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A field evaluation of the UV/oxidation technology to treat contaminated groundwater / 1990
A user's guide for REDEQL. EPA : a computer program for chemical equilibria in aqueous systems / 1978
Abiotic Organic Reactions at Mineral Surfaces. 1986
Abiotic Reduction of Nitro Aromatic Pesticides in Anaerobic Laboratory Systems. 1989
Abiotic Transformations in Water, Sediments, and Soil. Chapter 5. 1990
Abiotic transformations of pesticides in natural waters and sediments / 1991
Abiotic Transformations of Toxic Organic Chemicals in the Liquid Phase and Sediments. 1988
Acid mine drainage formation and abatement. 1971
Acid mine drainage formation and abatement. 1971
Acidification of aquatic and terrestrial systems : chemical weathering / 1984
Acidification of Aquatic and Terrestrial Systems: Chemical Weathering. 1984
Air Emissions from the Incineration of Hazardous Waste. 1990
Air quality criteria for photochemical oxidants. 1970
Alternative Techniques for Managing Solvent Wastes. 1986
Analytical aspects of ozone treatment of water and wastewater : a monograph / 1987
Assessment of design tradeoffs when using intrachannel clarifiers / 1986
Assessment of the Applicability of Chemical Oxidation Technologies for the Treatment of Contaminants at Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Sites. 1993
Background Document for Third Third Wastes to Support 40 CFR Part 268 Land Disposal Restrictions. Proposed Rule. Third Third Waste Volumes, Characteristics, and Required and Available Treatment Capacity. Volume 1. Executive Summary: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. 1989
Behavior of DDT, Kepone, and Permethrin in sediment-water systems under different oxidation-reduction and pH conditions / 1981
Bench-scale studies to identify process parameters controlling reburning with pulverized coal / 1990
Bioelectrochemistry I : biological redox reactions 1983
Capsule report : aqueous mercury treatment / 1997
Catalytic control of NOx demonstration / 1977
Cementing Reactions in the Hazardous Waste Environment. 1984
Centralized Treatment of Metal Finishing Wastes. Appendices. 1980
Characterization of 'Desulfomicrobium escambium' sp. nov. and Proposal to Assign 'Desulfovibrio desulfuricans' Strain Norway 4 to the Genus 'Desulfomicrobium'. 1994
Characterization of the Reducing Properties of Anaerobic Sediment Slurries Using Redox Indicators. 1990
Chemical/biological relationships relevant to ecological effects of acid rainfall / 1975
Chromate Reduction and Remediation Utilizing the Thermodynamic Instability of Zero-Valence State Iron. 1994
Cost Estimations for Emission Control Related Components Systems and Cost Methodology Description. 1977
Descriptive Basis for a Model of Soils Biogeochemistry (Chapter 12). 1994
Development of a chemical denitrification process / 1970
Development of a Microcomputer Controlled Multi-Probe Instrument for Automated Time-Dependent Measurement of Redox Potential and Oxygen Diffusion Rate. 1986
Development of the catalytic chamber process : final report / 1970
Development of the Catalytic Chamber Process. 1972
Development of Transition Metal Oxide-Zeolite Catalysts to Control Chlorinated VOC Air Emissions. 1994
Developments in Chemical Treatment of Contaminated Soil. 1992
Dilute solution reactions of the nitrate ion as applied to water reclamation / 1968
Dissolved oxygen and oxidation potentials in ground water 1986
Dissolved oxygen and oxidation-reduction potentials in ground water / 1986
Dissolved oxygen and oxidation-reduction potentials in ground water / 1986
Effect of the Quantity and Duration of Application of Simulated Acid Precipitation on Nitrogen Mineralization and Nitrification in a Forest Soil. 1986
Effects of temperature and redox conditions on degradation of chlorinated phenols in freshwater sediments / 1989
Effects of Temperature and Redox Conditions on Degradation of Chlorinated Phenols in Freshwater Sediments. 1988
Electrochemical analysis of sulfidic and amine odorants / 1976
Electrochemical and spectrochemical studies of biological redox components : based on a symposium sponsored by the ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry at the 181st meeting of the American Chemical Society, Atlanta, Georgia, March 30-April 2, 1981 / 1982
Electron transfer in inorganic, organic, and biological systems / 1991
Electron transfer reactions : inorganic, organometallic, and biological applications / 1997
Electron transfer reactions in organic chemistry 1987
Environmental Chemistry of N-Nitroso Compounds. 1976
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