass, Rock Bass, Black Crappie, and Yellow Perch. 1992
Fish Blood Osmolality, Gill Histology and Oocyte Atresia as Early Warning Acid Stress Indicators. 1987
Fish Communities in Lakes in Subregion 2B (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) in Relation to Lake Acidity. Volume 1. 1989
Fish Communities in Lakes in Subregion 2B (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) in Relation to Lake Acidity. Volume 2, Appendices. 1989
Fish population dynamics in Max Lake, a softwater Wisconsin lake subject to ground-water pumping / 2000
Fish utilization of an inundated swamp-stream floodplain. 1985
Food habits of juvenile pinfish (Lagodon rhomboides), silver perch (Bairdiella Chrysura), and spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) of the estuarine zone near Crystal River, Florida. 1972
Food Selection and Feeding Relationships of Yellow Perch 'Perca flavescens' (Mitchell), White Bass 'Morone chrysops' (Rafinesque), Freshwater Drum 'Aplodinotus grunniens' (Rafinesque), and Goldfish 'Carassius auratus' (Linneaus) in Western Lake Erie. 1975
Growth and Survival of Channel Catfish and Yellow Perch Exposed to Lowered Constant and Diurnally Fluctuating Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations. 1980
Growth of shiner perch (Cymatogaster aggregata) and buffalo sculpin (Enophrys bison) under laboratory conditions / 1973
Habitat suitability information : yellow perch / 1984
Impact of a once through cooling system on the yellow perch stock in the western basin of Lake Erie / 1982
Impact of a Once through Cooling System on the Yellow Perch Stock in the Western Basin of Lake Erie. 1982
Impact of a Once-Through Cooling System on the Yellow Perch Stock in the Western Basin of Lake Erie. 1982
Influence of advanced wastewater treatment on the fishery resource of Shagawa Lake, Minnesota / 1980
Inventory and Protection Plan for Southeast Virginia's Critical Natural Areas, Exemplary Wetlands, and Endangered Species Habitats. 1993
Larval fish distributions in southwestern Lake Erie near the Monroe Power Plant / 1978
Lethal and Sublethal Exposure and Recovery Effects of Ozone-Produced Oxidants on Adult White Perch (Morone americana Gmelin). 1983
Lethal Temperature Limit and Necessary Depths in Artificial Growing of Young Pike Perch (Letalnaya Temperaturnaya Granitsa i Neobkhodimye Glubiny pri Iskusstvennom Vyrashchivanii Molodi Sudaka). 1966
Limnetic Larval Fish in the Near Shore Zone of the Western Basin of Lake Erie (Journal Version). 1981
Limnetic Larval Fish in the Nearshore Zone of the South Shore of the Central Basin of Lake Erie. 1983
Limnetic Larval Fish in the Ohio Portion of the Western Basin of Lake Erie, 1975-1976. 1981
Limnetic Larval Fish of the Maumee and Sandusky River Estuaries. 1981
Mercury levels in fish from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (ELS Subregion 2B) in relation to lake acidity / 1991
Mortality rates of pelagic fry of the yellow perch, Perca flavescens (Mitchill), in Oneida Lake, New York, and an analysis of the sampling problem / 1968
Multiple regression analysis of yellow perch yields near the Ludington Pumped Storage Reservoir 1974
Nests for the Pike Perch (Gnezda dlya Sudaka). 1959
On the ecology of age-0 perch (Perca fluviatilis L.) in Lake Constance 1994
Perch fingerling production for aquaculture : proceedings of a conference held at the University of Wisconsin, December 12, 1977 / 1978
Pesticides in the Illinois waters of Lake Michigan / 1974
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