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A rapid method for estimating log P for organic chemicals / 1978
Acid-Volatile Sulfide as a Factor Mediating Cadmium and Nickel Bioavailability in Contaminated Sediments. 1991
Application of a semianalytical model to TNT transport in laboratory soil columns 1998
Applications of Molecular Connectivity Indexes and Multivariate Analysis in Environmental Chemistry. 1986
Aquatic fate process data for organic priority pollutants / 1982
Comprehensive Prebiological Screen for Ecotoxicologic Effects. 1983
Constancy of Sediment: Water Partition Coefficients of Hydrophobic Organic Pollutants. 1985
Control of mercury contamination in freshwater sediments / 1972
Determination of the Partition Coefficient of Trifluoroacetic Acid, with Cover Letter dated 09/29/1997. dated 09/29/1997. 1997
Distribution and Characterization of PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) in Lake Michigan Water. 1987
Effect of Concentration of Adsorbing Solids on the Partition Coefficient. 1981
Environmental fate constants for organic chemicals under consideration for EPA's hazardous waste identification rule (HWIR) / 1992
Epikote 1001-x-75: Acute Toxicity (salmo Gairdneri, Daphnia Magna & Selenastrum Capricornutum) & N-octanol/water Partition Coefficient with Cover Letter dated 103086. 2000
Equilibrium Partitioning and Bioaccumulation of Sediment-Associated Contaminants by Infaunal Organisms. 1989
Estimation of Water Solubility and Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient of Hydrophobic Dyes. Part 1. Relationship between Solubility and Partition Coefficient. 1991
Estimation of Water Solubility and Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient of Hydrophobic Dyes. Part 2. Reverse-Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography. 1991
Fate of Dyes in Aquatic Systems II. Solubility and Octanol/Water Partition Coefficients of Disperse Dyes. 1989
Fate of Dyes in Aquatic Systems. 1. Solubility and Partitioning of Some Hydrophobic Dyes and Related Compounds. 1988
Final Report Measurement of Octanol-water Partition Coefficients of Phthalate Esters. 2000
Handbook of chemical mass transport in the environment [electronic resource] / 2011
Handbook of chemical mass transport in the environment. 2011
Influence of Solvent and Sorbent Characteristics on Distribution of Pentachlorophenol in Octanol-Water and Soil-Water Systems. 1990
Initial Submission: Preventol SB (Triclocarban) - Determination of Kow, and Qsar Analysis/Epiwin Modeling Determination of BCF, with TSCA Health & Safety Study Cover Sheet Dated 04/12/2000. 2000
Initial Submission: Summary of Ecological Fate/Effects Data on Union Carbide Chemicals & Plastics Co. (UCC&P) Materials with Cover Letter Dated 09/21/1992. 1992
Landfill Leachate Effects on Sorption of Organic Micropollutants onto Aquifer Materials. 1992
Landfill Leachate Effects on Transport of Organic Substances in Aquifer Materials (Chapter 16). 1992
Letter from Akzo Chemie America to US EPA Regarding Submission of Oleylamine Data with Attachments. 2000
Letter from BASF Corp to USEPA Regarding Submission of Health and Safety Data Subject to 8D Reporting with Attachments, Dated 05/05/1994 (Sanitized). 1994
Letter from Chem Mfgs Assn to US EPA Regarding Evaluation of Environmental Exposure & Toxicological Testing Results on Cyclohexane with Attachments. 2000
Malathion Exposures During Lice Treatment: Use of Exposure Related Dose Estimating Model (ERDEM) and Factors Relating to the Evaluation of Risk. 2007
Measuring octanol/water partition coefficients by the "slow-stirring" method / 1996
Metals translator : guidance for calculating a total recoverable permit limit from a dissolved criterion. 1996
Methods for assessing exposure to chemical substance. Volume II. : Methodology for estimating the migration of additives and impurities from polymeric materials / 1992
Methods for assessing exposure to chemical substance. Volume II. Methodology for estimating the migration of additives and impurities from polymeric materials / 1992
Methylethylketoxime Report with Cover Letter dated 021287. 1987
N-Octanol/Water Partition Coefficients by Reverse Phase Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry for Eight Tetrachlorinated Planar Molecules. 1986
New and revised chemical fate test guidelines. 1984
Octanol/Water Partition Coefficients and Aqueous Solubilities of Organic Compounds. 1981
Octanol/water partition coefficients for eight phthalate esters / 1996
Optimal Characterization of Structure for Prediction of Properties. 1990
Para-tert-butyl Benzoic Acid: Acute Toxicity (salmo Gairdneri, Daphnia Magna and Selenastrum Capricornutum) and Octanol/water Partition Coef. W/letter. 1986
Partition Coefficients for Metals in Surface Water, Soil, and Waste. 2005
Partition Coefficients of Organic Compounds in Lipid-Water Systems and Correlations with Fish Bioconcentration Factors. 1985
Partitioning of Organic Compounds in Octanol-Water Systems. 1981
Partitioning Studies of Dioxin between Sediment and Water: The Measurement of Koc for Lake Ontario Sediment. 1989
Pentabromodiphenyl Oxide (PeBDPO): Determination of N-Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient, with Cover Letter dated 09/27/1997. 1997
Pollutant Sorption in Environmental Systems. 1983
Prediction of Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient (K sub ow) with Algorithmically Derived Variables. 1992
Probabilistic Statement of the Structure Activity Relationship for Environmental Risk Analysis. 1990
Rapid Method for Estimating Log P for Organic Chemicals. 1978
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